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Terminator 3 Toyota Tundra Special Edition

It is certainly not unusual for companies to produce movie tie-in products in order to help promote a film. Not only is it good marketing to movie fans, but it also capitalizes on the hype that surrounds the movie. What is a bit out of the ordinary is for a car company to make a special edition vehicle for a movie that isn’t about cars whatsoever. The logic behind automobile placements in car movies – such as the “Smokey and the Bandit edition Pontiac Trans Am – is fairly clear, but it takes a real movie buff to spot the connection between the 2003 Terminator 3 Tundra and an unstoppable cyborg.

The Toyota Tundra Terminator edition promotion.

The Toyota Tundra Terminator edition promotion.

Ready for the connection? The Tundra pickup truck was featured in a rather lengthy and spectacular car chase in Terminator 3 involving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer robot from the future and the Terminator X. While most of the eyes in the theater were probably on the action itself (and/or the TerminatriX), the truck driven by the escaping main characters was a Tundra (buried underneath a homemade cargo box and covered with ten different layers of dust and dirt).

The Tundra takes a real beating during the scene, yet it still manages to whisk the movie’s heroes to safety. The message: Toyota’s dedication to quality and toughness is good enough for “da tear-men-8-tor.”

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