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New Tundra Air Injection System Bypass Module Available

A new solution is available for Toyota Tundras and Sequoias that have malfunctioning air injection system. Tundra Headquarters first ran an article “Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem”┬áin 2010 when the stories of outlandish repair costs to the nonessential system began flooding forums and blogs. While Toyota has since warrantied the air injection system on 2nd generation (2007 and up) Tundras and Sequoias, this warranty isn’t perfect:

  1. There is no warranty for 1st generation Tundras or Sequoias that have this problem
  2. The warranty ends after 10 years or 150k miles

However, a custom module being offered by a member promises to “fix” your air injection system for less than $100.

Air Injection System Bypass Module

This custom module tricks your Tundra or Sequoia into thinking that the air injection system is functioning properly.

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Sequoia Rumored To Be On Life Support

Yesterday, reported that the Sequoia will probably be cancelled at the end of the current model’s cycle. Intrigued, we made some calls and spoke to a few people who have been in the know in the past. While they agree that cancelling the Sequoia is both logical and probable, our Toyota sources say that this decision has yet to be made.

The reason? The Sequoia retains a significant chunk of the market – anywhere from 20-30%. Our sources say that Toyota is reluctant to walk away from any segment where they have a decent performer. You can see the numbers below for more info.