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The End of GM Onstar? Automatic Promises Same Service For a LOT Less

GM’s OnStar service has been a pretty innovative product since its introduction. The one-touch ability to get directions and automatic detection if you were in an accident are great things for many drivers. Yet, there is a newer, cheaper service that does the same thing. Can OnStar survive competition?

The End of GM Onstar? Automatic Promises Same Service For a LOT Less

The Automatic product provides a very similar service to OnStar for a LOT less. Is this the end of OnStar?

Smartphones Will Replace OnStar and Similar Systems says “Smart Phones Will Take Over the World, Muwahahahahah!

Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. Maybe the smart phone won’t take over the world, but it is likely that the smart phone will take over the automotive industry’s incessant desire to provide navigation and emergency communications technology.

Earlier this month Toyota Motor Corp. announced it will introduce a technology similar to GM’s OnStar for select Toyota models. As a special introductory offer, new car buyers will receive a one-year free subscription to the service.

While we agree that the navigation and emergency assistance that OnStar – and soon Toyota – provides is an excellent service, OnStar and the like aren’t necessary anymore with the advent of smartphones.

Toyota has announced the creation of a competitor to GM’s OnStar service, but why? Smartphones currently offer many of the benefits of OnStar, and it’s only a matter of time until smartphones replace OnStar completely.