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According to’s annual American-Made Index, there are no American made full-size or mid-size truck. Instead, there are really only seven cars that are truly American. Huh? American-Made Index Drops All Trucks - Relevant?

None of these Toyota Tundra trucks (built in Texas with major parts assembled in the U.S.) are American-Made according to Index.

Toyota Tundra Finishes Fourth In Made In America Survey For Stupid Reasons

The third-annual American University’s Kogod School of Business Made in America Index is out and the new GM mid-size Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon top the list followed closely by Ford F-Series trucks. The Toyota Tundra got shafted.

Toyota Tundra Finished Third In Kogood Survey For Stupid Reason

The Toyota Tundra finished fourth in the Kogod survey largely due to Toyota not being headquartered in North America.

Op-Ed Asks, “Do Car Buyers Care About Made in America?”

Ever since the 2012 survey of the top made in America car came out, it has been criticized. The latest criticism comes from an Op-Ed that wonders if consumers really care about the survey.

Do Car Buyers Care About Made in America?

An Op-Ed asks an interesting question, "do car buyers care about the Made in America sticker anymore?