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Toyota Tundra Killer Heat Proves Transmission Is Tough

We’ve all seen those spectacular car and truck ads where someone is either racing a jet, leaping through the desert dunes or avoiding video game-style obstacles in order to demonstrate just how agile and capable a certain vehicle really is. These ads are cool, but are they real?

The amazing advances that have been made in terms of computer graphics and special effects have led to the creation of a lot of “faked” commercials shot in front of a greenscreen in order to add in all of the perceived dangers once everyone is safely back in the studio. While this might be true of a large portion of television trickery, Toyota has remained committed to investing serious sums in producing some of the most incredible, and realistic, advertisements ever filmed.

The Toyota Tundra “Killer Heat” ad is a perfect example. In the TV spot (see below), a Tundra pickup is seen towing 10,000 lbs of cargo up a twisting road that spirals around an 80 foot tower. Here’s some information about the making of the Killer Heat commercial:

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