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2014 Toyota Tundra Speaker Installation Guide

Looking to upgrade or replace your Tundra’s factory door speakers? Well, if you’ve got speakers, follow these simple steps to ensure you remove your OEM components and install you’re new upgrades correctly.


Volant Snorkel Air Intake Review – Buyer Beware

We love it when an aftermarket accessory caresses the lines and increases the power of our Tundras. The Volant Snorkel stepped up to the challenge and then launched like a flailing space monkey into the annals as the one of the worst designs ever. Watch Rob mod the mod and earn his title of  “zen master” in Tundra Headquarters presents:

Installs Gone Horribly Wrong: The Volant Snorkel

Volant Snorkel Install DIY Guide

Volant Throttle Body Spacer Review and Dyno Test

Volant Toyota Tundra Vortice Throttle Body SpacerIn the days before electronic fuel injection systems, throttle body spacers were pretty common. They were a quick, easy way to add power to your carbureted or TBI (throttle body injection) vehicle. Today, with the advent of multi-port electronic fuel injection, the benefits of a throttle body spacer are a bit more dubious.

Our own Rob Eckhart decided to answer the question once and or all – Do throttle body spacers really work? – and tested a Volant Vortice TBS on his own 2nd generation Tundra.

Here are the results of that test and our analysis.

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AMP Research Power Step Running Boards Review

When someone with AMP Research contacted us a few months ago and offered up a free set of their power step running boards, we passed. We didn’t have a donor vehicle lined up, and we felt like this particular part might be a little extravagant for the average Tundra owner. Unfortunately, we missed out on a good opportunity. When we realized that these power step bars have a very utilitarian purpose – helping passengers step-in to a lifted truck while also maintaining ground clearance – we had to pay AMP for a set of their power step boards for review. We didn’t pay full price – AMP helped us out – but next time we get offered a free part for review, we’ll say “yes” without hesitation.

AMP Research has an interesting story. The company was founded by Horst Leitner, an accomplished motorcycle racer and the inventor of the Horst link suspension. The Horst link suspension revolutionized mountain biking, and gave Leitner the funds and credibility to start AMP Research. Today, AMP Research provides a variety of components to many auto manufacturers.

AMP power step running boards. All the parts.

On the left, the kit in the box. On the right, all the major pieces laid out.