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Escort Entourage Compact GPS Tracker – An Overview

What It Is and What It Does: The Escort Entourage Compact GPS Tracker is a small device that can be discreetly hidden within your vehicle or any other personal belonging. It can be armed, set and monitored remotely from your computer.

Escort Entourage GPS Tracker

Feel secure parking your truck with Escort Entourage Compact GPS Tracker.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Basics

Imagine if someone could track your truck’s every movement, every second of the day, no matter where you were driving in the world.  Not only that, but imagine if they could keep a complete record of where you had been and for how long.  It sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but thanks to GPS technology, it’s a reality for any driver.

GPS tracking key from Land Air Sea

This Land Air Sea GPS tracker has a magnet so it can be attached to your vehicle.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which uses a network of satellites orbiting the earth to provide detailed location information to those with a receiver that can access their data stream.  Initially put into place by the US military decades ago, GPS can be used to pinpoint a location with a startling degree of accuracy. Most people are familiar with the use of GPS as a navigational aid, in the form of hand-held or vehicle-mounted systems that combine the positioning service with mapping software to help keep drivers or hikers from getting lost.  GPS is also a boon to marine navigation, providing a much more foolproof method getting from point A to point B on the ocean when compared to standard charts.  However, GPS can be employed in a few other functions, some of which are fairly cloak and dagger.