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Toyota Tundra Best Fuel Economy – A/C or Windows Down

An ongoing discussion it seems on virtually every automotive website has to do with whether you get better MPG with the A/C on or windows rolled down during the summer. Research finally has a definitive answer for full-size truck owners.

Toyota Tundra Best Fuel Economy

What is the better fuel economy strategy when it is hot – A/C or windows down? Research has finally answered this question.

End of the Manual Era for Full-Size Trucks

The era of the shift-it-yourself full-size pickup seems to have come to an end. There was once a time when trucks of all sizes included a manual transmission option almost by default, with all of the domestic and Japanese manufacturers providing gearboxes ranging from tow-focused units with granny-low first gears all the way up to five-speed overdrive trannies. Try to use an online configurator to build a similar type of half-ton pickup today and you’ll find yourself completely out of luck.

End of Manual Full-Size Trucks Era

This dusty-looking old photo of a manual transmission full-size truck maybe the only reminder that stick shifts used to be commonplace in trucks.