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June 2015 Truck Sales Numbers – Concern at Ford?

The sales numbers for June, 2015 are out and most truck brands continue to put up impressive year-to-year and month-to-month gains. Most truck brands except for Ford. There HAS to be growing concern at Ford over flat sales numbers. Are frame concerns really the key reason?

June 2015 Truck Sales Numbers - Concern at Ford?

Consumers continue to purchase the 3rd-generation Tundra in pretty good numbers. What does Toyota have in store for us in the future?

Ford’s New Small Truck Strategy – Cheap-Sell the F-150

A source from Ford recently told us that they are going to switch gears in their marketing away from the big, luxury trucks and focus more on their basic F-150s. This is in response to what they see Dodge doing and might also been in response to Ford losing a significant amount of compact truck sales. Will this new strategy pay off in fending off Dodge and moving compact truck buyers into full-size truck owners?

Ford's New Small Truck Strategy

Can Ford make it for lost compact truck sales by cheap-selling the F-150?

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