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Toyota To Get Cummins Diesel?

First it was Ward’s Auto and AutoGuide that reported Toyota would be getting a Cummins motor, and now Car & Driver is saying the same:

Come 2016, the option list for the next-gen Tundra will include a Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel. That oil-burner is predicted to be rated at 300+ horsepower and, in true diesel form, more than 500 lb-ft of torque. This should make Nissan product planners sit up and mumble “rats,” as this appears to be the same engine being developed for the redesigned Titan, which debuts next year.

While there are still some reasons to wonder what Toyota is planning here (which I’ll get into below), odds are good the 2016 Tundra is a gettin’ a Cummins Diesel.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Diesel Tundra, Other Improvements

North Texas Toyota dealers have an interesting take on the corporate companies relocation to that area. They hope Toyota executives see first-hand all the full-size trucks on the road and this will spur them to commit more resources to the Tundra.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Tundra Improvements

When Toyota moves to Texas, David Schoemaker of Toyota of Irving will be ready with a new showroom. He will also be ready to show off Toyota’s truck culture. (The Tacoma is nice, but we hope he shows them a Tundra!)
Photo Credit: David Woo/Staff Photographer Dallas News

2014 Tundra Pre-Orders Strong – Production Changes, More Variations Coming

UPDATE: There has been a lot of media outlets lately (like this Autonews story) talking about what Bill Fay, Toyota Division General Manager, comments on expanding production of the Tundra and moving production of the Tacoma. Just a reminder, we reported on this months ago. Here is our original post.

Lost in the frantic news and reviews of the 2014 Tundra is a most interesting tidbit. It seems Toyota’s Chief Engineer Mike Sweers alluded to Toyota building more Tundra pickups and different variations of it are coming soon. Say what?

2014 Tundra Pre-Orders Strong - Production Changes, More Variations Coming

According to Chief Engineer Mike Sweers, pre-orders of the 2014 have been really strong prompting discussion of moving the Tacoma production and building more variations of the truck.

Toyota Tundra Cummins Diesel – Fact or Fiction

The latest hubbub has been all over the forums and automotive news sites about Toyota considering a Cummins diesel engine. While it has been fun watching the all the buzz, it is time for us to weigh in. I talked with Toyota’s national brand manager, here is the real deal.

Toyota Tundra Cummins Diesel - Fact or Fiction

All the buzz lately is around a Cummins diesel coming to a Toyota Tundra. Fact or Fiction?

Turbo-Diesel Preview for Toyota Tundra?

Toyota will begin shipping a new cab-over-engine Class 5 Hino work truck to select U.S. markets sometime in the third quarter. While that isn’t so exciting, the turbo-diesel electric-hybrid powertrain developed for this truck is creating quite a stir for Toyota Tundra fans. This powertrain could be adapted to be an option for future Tundras.

Turbo-Diesel Toyota Tundra?

Speculation is growing that a new turbo-diesel engine powering the Hino could be adapted for a Toyota Tundra.