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The Problem With Buying A Compact Pickup

With GM’s new Colorado and Canyon exceeding expectations, a new¬†Tacoma right around the corner, and rumors of a new Frontier debuting in the next few months, it seems as if compact trucks are really¬†surging in popularity. There’s even discussion of Ford bringing back the Ranger, a concept that gets Ford fans as excited as aluminum body panels and small displacement turbocharged V6’s.

Datsun 620

In the “old” days (1970s), compact trucks were more fuel efficient and substantially less expensive than half-ton trucks. Today? Not so much.

The problem with all of this excitement about compact trucks is that it ignores the “why.” Specifically, why would anyone buy a compact truck when there are so many great full-size trucks available?

Compact Truck Market Reboot – Small Trucks Making a Comeback?

A story has come out that Chevy is considering bring back the LUV to the U.S. market. For the first time in years, we could have a truly compact truck for sale. Good or bad idea?

Compact Truck Market Reboot - Small Trucks Making a Comeback?

This is the Chevy Montana that is sold in Latin America. Could it work in the U.S. market?