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2015 GMC Canyon Revealed – What You Need to Know

GM has released the details on its new 2015 GMC Canyon. Is this truck strong enough to change up the mid-size truck market? Nope, but it does have some features that every truck buyer will appreciate.

2015 GMC Canyon Revealed - What You Need to Know

The new 2015 GMC Canyon extended cab.

Four Chevy Trucks Help Demolish Building – VIDEO

OK – since we’re a Toyota fan site let’s get one thing straight: any four pickups could have done this. Four Fords, four Rams, four Nissans – they all have enough torque to pull down the facade on an already partially demolished building. SO, if you’re a “Chevy is number one” kind of person, and you think this video somehow proves that Chevy’s are the greatest, you’re delusional.

Now, without further delay, I present a video showing Four Chevy Trucks Helping To Demolish A Building: