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How To Choose The Best Brake Pads

Choosing the right brake pads for your vehicle can be a challenge. There are numerous types of pads available – organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic – and lots of companies that sell them. Everyone – from your local dealership to your local oil change shop – sells some sort of brake pad that promises to do the job of stopping your car, but which is right for your vehicle?

Green Stuff brake pads

What brake pads should you buy? Are OEM pads always best, or are after-market pads basically the same?

Before you buy a set of replacement pads, here are some important things to consider and a look at the most popular brake pad options.

The MotoIQ Project Tundra

Project trucks are a lot of fun – especially when those putting them together have a budget that is more in sync with that of the average vehicle owner. The folks at MotoIQ, a group of gearheads dedicated to covering the automotive landscape with solid writing and interesting features branched out into the truck segment in 2010 and selected a brand new Toyota Tundra as their next tow vehicle for their stable of track cars. Somewhere along the way, the Tundra became more than just a tire mule – it blossomed into a full-on project worthy of its own continuing series of posts and adventures documenting its evolution from bone-stock to custom rig.

The MotoIQ Project Tundra

The MotoIQ Project Tundra.

The exact Tundra model chosen was a Double Cab 4×4 with the TRD Rock Warrior package, Heavy Duty cold weather package and of course a towing package. Although the MotoIQ team was very satisfied with the Tundra out of the box, it wasn’t long before they started to customize the truck using TRD parts (chosen because of their warranty-friendly attributes).

After Market Brake Pads For Trucks and Towing

Towing is a big part of why people buy trucks, and anyone that knows will tell you that powerful engines and powerful brakes are essential for good towing. While there are quite a few things you can do to add power to your truck – after-market air intakes, TRD superchargers, and after-market truck exhausts, we’ve decided to discuss what you can do to make your braking system better.

After a reviewing slotted and drilled rotors for trucks and discussing whether or not slotted or drilled rotors are good for towing, it’s time to consider after-market brake pads available for trucks and designed for towing.