Toyota Tundra TRD Parts and Accessories

Here’s a list of TRD parts available for the 2007 and up Toyota Tundra. We’ve included the suggested retail price as well as what you can expect to pay for each part. First…

Here’s our big tip for getting a good deal on TRD parts: Ask for the last model year’s part (as long as the part numbers are the same). Dealers will discount more on a part that’s for an older vehicle than they will for the current model year.

NOTE: Prices don’t include installation costs.

TRD Supercharger for the Toyota Tundra

TRD's Supercharger is available for 2007 and up Tundras plus the 2008 and up Sequoia

TRD Supercharger

TRD’s part description: “Unique design fully integrated into the engine with the latest generation Eaton� Twin Vortices System (TVS) roots-type rotor pack. The twin four-lobe rotors feature 160-degree twist which improves air-handling, noise, and vibration characteristics. The kit includes high flow fuel injectors, single belt drive, and lower heat range iridium-tip spark plugs. Also includes a water-to-air intercooler system with a custom low temperature radiator and a new performance air Intake system with a TRD re-useable performance filter.”

Read the full TRD Tundra Supercharger specs.

The supercharger is not compatible with flex-fuel 5.7L engines.

TRD Brake Kit Toyota Tundra

TRD Performance Brake Pads

TRD’s part description:These are high friction performance pads are made from a Kevlar and ceramic-strengthened compound. They provide a great combination of cold and hot friction, maximum operating temperature, and low noise levels. TRD brake pads come with anti-squeal shims.

Our Take: The asking price for these pads are $95 for the front and $95 more for the rear. Considering a set of after-market front pads from Hawk range from $55-$75 dollars, and that a full set (front and rear) of Green Stuff pads run about the same price, these TRD pads might be worth a try. Still, check out the after-market truck brake pad options before buying anything.

Available for all 2007 and up Tundra and all 2008 and up Sequoia

TRD High Performance Brake Kit

TRD’s part description:Provides increased heat capacity for substantially more resistance to brake fade and caliper distortion during multiple stops from high speed. Creates firmer pedal feel due to stronger and more rigid components. Better modulation characteristics under threshold braking…

Our take: Cool. Literally. Keeps brakes cool. If you plan on racing and/or towing like crazy, buy these brakes. You can probably get them for $2500-$2600, but expect to have to order them. The good news is you can put your old rotors and calipers on eBay or Craigslist and get some of your money back.

Fits 2007 and up Tundra & 2008 and up Sequoia with 20″ wheels. Will not fit with Tundra or Sequoia with 18″ wheels. Suggested Retail Price: $2,795

Poor Man’s Alternative: Red G2 Brake Caliper Paint. If you’ve got a few hours and a little bit of talent with a paint can, you can get the big brake kit look without spending big brake kit money. G2 is quality stuff too – stay away from cheap caliper paint kits. They don’t stand up very well under high heat.

G2 Brake Caliper Paint Retails for $38.00, and is available in red, black, green, purple, and even yellow.

TRD Tundra Cold Air Intake Kit

TRD Cold Air Intake Kit

TRD’s part description:replaces the factory inlet air duct, air cleaner lid, air filter and inlet system hose assembly and reduces the air inlet system restriction…A unique Intake Flow Accelerator (IFA) smoothes and accelerates the air flow into the TRD inlet system.” Includes reusable air filter and a spot for TRD’s “filter service guage”. TRD boasts kit adds about 8 hp and 8 lb-ft of torque at 5,600rpm.

Our take: Nice quality, slightly higher cost than some other kits but comes with TRD backed warranty. Before buying this TRD air intake kit, check out our complete cold air intake guide. If you decide to purchase the TRD cold air kit, expect to pay about $385.

Fits Tundra 07-08′, Sequoia 08′ – Part No. PTR03-34070 fits 5.7L V8, Part No. PTR03-34072 fits 4.7L V8, – Suggested Retail Price: $475

TRD Cat-back Dual Exhaust System

See our Tundra TRD Exhaust review for more info, but you can expect to get 5-10% off of the MSRP if you buy the parts over the counter and install the kit yourself. Total MSRP $1050.

This part has been discontinued.

TRD Drop-In Air Filters

Available for all Tundra motors, these are similar to products from K&N. We don’t have any performance data, but we suspect they’re the same as less expensive after market filters. We won’t recommend them until we have reason to believe they’re superior to K&N air filters that cost half. MSRP $75

Available for all Tundra and Sequoia, 2007 and up.

TRD Tundra Rear Sway Bar

TRD Rear Sway Bar Kit

From TRD:provide a flatter, more stable cornering stance. They are constructed of high-quality spring steel and powder coated to prevent corrosion and road damage.”

Our take: It will give you better handling, better stability when towing and hauling, and it’s reasonably priced. In short, it’s a good deal. Just remember that it won’t work with a hitch that wasn’t installed at the factory – including the resin hitch you can buy from Toyota. Expect to pay about $235 for the part, and if you can order it from the factory that’s probably cheaper than paying someone to install it for you. MSRP – $259

Available for all 2007-and-up Tundras.

TRD Tundra suspension kit

TRD Performance Handling Suspension Kit

From TRD:The complete TRD Tundra Performance Handling Suspension Kit consists of 2 front TRD tuned shocks, 2 front TRD tuned springs, 2 rear TRD tuned shocks, 1 TRD rear sway bar and sway bar hardware kit, 2 TRD rear leaf springs, and the vehicle specific bump stops/hardware kit.”

Our take: This is a great kit, but we’ve got three problems.

  1. The kit doesn’t really drop the truck that far. Competing after-market suspension kits offer more suspension drop, which means the TRD kit might not be the “look” some people are going for.
  2. This kit is pricey. MSRP is $1,699, but it does include a sway bar and 4 performance shocks.
  3. The ride is going to be stiff. Granted, it’s a performance kit, but if you’re just looking for a way to drop your Tundra without sacrificing ride quality, this is not the way to go.

Before you step up to the plate and buy TRD’s suspension kit, take a moment to check out Tundra Racing’s lowering kit. It preserves the factory ride because it uses the factory springs and shocks, yet it still offers improved handling.

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  1. Josh Tipton says:

    I purchased a new 2011 Tundra Crewmax four months ago and enjoy the truck more so than any other I have owned. It is very discouraging though that Toyota has blammed the additives in fuel for the poor placement of the exhaust. Why should I have have a foot and a half by a foot and a half paint blemmish due to Toyota’s poor designing. The awnser is I shouldn’t and Toyota should replace my exhaust making it so it goes out the back.

    • Ben Haney says:

      Josh I bought the crewmax limited and I also have the same issue. Every month I take a rubbing compound cleaner and clean off the build up. I agree toyota should be fixing this.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Josh – Are you saying that you’ve got a big paint spot on your new truck because of hot exhaust gases? That doesn’t sound good…what fuel additives are causing this problem?

    • Ben Haney says:

      It’s not because of fuel additives. It’s where they have placed the lines on my truck. It sits right below the back passenger panel and is to close to the panel. It comes out straight right behind the rear tire and like two inches from the panel. Over time there is build up from the exhaust coming right up the back panel. It definitely could be better placed.

  3. nate says:

    I just bought a 2011 tundra , and after 2 weeks of having the truck, this little pin came out of the brake on the front right wheel and dinged up my rim. There are two of these pins on each front brake and the only thing holding them in place is a paperclip thing wire. Was wondering if there is anything you can do to help protect them or anything to replace them so they dont come loose again. Sorry my description sucks, im not too car savvy and this is my first truck.

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    nate – That paperclip thingy is called a cotter pin, and it probably came out because it wasn’t attached correctly at the factory. I would have it looked at by the dealer, but as long as it’s put back together correctly I wouldn’t worry about it. 🙂

  5. Rick says:

    I was interested in the TRD brake kit for the Tundra. On the blogs some owners state that the brake pedal can be soft and the pads get glazed after repeated stops. The rotor, a heavy one piece design, cannot be resurfaced requiring a full replacement costing $1000. Can they be machined? Is the TRD rotor pictured above, a two piece design? While appearing formidable at 16″, does the heavier rotor wear out the pads and rotors? It’s a great price vs. the Brembo system but the two piece Brembo is machinable and rotor rings are replaceable. The TRD caliper is made by StopTech, a reputable company. So the parts are good.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Rick – Those are good questions. It’s news to me that the rotors can’t be resurfaced (or at least ground), so I don’t know if I should throw out an answer to the other questions. However, I did find StopTech’s install manual online and the disclosures lead me to believe you won’t have any problems if you follow their instructions…

      Also, pretty sure the rotors are one piece (the instructions confirm as much).

  6. Pedro says:

    My ? Is when is someone going to put out some gears 4:88:1 out their for these new toyota’s I have a 07 tundra 4.7 on 37/22 m16SS I’m only getting about 10mpg on this I need some gears for my beast. And also a supercharger would be nice……..

  7. Brad says:

    I have a 2012 Tundra Crew with a 5.7 TRD supercharger and real TRD duel exhaust , Limited, my friends it don’t get any better, I can haul the kids with the boat or 4 wheelers and when I’m alone it becomes my real toy, the power it delivers is awesome, I can’t wait to get in it everyday !!

  8. Brad says:

    Make the Tundra yours !!! It will love you back !!

  9. Brad says:

    I also installed the TRD rear sway bar , it looks sweet with the duel exhaust , Get it, feel it and you’ll love it !!!

    • Rick says:

      Brad, I reinstalled my sway bar on my new 2012 Platinum! It definitely flattens the turns with the stock Bridgestones (20″ stock wheels). But I had performance tires (Yoko Parada Spec X) on my last Tundra and it handled very well for a truck that was not lowered! Will sell my wheels and tires on eBay for the Yoko Parada-Specs. The ride was smooth and controlled, not jarring at all.

      Looking to price a supercharger/exhaust and then locating a toyota tech who can handle the job.

  10. Jim Peters says:

    i was wanding if u have tried the tundra chip by GForce, an does it work, i have a SLR Motorsport Performance chip which is just like the GF Chips,for 07 5.7 tundra, if it work, where is the IAT? i think it is where the air deck is, an i think it has 4 wires on it, so which one does it connect the chip to! i have not add the chip that i have, cos of the warrntry, or does it matter, i was hope it would giving me more gas mileage, an does it matter if i run super unlead or reglar unlead, i know it run all e grades of gas!

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Jim – Most of the inexpensive performance chips just modify the signal from the MAF sensor to increase HP in a very narrow RPM range. The net result is that you gain HP in one part of the torque curve but lose it elsewhere…the best chip option for Toyota vehicles is the Unichip tuner. Of course, it’s a lot more money.

  11. Jim Peters says:

    hello, i have a 07 tundra, has 76,000 on it! i have look in the book an it doesn’t show much many mile to go before replace it on when the drive belt, transmission, spark plugs (5.7 motor), brake’s! so i was wanding what it is an would be the best to use!,Jim

  12. shawn says:

    I’m looking to replace spark plugs in my 07 tundra TRD limited and looking for suggestions on which ones will work best. I talked to my local performance shop and they said they would not recommend E3’s. I also need to know if I need iridiam (if that is speed right) or I can go with whatever.

  13. Brian says:

    Hey I called a couple toyota dealers in canada and they said that all the superchargers they had in stock were requested to be sent back and are unavailable for purchase at this time, but thats all they knew. Anyone know why? 08 tundra trd 5.7

  14. bryan says:

    I purhcased a 2012 CrewMax Platinum from my local dealer…had TRD supercharger, cold air intake, dual exhaust and front & rear suspension kit added before I drove it off the lot. Been a headache ever since. About half the time when you get on it at low speeds – total hesistation. Dealer said it’s the computer shutting down due to the skid control. It’s pulled to the right from day 1 and they cant seem to correct it. yesterday I noticed that the truck just didn’t sit right. Got my tape measure out and sure enough – right rear sits 1 inch higher than the left. Wishing I would have just bought the Chevy Callaway C-19 🙁

    • Bryan,

      That stinks. Have you tried following up with your Toyota Regional Office? They should be able to address some of those concerns.


    • Rick says:


      How is your truck? I have a ’12 Platinum with the TRD SC and it runs ok. If you are having issues, your dealer is obligated to correct them. IF he cannot or won’t, make sure you document all your problems and the date/times you met with them including the outcome. The blogs such as have many enthusiasts who can guide you through your SC problems. They’ve helped me.

      Your suspension appears to have been incorrectly installed. I hope you are going after this dealer because your truck was very expensive.

      Good luck.


      • Bryan says:

        Hi Rick. The hesitation was corrected by disabling the traction and skid controls. Unfortunately the dealer never advised me that holding the traction control button a second time would disable the skid control.
        Dealer determined the pulling issue was the tires. They installed the 22’s – so they replaced the Goodyear rubber with Toyo Proxes and although the truck does still have the tendency to drift to the right – the hard pull is gone.
        Overall no issues. Truck runs great. It wont light up the tires at 30mph like I’ve read about others comments on here, but I’m sure that can be attributed to the 285/45/R22’s

    • Dean says:

      Bryan, as far as the hesitation goes that can be eliminated by shutting off the traction control and stability control. All you need to do is from a dead standstill hold that button in on the dash to the right of your steering column until the light comes on on your dash to the left of the steering wheel. release the button and push it again until two light are on. Now, be advised your responsible from that point on for your driving because it will get interesting real quick. It sounds like your stabilizer was incorrectly installed- have them check it!

      • Bryan says:

        Hi Dean. The hesitation was the skid control….dealer never told me holding the trac control down a 2nd time would disable it. As I was just telling Rick above – the Goodyear tires I had the dealer install on the 22’s – were the cause of the hard pull. Truck still has the tendency to drift to the right, but without driving another tundra on the same roads….it hard for me to tell if it is a suspension problem. Dealership has checked and double checked the suspension and alignment – assures me everything is correct. I’m not seeing any unusual tire wear so – till I get to drive another tundra on the same roads I suppose I’ll never know for sure.

        I need to get some pics posted…

  15. Pipeliner says:

    I’m having a blast right now in my 2011 5.7 Limited! I’m more than happy with the performance-at least until my warranty expires and then I’ll be willing to have a little more fun with it. In the meantime, I’m wondering about the TRD Cold Air Kit. Did you guys ever get one of these to review? If so, how do the results compare to the CAI by aFe that you recommended? My only concern with TRD’s CAI is that it looks like the top piece of the box fits directly over the existing bottom piece with the stock filter box. Is this the case? If so, then where’s the increase in cold air and air mass coming from? Certainly the existing intake opening can’t be enough. Any replies for any of you who KNOW what I’m asking about would be greatly appreciated! Great forum here!

  16. ZAIN says:

    We are 3s Toyota Dealer in Karachi Pakistan, one of our customer has 5.7 Crew Max Tundra 2007 and he wants to put TRD brake kit and suspension as he has made his vehicle Armored.
    Kindly advice the price and availability of the items to be ship to Karachi Pakistan.

    Awaiting for the response.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Interesting, you’re a dealership in Pakistan. Wow!

      I would try contacting Toyota. We aren’t part of them, we just write about their trucks.


  17. Jim Peters says:

    I want to know I have the 5.7 in my Tundra DC, it is the 2007 TSS with 4.11 rear end, if I use 93 oct. in it will it get better gas mileage than the unlead87, an what about the the oil it call for 0-20/5-20 which would be the best to run in all the time, an I leave in north part of Louisiana. an I have a AFE air filter in place of the stock, an change out the stock muffler to a magflow, were u can almost see thru it! an would I have alittle more hp than the stock 383, 400 touq. like to know! Jim

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      You won’t get better gas mileage with Premium over Regular unleaded (in our opinion). However, running a full tank of Premium every once in a while is a good idea to clean out the fuel injectors.

      As far as oil, I would go with the 0-20 weight unless you plan on doing a lot of towing than the heavier grade.

      Yes, you can switch out the air filter and muffler. A lot of owners do see some HP benefits to making those changes.


      • Jim Peters says:

        ok i have about 90,000 mile on my 07 tundra, it has a 5.7, DDCab, i well be changing Spark plugs! so what spark plug would u wreckaman that i should used the ones that is in there or another brand that is better? i see the the VOC air box has a tube to the side of the fender an a hole at the front side at the bottom! i have a strandard AFE filter in the box that is in the truck it is good for 50,000 mile before being clean, i was wander if i could put a hole in the front side at the bottom of the box! would it do the same as a VOC BOX!

        • Jim – The best plugs are OEM – there’s no benefit to going with any fancy after-market dual prong plugs, and the cost difference between OEM and after-market is negligible. See for a good price on Tundra spark plugs.

          As for the cutting holes in the stock airbox, I don’t know. I can’t imagine it would be any better or worse than what you have, as most of what you need is the air filter. The after-market air box is sort of secondary (only they are slightly better).

  18. Dean says:

    If you want to experience the truck ride of the century get the Supercharger installed. The results are absolutely mind boggling!! I’d skip the TRD cat back since it is overpriced but the sway bar kit seems reasonable. There are several items I’d like Toyota to address in the very near future.

    1. please offer a true locking diff as an option and standard on the off road package
    2. Better fan motor
    3. Stouter tail gate metal
    4. 8 speed transmission
    5. Thicker paint-especially on the front
    6. Box frame to shut up the domestic boys
    7 Supercharged and mild lift as an option

    Well that would be nice!

    • Todd says:

      I agree with you in every aspect here.. i mean come on toyota! My truck only has 40,000 miles on it and already lots of rock chips and rust pretuding into the metal! And an off road truck with no lockers?! Wtf

  19. Pipeliner says:

    I think I’ll do some research to verify my dealer has a tech who’s installed the supercharger before. I don’t want some green horn messing with my engine and doing it incorrectly. Does this problem with the hesitation and needing to turn off traction / stability control affect everyone who has this installed, or was this suggested as a quick fix? Also, What is the exact reason why superchargers need to run on higher octane fuel?

  20. TONY says:


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Our understanding is that they should fit. The wheels haven’t changed since 2007 and the lug nuts should match up. The only concern is if it is too big, but since you are going down a size, that shouldn’t be an issue.


    • hemi lol says:

      tony, YES go ahead with it. the rock warrior wheels fit your rig just fine. you will need the lug nut set for those wheels though. they are spline drive lugs. happy wheelin

  21. James Peters says:

    hello, guys what has been the best oil to use in the 5.7, Tundra 07, 2RWD,SR,DD, TSS; i use 0W-20W penoil. but there are alot of different kind brand that have 0W-20W, an i have 100,336 mile on my truck! i have 2 in mind to use Penoil Utra Paituaim an Royal Purple! so uguy have used then all! so what u come up with which one does the better job as fuel mile, performances, lubies good, an can run up to 10,000 miles instead of 5,000 miles to oil change? thanks James Peters

  22. Abletwofour says:

    Hey guys I have a question concerning the TRD supercharger. I have a flex fuel vehicle (didn’t know the difference when I bought it) and then found out the sc is non compatible. Later on when I telling my sib story a guy whose opinion I value said even though it says not compatible it actually is. You just can’t use e85 fuel anymore because the mapping won’t tolerate it well. Can anyone verify this or provide some down and dirty technical info? I only use premium in all of my vehicles so this scenario would be a non issue for me. If it is absolutely non compatible are there any other options for me other than scrapping the truck and starting over? It is a 2010.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I would be really nervous about using a supercharger on a flex fuel engine that someone told you was actually compatible. Officially, Toyota says it is not compatible due to not being tuned for the engine/fuel. While it is an interesting thought that it “may” work if you only buy premium, the engine is setup a bit different to handle the e85 fuel.

      Simply put: You could risk it, but that is a lot of money to risk.


  23. Tony says:

    I have a chance to buy a set of BF Goodrich Tires that are off a jeep and have maybe 500 miles on them. They are 255 70R17 will these work on my 2004 Tundra TRD with stock rims?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Yes, but those tires are smaller than the largest factory size, which was 285/70 R17.

      But I’m sure they’ll fit on the rims.


  24. Justin says:

    I have an 08 Toyota Tundra TRD SR5. I need to change out the front suspension as its getting a little rough. I do not go off road with the truck except being in the yards. Can someone tell me the difference of the complete strut system between the regular set and the TRD set? I don’t want to lower or raise the truck. Can I just use the non TRD strut system?

  25. Terry says:

    5/14/16 this 71 year old grandpa sold his Duramax. On 5/17/16 the same grandpa is getting a very low mileage 07 standard cab, long bed, 5.7 Tundra. The brand new, TRD super charger is already in my possession. Bought it from a fellow that never took it out of the box. This grandpa is looking into tearing up some pavement, so much that I can hardly sleep. I have a ’68 Camaro with and LS1, and an LS9 sitting in my garage. But as so ready for this simple looking truck I will wait for some time to put the LS9 in the Camaro. You can see the Camaro perform about 6 years ago with me driving by putting: TmacDonaldFQ.dv into your search engine. I am going to try to get about 600 HP out of the truck but will settle for less. Don’t forget to come to my funeral, it’s free as I am a Vietnam veteran.

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  33. Ed says:

    Hi, can you tell me where in Florida can I buy all of these TRD parts and if they fit a 2008 Sequoia?

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