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Ho-Hum, B20 Diesel Now Available Not Any Cheaper

A new B20 diesel blend is now on sale in four San Francisco, CA gas stations. Excuse our non excitement, but the blend retails for the same price as non-blended diesel fuel. Why isn’t it cheaper?

Ho-Hum, B20 Diesel Now Available Not Any Cheaper

Off-shore oil production is booming and the U.S. is now a net exporter of fuel. Plus, alternative fuel production is exploding. Yet, gas prices remain high. What’s the deal?

Audi’s New e-Diesel Process Could Mean Diesel Trucks Are Our Future

Using a proprietary process, Audi claims that they can produce e-Diesel (a blend of diesel and ethanol) with nothing more than water, sunlight, and CO2 (air). The trick? They’ve designed a biological process that uses microorganisms to create fuel, and Audi is so Gung-Ho about this project that they’re projecting commercially viable fuel production by 2020.

Could this new biological source of fuel mean that diesel-powered trucks are our future?

Audi Promises Cost Effective e-Diesel by 2020

Could a new e-Diesel product that has an unlimited supply plus is more “pure” mean that diesel powered trucks could be back on the rise?