Ram Releases UNIQUE Rebel and Laramie Limited Pricing

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Truck fans who have bemoaned their soaring costs will want to hit the “X” in the corner of their browser right now. Ram has revealed a 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel will start at $42,790 and a Laramie Limited starts at $50,675. These prices are on par with other’s in the industry, yet the Laramie Limited price took us back a bit.

Ram Releases Rebel and Laramie Limited Pricing - Jaws. Drop. Now.

Sure it is pretty cool, but is it “unique?”

While the Laramie Limited price sure got our attention, the tidbit that stood out to us was the press release’s angle of these products being unique. Other outlets have even suggested Ford, GM and Toyota don’t offer a similar product. I suppose on paper, this is correct, but I’m not sold – at all – this is how consumers will view these trucks.

For example, the Ram Rebel is pretty unique with its styling (including the large lettering), eight-speed transmission and coil-spring suspension.  Ram says they are bringing their “one-of-a-kind, off-road design to the full-size truck segment.” Mechanically, sure this is pretty unique compared to other makers, but does unique=better?

Also, the Laramie Limited isn’t really unique. It is, though, really amazing and has more features in common with a Mercedes-Benz than a full-size truck. While at the unveiling in Chicago, I felt like the features list sounded more like a Chanel bag advertisement than a full-size truck.

Trust me when I say the Laramie Limited redefines “loaded.” It is spectacular and I’d be really nervous driving it around for fear of scratching it.

While both of these trucks offer unique features and styling, suggesting they are “one-of-a-kind” is really just marketing speak. Consumers will automatically compare a Ram Rebel to a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, Ford Raptor or Chevy Silverado Z71. Why won’t they? The air suspension and bold lettering of the Rebel separates it from the rest? C’mon.

Also, the Laramie Limited will compete with the top-of-the-line models like the GMC Sierra Denali, Ford King Ranch and Toyota Tundra 1794. Sure, the Laramie Limited has a notch more luxury details, but I’m not sold consumers will see it as that unique.

Plus, consumers will have to weigh the added costs. The Toyota Tundra TRD PRO starts at $41,385 ($1,500 less) than the Rebel. While, the 1794 starts at $44,925 ($5,750 less) than a Laramie Limited, yet the Ram truck has a lot more content and more upgraded materials. Yet, I wonder if customers will immediately notice the differences and understand the Ram is more luxurious.

Look, I’m not knocking Ram here and both of these trucks are pretty great. (side note, I’ll get the chance to drive the Rebel later this month). I just don’t buy the “unique” aspect of them and neither will consumers in my opinion.

What do you think? Is the Ram Rebel and Laramie Limited that unique?

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  1. GEEKKAT says:

    As far as the design, it’s a bit different but not enough to warrant an additional charge. The truck prices are so far out of range for the average Joe that there is no point of even looking at them anymore unless you are in the market and have a need for a truck. And lets be honest the only people who buy “luxury trucks” are not the ones who actually use trucks for what they are for. They use them as show pieces. For those people, there might be a unique factor but for the rest probably not.

  2. Randy says:


    Your article pretty much hit the nail on the head with “Chanel Bag” treatment. I call many of so called “new” trucks just that; but I use much more descriptive terms. In other words are the Chanel Trucks really even trucks at all?

    The Rebel is a poor copy of the TRD Pro and guys that do serious off-roading know that.

    The marketing of the other trucks has become just “silly” so far Toyota has not gone down that road.

    At least Toyota did not have embedded six foot wide “PRO” with 15 cents worth of plastic on the tailgate. If Ram believes that makes a Great Off Road truck then more power to them.


    • breathing borla says:


      I think they consider their “serious” off-road truck to be the powerwagon, which is a beast.

      this rebel thing is ugly and I am a ram owner, for now….

      • breathing borla says:

        forgot to add, I wonder if you can swap the grill for the older style. The letters on the back are in-laid though so I think those are stuck. That would mean tailgate swap.

        if all Rams have that grill and letter that can’t be removed, my shopping list will involve one less truck.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          LOL. The first thing I did was feel the tailgate to see how to remove the letters. Ram is smart. They raised the lettering on the tailgate. So, even if you remove the black, it will still say Ram in the color of your truck.


  3. mk says:

    did the tundra newly redesigned in 2014 impress any of us?? NO, not really.

    Just a different re-badge of the same old is all it is. Marketing gimmick just like the 2014 newly designed tundra is.

    Mfgs. continue to do this year after year to WOW the public and blow a smoke screen up their _utt all the while trying to justify increasing their pricing year after year 3%.

    At least Ram did something no one else has done. coil spring offering smoother ride and 8 speed tranny, not just cosmetic differences. Face it, 95% of 1/2 ton truck owners do not pull 10,100 lbs. nor close to that nor should they. A Ram with smoother ride with better gas mileage while still offering enough towing capacity is something new.

  4. Rick says:

    I saw a YouTube video of this truck and it’s pretty cool! I like the red instrumentation and stitching on a cool interior that reeks quality.

    The new nose works for this good looking truck but man, these prices are just getting too high for me.

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