Toyota Tundra 5.7L TRD Supercharger

The 5.7L Toyota Tundra TRD Superchager will be available soon!


As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, the TRD Supercharger has been given a part number in the latest Toyota Accessory Guide (part #  PTR29-34070), but that’s no indication that the supercharger will be available soon.

However, I spoke to a friend of mine that works in a local Toyota dealer’s parts department, and he was estimating he’ll be able to order in a month or two. That would mesh with Toyota’s stated time line (see the picture below), but that’s not really any indication either.

TRD Tundra 5.7L Supercharger Placard

My guess is that the Tundra 5.7L TRD Supercharger will delayed — it’s pretty common for these things to be held back by either the EPA, CARB, or the internal bureaucracy of Toyota. Take, for instance, the debut of the supercharger for the Scion tC. It was supposed to be out in the fall following the car’s debut (it also had a part number in the catalog), but EPA and CARB regulators held back the release more than 6 months. Same story with the Tacoma supercharger back in the day (and the one that’s supposed to be coming out).

But, it’s cool to imagine getting our hands on one…

5.7L iForce V8 with TRD Supercharger

These photos were taken at SEMA 2006 — see more pics of the TRD Tundra exhibit.

If you want to know what a supercharger is, see TRD’s Supercharger Explanation.

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