Toyota’s Scion Bringing Back The El Camino?

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  1. mark says:

    Why do you have to be so hard Toyota? Global domination is hard and they get them all perfect! People laughed at the Tundra concept too and how that is turning out.

  2. ApexAlex says:

    2k payload is nothing so sniff at!

    most pickups are rated at only 1200 – 1800 lbs!

    the main diff bet’n compact and full size pickups, drivetrains aside, is JUST box volume. so this will be smaller yet. big deal. how often do you see pickups of ANY size with loads up to the bed rails?

  3. ApexAlex says:

    MILLIONS of Tacos only have a 2.4 engine too, with LOWER hp ratings.

    if they produce this, it will actually have a BETTER power to wt. ratio!

  4. admin says:

    Alex — both good points. I think my biggest problem with this concept is the fact the “truck” will be based on a car platform. That, and it just seems kind of silly.

    However, when you consider just how expensive a Taco has become, it makes sense for Toyota to get something cheap back into their pickup line.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. bob says:

    i love all el caminos!!!! scion if u read this plese make this car ( U might wana give it a bigger motre mabe a V6 ur still gettin good milelige )

  6. […] The case for the Ridgeline coming back is actually in its favor. Yes, it isn’t the true North American truck like a Ford F-150, but it does fill a niche. Many buyers want the versatility of a pickup without the large fuel costs and upfront costs. This consumer demand has been so high actually, there are several rumors of an El Camino variant making a return. […]

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