November 2016 Truck Sales – Tundra, Tacoma Post Gains

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One more month down and one more to go before the end of the year. Like usual this year the Tacoma posted a good month in November while the Tundra finally posted a gain.

November 2016 Truck Sales - Tundra, Tacoma Post Gains

Here are the results:

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2015Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2015
1 - Ford F-Series733,287+5.5%November 2016
November 2015
2 - Chevy Silverado520,604-3.2%November 2016
November 2015
3 - Ram Truck441,862+8.1%November 2016
November 2015
4 - GMC Sierra198,390-0.9%November 2016
November 2015
5 - Toyota Tacoma174,117+7.2%November 2016
November 2015
6 - Toyota Tundra103,933-3.5%November 2016
November 2015
7 - Chevrolet Colorado99,294+29.8%November 2016
November 2015
8 - Nissan Frontier80,857+41.5%November 2016
November 2015
9 - GMC Canyon33,401+23.4%November 2016
November 2015
10 - Honda Ridgeline19,582+3,680%November 2016
November 2015
11 - Nissan Titan17,484+57.2%November 2016
November 2015

Looking over the results closer, Ford stands out as having a really good month. Throughout the year, their results have been really up and down.

Chevy didn’t have a truck month promotion and their sales show it. I’m more and more convinced their sales are directly tied to that promotion.

Ram continues to gain market share and they really had a nice year.

The Tacoma had yet another strong month and should finish with one of its best years in quite a while. This is in contrast to the Tundra which seems destined to have a down year.

This could change next year. Toyota is saying they will adjust their focus from 50-50 cars and trucks to 40-60 cars and trucks. And then, they sent out a press release about an all-new Camry at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. So, there is that.

Finally, the Frontier continues to bewilder analysts, the Ridgeline continues a steady rate of selling and the Titan continues to disappoint.

As we near the end of the year, truck makers are starting to put the push on getting those last sales before the books close. With one month left to go, we are left to wonder who will be chasing market share and who will be standing pat.

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  1. TRDRacing says:


    I think Toyota is looking to expand their market share and the only division where they aren’t leading or near the top is full size trucks. I think we may actually see “real” new Tundra in 2019. I wonder if we will see a new 4Runner in 2019 too. I’m not holding my breath but one can dream.

  2. NoQDRTundra says:

    Why do you think there will be a new Tundra in ’19? I can allude to why there wouldn’t be.

  3. Chris says:

    I thought I read somewhere Toyota was going to show a new Tundra at the 2017 Chicago? (or whatever is in Jan/Feb) auto show. Maybe not.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Hopefully you read my story here on a new Tundra. I’ve been told it will debut at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in February as a 2018 model. 🙂


  4. TRDRacing says:

    A family member who works at SET said at a dealer meeting they were told a 2019 Tundra would debut at the Detroit auto show. But it is Toyota so im not holding my breath.

  5. NoQDRTundra says:

    Toyota is not a position to lead or even really compete when it comes to full size trucks for one simple fact: there is only 1 plant producing full size trucks, which shares production with the Tacoma, currently–which may change next year–the best selling mid-size truck.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking the product mix change will impact SUVs as Toyota refers to as “trucks” in some of their sales reports. They group trucks and SUVs all in the same category. I could see RAV4 and Highlander production going up in the short term. The Baja expansion will cover the Tacoma growth long-term.


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