Nissan’s New EcoPedal

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  1. JDBreaux says:

    For the love of all things named Bob! If I push my gas pedal and it argues with me, so help me Jebuz, I will beat that e-punk into submission with a 10 Lb Sledge.

    Here’s an Idea: Let’s invent a car that only does what IT wants. It will drive itself. Fuel itself, and never do anything dangerous like get us to work on time or take us on vacation. We could call it the Chevy Crap, or the Ford HateYou, or even the Dodge Dodge or For Chrysler Sake. It could be made by Daiwoo.

    I like the idea of a light that lets me know when I am not driving in a fuel efficent manner. I also want a button on top the dash that says “Shut Up”. It could also be linked to the seat belt chime.

  2. Mickey says:

    What happens if you have to move fast into traffic? Will it try to stop you and get you into an accident.

  3. Jeremy Breaux says:

    They should name this system HAL3000

  4. With all this emphasis on saving gas and saving the environment, what about a car that told you not to drive at all? You get in, the car says “Jason, I don’t think you really need to go anywhere today. Go back in the house and watch TV.”

  5. JDBreaux says:

    It would call you Dave. “I’m sorry, Dave, you can’t drive today. You need to conserve gas.” It would be the next version of Hal 3000, Hal Gore. How’s that for an inconvient truth?

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