Next Generation Titan Will Offer V6, Fleet Trim, and Maybe Even a Regular Cab

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As Nissan’s Titan full-size pickup nears its eighth year of production, engineers have been scurrying to find a way to make the dated truck more appealing to potential truck buyers gravitating to other brands. Nissan’s market share has fallen dramatically in recent years, spurring efforts to not only increase the allure of their only full-size pickup offering, but also to let otherwise unaware car shoppers that yes, Nissan does, indeed still build a full-size pickup truck. Their solution? A full vehicle update for the 2014 model year.

New Titan will offer V6, fleet trim and regular cab.

Nissan looking to increase its shrinking market share plans on a complete update to its Nissan Titan.

This news comes on the heels of the demise of a potential Chrysler partnership for 2012 that would have seen Nissan rebadge a Dodge Ram-based full size truck. Nissan hopes to tap into a market they have until now largely ignored, that of the work truck to bolster their flagging sales. Plans are in place within Nissan to potentially offer a heavy-duty version of the Titan until the 2014 model year that would incorporate the existing 318-horsepower V8 and attempt to increase sales volume.

Until now primarily a luxury commuter truck, the full-size Nissan Titan for 2014 should incorporate a few more austere features that will make it a competitor for the many aging work trucks filling the world’s work truck fleets. Along with significant styling updates, expect to see a V6 engine as optional equipment, along with steel wheels and a single cab. Previous Nissan Titans are all extended-cab and crew cab body styles, popular with non-professional buyers, but considered an unnecessary expense for fleet buyers looking for absolute bare-bones pickup trucks to move their employees from job site to job site.

Look for Nissan to make final announcements of features and a look at the updated styling of the Nissan Titan at the 2013 North American Auto Show. Some features that are likely to be included in a production version may include:

  • 3.0L V6 Diesel engine or V6 gasoline option
  • Single Cab Configuration
  • ABLS four-wheel drive traction control
  • Utilitrack channels for securing loads in the Titan’s bed
  • Flat-folding front passenger seat
  • Electronic brake-force distribution system

One items pops out of that list and it is the addition of their 3.0L V6 diesel engine into the production run. While these rumors will circulate until Nissan makes a final announcement, Nissan’s North American Vice President of Product Planning, Larry Dominique, has stated, “I have a broad menu I can look at. We could do downsized powertrains, we could do an enhanced V-8, and we could look at diesel powertrains.”

Expect a suggested retail price of around $21,000 for a lightly-equipped Nissan Titan work truck by the 2014 model year.

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  1. Dez says:

    A diesel option may get people looking but I’m not sure if its enough to get back anyone converted from the Titan.

    Especially the ones that have gone from Titan to Tundra. 🙂

  2. Danny says:

    if nissan can offer a diesel, why can’t Toyota?

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – I think Nissan is really smart to offer a diesel half-ton, but of course it depends on price and features. If it’s more expensive and doesn’t really offer any improvements in terms of performance, it might not sell very well.

    However, my prediction is that the first manufacturer to offer a diesel half-ton truck will have a winner on their hands…provided the cost option isn’t too much more than $6k extra.

    Danny – I wish I knew…I’ve been pining for a diesel Tundra for years.

  4. Dez says:

    I’m willing to bet Toyota stashed the diesel back when our economy started melting down and are going to surprise everyone with it in the 3rd gen Tundra.

    Mark my word people!! 🙂

  5. Will says:

    Awesome…This Nissan Titan is offered in King and Crew cab configurations, which both seat up to six people. Rear-wheel drive is standard and four-wheel drive is optional.

  6. Mike T says:

    Nissan has already revealed that the next-generation Titan will be available with an optional Cummins V6 diesel engine. Rumors also suggest that the company may also introduce a gasoline fueled V6 engine in the next Titan.

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