Updated Part and Accessory Review System – Please Test

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In an effort to improve the speed and responsiveness of the site (which is unfortunately a work in progress), I’ve moved TundraHeadquarters.com to a new server. Unfortunately, this move “broke” the parts and accessories review system.

This prompted me to create a new system more similar to the main site that is also hopefully much easier to use. Features include:

  • Over 500 products can be reviewed
  • Product reviews include a star rating system, the opportunity to share your comments, and a chance to share your vehicle year, make and model – however
  • Anyone can leave a rating on a product without logging in or sharing any personal info
  • The top-rated products will always be listed first – as more and more people review products, the best ones will “rise to the top”

Instead of reading a post today, please take a couple of minutes to rate a product or two check out the new Tundra parts review system here. We’ll be adding more products over the course of the next week or two, but any testing or feedback you can offer now will be appreciated!

Thank you!!

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  1. rich says:

    Great job Jason. There a couple of things I wanted to look into…this helps alot.

  2. Mickey says:

    Nice job Jason. You have a variety of parts to each subject. Helps in making the right decision.

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    rich and Mickey – Thanks!

    I’ve discovered a series of problems after moving the site…and I’m not even sure it’s faster. Any feedback on that question?

  4. Mickey says:

    I checke several on the exhaust systems and had no issues with it. The only issue I had was a personal one. Borla was the last one. I guess you save the best for last.

  5. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I like the Borla too, now even more than before.

    I haven’t had a chance to add my “editors rating” on almost all of those parts. Still fixing some other problems caused by the move.

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