JD Power Says Tundra Most Dependable Five Years In A Row

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For the last five years, J.D. Power and Associates has declared the Toyota Tundra to be the most dependable large truck on the road. This year’s award is significant in that it is the first dependability award based upon the 2nd generation design of the Tundra. Considering all of the issues the 2nd generation Tundra had in it’s first year, it’s nothing short of miraculous that this truck won JD Power’s dependability award…and that’s likely bad news for Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Nissan for the future.

According to JD Power the Tundra averaged 122 problems per 100 vehicles, which is 21% better than the industry average of 155 problems per 100 vehicles. These “problems” can range widely, from complaints about the way a vehicle drives to engine and transmission issues. This highlights one of the biggest complaints about J.D. Power’s study: An owner’s lack of understanding about a particular feature can often hurt dependability ratings, not to mention their perceptions about the way a truck should ride or drive.

J.D. Power breaks down their dependability ratings on their website, giving each vehicle a dependability rating in three areas plus an overall score. Here’s how the major 2007 half-ton trucks rank:

2010 pickup truck JD Power dependability study

2010 Toyota Tundra Dependability Award

Based on these ratings, it would seem that the Tundra narrowly beat-out the F150 for J.D. Power’s 2010 award. This would agree with JD Power’s most recent initial quality survey, which ranked the Tundra and F150 as equals late last year.

The fact the Tundra won the award based on the dependability of the 2007 model year is impressive considering all of the problems we documented in the first model year of the new design. From bed bounce to tailgates to camshaft and propeller shaft recalls, 2007 was not a great year for the Tundra in terms of quality…and the Tundra won anyway.

If Ford, GM, and Chrysler can’t beat Toyota quality during the first model year of a new design, it’s likely they won’t beat Toyota in 2008 or 2009 either. Perhaps the 2010 model, with it’s VVT-i TSB, will be the first model year to have more problems per 100 vehicles than the domestics. If so, it’s not going to be until 2013 that the Tundra loses this particular crown.

Of course, it should be said that we don’t put a lot of stock into any single award. No single opinion about quality is sufficient – it’s best to group a few different studies and opinions to get a firm grasp on the quality of a particular make and model. Having said that, the Tundra’s quality is ranked highly in both J.D. Power’s initial quality AND long term dependability studies, as well as by Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide, Edmunds.com, and the Harbor Report.

While the Tundra is not perfect, all the studies show that the Tundra’s quality is excellent. The F150, depending on the studies you look at, typically ranks 2nd or ties for first, so it’s likely that the F150’s quality is on par with the Tundra. As for the Ram, the GM Sierra/Silverado, and the Nissan Titan, J.D. Power shows that those brands are simply average (and average is not bad). Other studies echo these results. If you’re in the market for a new truck, it sounds like the Tundra and F150 should be options #1 and #1A, with the others being tied for 2nd.

All in all, this is great news for everyone. Regardless of manufacturer, half-ton truck quality is very, very good.

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  1. mk says:

    Maybe now Howie Long can shove it and keep his mouth shut about how chevy is the most dependable, longest lasting, full size pickup on the planet? GM’s powertrain is average at best. GM needs to stop thinking fuel economy (yah, it gets what, 1 to 2 more mpg than our tundras), but at what expense being a dog to drive and constant shifting of the tranny since the rear axle ratio is 3.08 or 3.42 with a 6 speed tranny at best now vs. only a few years it was 3.72 or 4.10 much better but with only a 4 speed tranny. Why didn’t GM keep the 3.72 and 4.10 rear axle ratios with the new 6 speed tranny is beyond me. Although I am told the Ford is nice interior/exterior, the underpowered engine still sucks and cannot comment on Nissan or Dodge since I would never own them anyways.
    Maybe we can now hear some good commercials if Toyota was smart enough to read this JD Powers Dependability study and quiet the media from bashing Toyota day in and day out?

  2. Tom says:

    I don’t under stand this. Please explain this, it sounds a lot like Consumer Reports recommending a vehicle.
    1. The Tundra is the only truck with a recall out for corrosion that is making the vehicle unsafe to drive.
    2. VVTI check engine issue. Consumers are only getting 48 hours to a week before a 2010 need maintenance and not a simple repair either.
    3. Recalls, Recalls, Recalls!
    4. All the issues listed on the 2007 Tundra issues page.

    How is the vehicle with just the first two issue getting this award and how can Ford come in second when they say TIE. Has anyone noticed that their happen to be advertisements on their site, kinda like CR’s. Maybe the more money you pay us the better the recommendation?

  3. mk says:

    Tom, jealous?

  4. danny says:

    isn’t jd powers the firm that GM always talks about in their commercials?? or at least they use to??
    i guess with all the issues in 2007, the other manufacturers had more issues??
    not sure i agree with the sierra being 3rd but everyone has their loyalty and favorites. i guess i’m still biased with GMC but leaning heavily toward Toyota having owned one for a few months now.
    oh, so far, 1200 miles and 1 1/2 months old with no vvti issue. hope it stays that way too. fit and finish is very good and the powertrain seems more than adequate. there are a few quirks about the tundra that i am not comfortable with but i’ve been driving the same z71 for 15 years so there will be some adjustments for me before i fell 100% toyota, but we’re getting closer everyday. i feel very confident that this 2010 tundra will easily surpass the realibility of my faithful 1995 GMC sierra.

  5. mk says:

    I think, personally, what separates the tundra from the other 3-4 competitors is the superb powertrain/engine combo we have. Albeit the very few VVTi 2010 tundras with the bad spring inside, the tranny is the best bar none! About the only thing I miss on my former GM 1/2 ton trucks is the decent tailgate on the Chevies and the ride was better, meaning not as choppy going down the road. Rust could be an issue on the 07-2010 tundras, but time will tell.

  6. John says:

    LOL, like JD Powers awards mean anything. Like any magazine or company awards mean anything. Pretty funny how all the yota lovers have been brainwashed by useless awards. Folks need to read the fine print related to JD Powers awards, it’s self explanatory.

  7. Jason says:

    mk – I agree on the powertrain – anyone that’s driven all the trucks has to admit that the Tundra’s powertrains are at or near the very best available.

    tom – I think you raise some very valid points. However, keep in mind JD Power is only looking at 3 years, so the older Tundras with the rust aren’t getting reviewed. As for the VVT-i issue, that won’t hit them on this study, but I would imagine it will on their “JD Power Initial Quality” rating this year. Also, recalls aren’t necessarily problems. Finally, there WERE a lot of problems with the 07′ model…and the Tundra won anyway. Either Toyota’s problems were less than everyone else’s problems, or the study is bogus. I’m guessing that it’s the former.

    danny – That’s good to hear. I hope the Tundra outperforms the old Z71 too.

    John – You’re absolutely correct – no one award is particularly meaningful by itself. However, the fact that this result matches the results of many other studies would indicate that, at a minimum, the Tundra’s quality and reliability are above-average in the segment.

  8. Robert says:

    I work at the San Antonio plant that makes the Tundra and this is some great news for us. We take a lot of pride in producing this truck and it was wonderful to see it being recognized by J.D. Powers.

  9. Frenchy says:

    Motor Trend named the Dodge Ram truck of the year.
    What a joke!!! lol.
    5 years in a row and they have (JD Power) an agenda, is that what you are saying?
    At least Ford lovers can take some comfort in coming in second….;-)

  10. Mickey says:

    Tom agree with first sentence. No difference in what mag recommends anything.
    #1. Tom they are looking at the 2nd gen truck. Get off the 1st gen truck. This doesn’t work here. From 2007 on.
    #2. Yes that maybe true for some not most. Those that are effected in certain vin # have this issue. Now do we have to list all chevy’s issue’s?
    #3. Yes the tundra has some recalls and TSB’s. Let list your’s:
    2007 Silverado 4 recalls and 135 TSB’s.
    2008 Silverado 2 recalls and 80 TSB’s.
    2009 Silverado 1 recall and 68 TSB’s.
    2010 Silverado 0 recalls and 2 TSB’s.
    Do you still want to talk now Tom?
    #4 Tom please explain how your 2007 Silverado gets top pick by C/R and they didn’t even test it? Need I state more? What I see above Tom is one truck with an excellent in one category. Maybe that weighed in on who they gave the choice to? I really don’t care for mags to state anything. They do what they can to sell their mags.
    John it seems you’re the sore loser here…….. If that was the norm there John why are the other manufacturer’s using their awards in their commercials? You might want to rephrase your last.

  11. Mickey says:

    BTW Tom one of your recalls caught me by suprise. I thought only Fords had the chance of catching on fire. Your beloved GM does it too. Nothing like trying to use that heated windshield wiper fluid and then smelling some real bad odor then presto on fire. Maybe that’s why Chevy got an average since they discontinued that heated program. So everyone made now has a negative against the truck. That will add up. Think about that when you press that heated button. You know the saying if you can’t stand the heat? Get out of the Chevy.

  12. Tom says:

    Mickey didn’t you own a 2006 Silverado? Tail light fail off of! But at least it wasn’t a head liner right! Since your on the bash GM kick, do you need to be reminded of the GM and Toyota relationships? Tell us about those junky delco radios! You know the ones GM and Toyota teamed up to make. How about the faulty powersteering systems sold to GM from JTEK. Remember them, the company that Toyota motors and Toyoda are particle owners of. Ford and GM’s catching fire but only one breaks in half or has the spare tire release for tailgaters! Which one is worse?? A truck that lasts what 7 years then needs a new frame or one that just needs some wire rearranged? I think moving some wires are easier! Oh you don’t know if the second gen are affected YET! Most likely YES but we will see won’t we!

  13. Tom says:

    Denise, at least Dodge owners didn’t have their motor tore apart within days of purchase! So who’s really laughing! If that’s what’s JD rating means then they must be paid off! How’s that valve noise? Still annoying you?

  14. danny says:

    wow, the bashing is relentless. we all know that every manufacture has had their issues and will have many more in the future. As for jd powers, well GM and Ford both praised it when they won so now it’s Toyota’s turn. Heck, GM use to use Author Anderson but they fell with the enron fiasco. But, who really cares about awards. Dont we all just want our trucks to be everything we expect them to be? and not what everyone else expects them to be. I’ve owned every full size truck available except the f-150. Each had their good points and their bad points. As long as my truck does what i expect it to do, well thats all that counts. I have no problem with purchasing another powerwagon, z-71 or Tundra. Boys and girls, can we just move forward.

  15. Jason says:

    Robert – Thanks for commenting here – can you send us any news tips? πŸ™‚

    Tom – We WILL have to wait and see, but I’ll ask you this: How many years in a row will the Tundra have to win both JD Power’s initial quality and most dependable studies for you to give them their due? You’ll get no argument from me that Tundras with rusting frames are inexcusable, but as Danny says every manufacturer has their skeletons. Piston slap, for example, was a problem on GM trucks long before it started happening on the 2nd gen Tundra – http://www.pistonslap.com/

    Danny – Good call. The point of this article – and others like it – is to show that experts believe Toyota makes a good product. But winning an award – or a whole bunch of awards – doesn’t mean that one truck is substantially better than another. Our comparison of the 09′ Tundra and 09′ F150 resulted in a tie – I think that says a lot about just how good all of these trucks are.

  16. Tom says:

    Jason, How many motors have to be tore down with in days of purchase for someone to realize that their are issues? The frame issue is a embarrassment! How can you make a TRUCK when you can’t get the frame right? So GM has known about Piston slap and now Toyota is venturing into the realm? Its not a good thing! Things are spose to get better not worse! I gave Toyota its respect, but with that respect came responsibility. The handling of the recalls and events where unacceptable. They challenged the Big 3 but they didn’t have the quality to back it up. The big 3 are and have answered with the quality to back it up!

  17. danny says:

    “The handling of the recalls and events where unacceptable.”
    hmmm, well lets go back a few decades. GM side saddle gas tanks that were unprotected during side impact. GM stalled and eventually “negotiated” a non-recall. Vehicles affected were something like 1973 to 1987 (6 million units) and nhtsa settled with GM in 1992?? I cant remember all the details but you can find it archieved somewhere on the internet. And lets not forget about the Ford Pinto and the equation of value on human life…. 6 bucks. Cheaper to pay the wrongful death lawsuit than install the new parts valued at 6 buck a unit.
    So, what is the failure rate of vvti springs in the Tundra and what is the failure rate of other major componets from the so called broke-3. I’m sure with the advent of the internet, we hear more of the terrible stuff that happens that the good ones. Just remember, before you bash someone, make sure your own closet is empty of skeletons.

  18. Tom says:

    Decades, I thought we talking about recent events in recent years. How many Tundra’s where sold in 1973? Better yet how many Toyota’s where sold in 1973?

    1973 through 1987 (14 years) GM had 6 millions units recalled, Toyota recalled 8 million in how many years? Was it 5 or 6 years? Now let’s talk about Toyota saving millions of dollars negotiating the most recent recalls. Isn’t that what their own internal documents said?

    In no way am I siding with GM. GM and Toyota are the same in my eyes, so please tell me more about GM! One reason is they where and still maybe in bed with Toyota. Where the recalled vehicles you where talking about made at NUMMI? Who’s to say that the parts were not Toyota parts that where on the GM that failed? Case in point power steering pumps in recent months, not decades.

    Broke-3 how’s that they are selling theirs? Yes to include the eye sore GM.

  19. Mickey says:

    Tom I responded in kind. While you were thrashing the Tundra I responded with the recalls on your brand. If you want pics there Tom that’s where the proof is. Danny stated it best in his last paragraph.

  20. Jason says:

    Tom – I agree that the way Toyota has handled this latest batch of recalls is poor. In fact, I’ll go one more and say that they deserve to lose their asses in court when it’s all said and done (and I’m pretty certain they will – $5-$10 billion). Negotiating recalls is reprehensible.
    As for the frames, it sucks. Toyota seems to be trying to do the right thing and either fixing or buying back the trucks, but they’re not hitting the mark. I’ll give you that one too.
    Now the piston slap issue is more about customer satisfaction than quality – GM’s trucks prove that modern engines aren’t going to break because of slap. The noise is irritating, but it’s not an indicator of a problem.
    Your point about “they challenged the big 3 but didn’t have the quality to back it up” is wrong on two counts: 1) They aren’t the “Big 3” any more. Those days are long gone…their market share is still moving in the wrong direction. 2) Toyota’s quality is industry leading across the board. You can argue that the Tundra missed the mark in some ways, but you can’t say that Toyota as a whole doesn’t make a good car. There’s 30 years of data to show that Toyota is excellent.
    Finally, the point that all manufacturers have skeletons can’t be emphasized enough here. Fords were famous for ejecting spark plugs and power window regulators. Dodges are famous for needing front ends and cracked dashes. GMs are famous for piston slap, wind noise, cheap plastic, and bankruptcy. I’ll agree that the Tundra’s record isn’t perfect, but I don’t agree that it’s substantially worse than the records of the “domestics.”

  21. danny says:

    to Tom,
    “1973 through 1987 (14 years) GM had 6 millions units recalled, Toyota recalled 8 million in how many years?” hmmm, 8 Toyota lines versus one GM line. But the point wasn’t how many (which the largest recall would be ford and then GM; http://www.rpmgo.com/11-bigges.....in-history ), the point was about how they handled the recall. I was pointing out that GM and Ford, as well as Toyota dropped the darn ball when handling their respective recalls. Your own statement, “The handling of the recalls and events where unacceptable.” obviously referenced how it was handled and not numbers, but Ford and GM takes 1st and 2nd place there too. The original point was that GM was just as bad as Toyota about “negotiated” recalls but the Toyota stall tactic was no where near GM’s response.
    Also, if GM and Toyota was one in the same, then we must also consider that Ford is the same as Mazda and Dodge is actually a Mitsubishi and Fiat mutt. They ALL sleep togethers. Wow, this is also making my agrument that there is no such thing as a “domestic” truck anymore, more valid.
    and, not just decades ago but for 2009, “GM, Chrysler and Ford lead the pack. GM with 16 recalls for 2.2 million vehicles, Chrysler with 15 recalls for 589,000 vehicles, and Ford with eight recalls for 4.5 million vehicles.” Furthermore, these were safety related recalls.
    quoted from;
    i personally dont care what you drive, all manufacturers have recalls and i mean current recalls too.

    To Jason, Since the Tundra is considered a foreign truck eventhough its manufactured in the good ole USA, can we now consider Dodge an European import since it’s basically owned by Fiat? Therefore, GM and Ford are the only so called “domestic” trucks and thats debatable too.

  22. Jason says:

    danny – Definitely. The Ram is owned by Italians and built in Canada…and that gives me a blog post idea.

  23. Tom says:

    Well your right! When the BIg 3 make more of one model than Toyota makes of all their vehicles you will have that. With that being said wasn’t 8 million just about every vehicle Toyota made in those years. What there was one or two models left out. They lead the pack in just about everything! One day Toyota will step up to the challenge. GM/Toyota isn’t it all the same? Dodge is better off than anyone else, they are gonna use their european influence to take the lead. That what Ford did and now look at them didn’t they tie for this BS award?

  24. danny says:

    you’re funny. You kinda make me wish i had never owned a powerwagon. Imagine, i had a mindset like you at one time. Thank God i grew up. No one is denying that Toyota has issues but you seem to be denying that all manufacturer had and will have issues to come, and that includes Dodge, i mean Fiat. My girlfriend has 2 Rams on their horse farm. The only reason she has them is because of the Cummins Turbo diesel engines. If it wasn’t for that, they would own GM or Toyota.
    Also, the European influence didn’t help Ford. Infact, Ford muddied the brands of Jaguar and Volvo. I believe the Japanese influence of Mazda helped them the most but Ford, on their own, did a great job in improving themselves. Furthermore, if the European influence is gonna help Dodge, what happened with the Daimler Chrysler marriage. The rebirth of the Charger and boldness ofthe 300 is what saved them only to be slaughtered by the economy in early 2009.
    Just remember, you drew blood 1st by slinging the mud. You were welcomed here without question as was I. I only ask that you be constructive instead of being destructive.
    Oh, 8 million? learn to count or do better research.
    No disrespect, peaceout.

  25. Tom says:

    Maybe Toyota needs to work on regaining the respect of the auto industry and consumers. Consumer Reports has suspended the “Recommendation” of the following vicles:

    The funny part is the Big 3 that are so bad are recommended, now someone will say they have no creditabilty. Who has more credibility, JD power who just says they are dependable or CR that uses caution?

  26. Jason says:

    Tom – I think you should look into the CR suspension a little more. The suspension was temporary – http://blogs.consumerreports.o.....ecall.html – and is likely to lifted any time – http://autos.aol.com/article/c.....a-upgrade/

  27. Tom says:

    Suspended is suspended. What Consumer Reports said is “CR suspended its recommendation of those models until the problem is resolved”. So it isn’t resolved and is suspended. Since when does it matter what CR thinks?

  28. Mickey says:

    Tom C/R uses cautiuon? Man you are stretching it. C/R lost creditability back in 07 by putting a truck on top which they didn’t even test. This after C/R stated they will no longer give a recommendation of any vehicle without testing it.

  29. Tom says:

    Wasn’t that statement about not recommending vehicles that they didn’t test in reference to the tundra that they recommend? They pulled that recommendation. Wasn’t it on the 4×4 tundra’s.

  30. Tom says:

    Oct 07: Consumer Reports removed high-end versions of three Toyota models β€” the Camry and Lexus GS sedans and the Tundra pickup truck β€” from its list of recommended vehicles and said it would stop recommending new or redesigned Toyota vehicles without data showing that past years’ versions were reliable.

  31. Mickey says:

    One thing Tom there were no issues with the 07 Tundra 4×2. In fact that 4×2 was top in most categories and still C/R wouldn’t state anything for it. Then in turn recommends a Silverado that C/R didn’t test.

  32. Jason says:

    Tom – I don’t understand. You’re using CR’s suspension to prove that JD Power’s study is flawed, then saying that it doesn’t matter what CR thinks? I think that the bottom line is that Toyota’s are generally recommended by reviewers – JD Power, Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide, Harbour Report, Edmunds.com, Wards, etc. Whether or not you choose to believe those reviewers is your choice, but there’s a lot of evidence to support all the positive reviews.

    Also – and I can’t stress this enough – ALL trucks are very good today. Consumers really can’t go wrong. If you don’t need a lot of power, both GM’s 5.3 gets better fuel economy than the Tundra’s 4.6. If you don’t care about cost, the Ram has arguably the nicest ride and interior on the market. If you don’t care about being a little slower than everyone else, the F150 is a great truck in every other respect. I think the Tundra is the best choice all around, but a case can be made for every truck on the market.

  33. danny says:

    This debate is getting old and reminds me of grade school. The big 3 started all this by chanting the praise of their coveted “auther Anderson” awards, the jd powers, cr, etc, etc, etc. Now that Toyota has taken top honors, it supposedly doesnt mean anything. Well it must have meant something to the big3 fanatics at one time or another. Dont get me wrong, i think there will always be a lil’ GMC in my blood, but it was good when they won so it should be good when toyota wins.
    Besides, i, and a whole lot of other people dont need awards or magazines to tell them what they need to know. Most people, including me, ask friends their feelings on the truck they own. The good, the bad and the ugly truth. In my un-official poll, the Tundra took 1st, F-150 and Silverado/Sierra tied for second and nobody recomended the Ram unless it was equiped with the Cummins Turbo diesel. The Titan, for some reason didnt get a vote at all. To confuse things even more, there are very few Tundra owners in this unofficial poll which means that a lot of big 3 owners suggested the tundra. An old high school buddy summed it up the best. He is a farm foreman and drives a Ford Super Duty. He said, “You just cant kill the tundra” and as far as they were concerned, it wasnt a 1/2 ton truck, it was a 3/4 ton.
    When i bought my Tundra, it was an even race in my heart between the GMC Z-71 and the Tundra. GM’s sales people made my decision for me and outright irritated me with their attitude. I drove right down the street and bought a Tundra. I’ve never looked back.
    Sorry again for the long post, but “we dont need no stinkin badges”, uh i mean we dont need those stinking awards to know the Tundra is a darn good truck. Also, no offense to GM, Ford, Nissan or dodge. They all have their good points too, but we all buy what we want and desire, and a truck to do the job we expect our trucks to do.

  34. Jason says:

    Danny – Word. Couldn’t have said it better.

  35. Mickey says:

    Ditto Jason on Danny’s post. It’s piece of mind period. That’s priceless to me vice any award. I got it and that’s all there is to it.

  36. JESS says:

    So you guys know now that the recall was a government sham right? the black box recorders info is coming public and the boxes have recorded that the brakes were not applied AT ALL AT THE TIME OF IMPACT AND THAT THE THROTTLE WAS MASHED TO THE FLOOR MEANING THAT it was driver error. The idiots pushed the gas and thought it was the brake. this is becoming the case in all of the lawsuits so far. Toyota IS the fast cars n truck on the road. I own a salvage yard and Chevy/Dodge drivetrain and everything else front front to back breaks down regularly. It not a matter of wanting to prove im right, I just know that I am right. believe me my in-laws drive GM and dodge and his shit is Always breaking down. I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS!!!!!!!!

  37. Jason says:

    Jess – Thanks for commenting.

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