Toyota Tundra Driving Granny Fends Off Robbers

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Would be robbers learned a valuable lesson recently – don’t try to rob Grannies in Toyota Tundras.

Please note although the initial reports of this truck being a Tundra, many commenters below have correctly pointed out that the truck is a Tacoma not a Tundra.

Granny Fends Off Robbers

Lulu Campbell stands next to her now bullet riddled Toyota Tundra. Courtesy Macon Telegraph, Photographer Woody Marshall

According to a news story in The Telegraph, a Macon, Georgia newspaper,  Lulu Campbell, a 57-year-old grandmother fended off two would be robbers Saturday, April 21, 2012 with her own gun. Apparently two men approached her in her Toyota Tundra and shot at her. Little did they know, that just as they opened fire in an attempt to scare her, she reached for her .38-caliber revolver and returned fire hitting one of the thieves in the chest.

In the end, her Toyota Tundra was riddled with bullets. Police have so far found:

  • eight bullet holes in the hood
  • one in the front grill
  • both front seat-side windows shot out
  • one in the front windshield
  • at least four bullets from the hood penetrated the metal behind the dash
  • one bullet took out the brakes
Granny Fends Off Robbers

One of the bullets found under the hood of Campbell's Toyota Tundra. Courtesy Macon Telegraph Photographer Woody Marshall, The Telegraph

The Bellingham Herald, Georgia newspaper, said that when Campbell “looked inside the cab of the truck and wondered aloud how she could have possibly survived the encounter.”

Campbell was later able to recognize the suspects as regulars at one of her stores, according to the Bellingham Herald. She owns 13 convenience stores in Georgia and each store also has at least one gun.

The best part of the story is when the Bellingham Herald interviewed her, “the 4-foot-11-inch Campbell answered the door holding a .357-caliber revolver.”

Her explanation of why she was holding the gun?

“I’m very nervous,” she said. “I carry a gun all the time.”

Even more incredible is that this isn’t the first time she has shot at a robber. She was almost robbed a few years ago and she shot at that robber as well.

And she used her gun again after catching her husband and a mistress together.

“After that, my husband said ‘I wish I didn’t teach you how to shoot!’ ” she said, according to the Bellingham Herald.

Apparently, her late ex-husband was a police officer and her son was a military intellgence officer (who died last month).

Robbers be way, granny has a gun and knows how to use it.

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  1. KMS says:

    Good for her but the article got it wrong IMO when it said the robbers were trying to “scare” her. It’s pretty evident by looking at her hood and the angle of impacts from the bullets that their intention was to shoot her.

    Kudos for the Tundra for taking a licking and keep on ticking.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      If you read the full original news story, the way they approached her was to scare her with a gun. After she fired back is when all hell broke loose.


      • KMS says:

        The angle of the impact strikes tell the real story. The shots fired at her were meant to kill her. As far as their “intent” in the beginning, I really don’t care since the criminals first declared and undisputed intent was to deprive this woman of her property and most likely her life as well. If you read the article it says she ID’d one of the perps afterward as a regular at one of her stores. Do you really believe for a moment that they intended to leave alive a witness when at least one of them knew she could ID them?? If you do then I have seafront property in West Virginia that I will sell you for a great price, LOL. “All hell broke loose” the second the criminals fired their first shots, NOT WHEN THIS LADY DEFENDED HERSELF.

        Now to the truck. As others have posted, that definitely looks like a Tacoma grill upon further inspection. Also the side view mirror does not look like a Tundra mirror.

        Good day.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          Good points.


          • Jason (Admin) says:

            Tim – Don’t give up like that man, “Stand your Ground!” KMS is beating you up on semantics!! 🙂

            Stuff like this happens every day in Florida (or at least it seems like that). Note to self: Don’t go to Florida.

            KMS – It’s not really fair to criticize Tim’s interpretation…I wholeheartedly agree that these criminals were murderers, but neither you nor I nor Tim can know that for sure. Right?

  2. me says:

    that’s not a tundra, its a Tacoma

  3. Mickey says:

    It’s a Tacoma.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      You guys have all convinced me it is a Tacoma. I guess I spent too much time looking at the bullet holes and didn’t notice. 🙂


      • Jason (Admin) says:

        This was my mistake too – I looked at the photos and didn’t put it together. The side mirror was a dead giveaway even if I missed the grille…my bad.

  4. KMS says:


    It’s not “semantics” to me. Part of what I did in the military was impact and crater analysis. The angle of impact on the hood as well as shot placement in the windshield indicates clear intent by the perps that they meant bodily harm to their potential victim. I’m not criticizing Tim in the least bit, just pointing out some obvious indicators left by the weapon fire of the two criminals.

    Regardless, as soon as these would be robbers brandished deadly weapons then all bets are off as far as I’m concerned. I applaud the determination of the woman to defend herself, political correctness be damned. It’s just too bad she wasn’t able to rid the gene pool of these two vermin.


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      KMS – Fair enough – I can see how someone with your training and experience would see those photos differently. I also agree that it’s great when people can defend themselves, especially when their attackers didn’t account for the possibility that Granny was packin’ a .38. Thanks again for commenting – keep em’ coming! 🙂

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