Ford Botches Accelerator Cable Fix

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About four years prior to the Toyota unintended acceleration hoax captured the nation’s attention, Ford recalled 470,000 2002-2004 Escape crossovers to fix an accelerator cable that tended to get stuck. Yet, it seems the fix created another problem that could cause an “unintended acceleration” issue.

Ford Botches Fix

The Center for Auto Safety is accusing Ford of botching a recall on 2002-2004 Ford Escapes by creating a new problem.

A report in says that the Center for Auto Safety is accusing Ford of botching the recall by introducing a new problem to the cruise control cable. It seems that during the repair process, it was likely that the cruise control cable was damaged. This issue leads to a case of unintended acceleration linked to a malfuncting cruise control cable.

How serious is this problem? According to the Center, there already has been one fatal accident and they have reports from many other owners on the issue. What’s even worse is that the Center is accusing Ford of knowning about this problem and not addressing it. They point to a memo Ford sent to dealers as proof of their claims. According to the Autoblog story, the Center said, “The bulletin contained updated illustrations and a “warning regarding the correct procedures to follow when replacing the accelerator cable.” The update specifically notes cruise control cables could be damaged during the recall repairs.”

It would seem that Ford’s ongoing “investigation” is rubbing the Center the wrong way. Executive Director Clarence Ditlow plans to tell Ford CEO Alan Mulally to “get it over with now.”

Ford recently responded to the Center’s claim in an email to the New York Times. They said, “We are in the midst of our investigation, and we have not reached any conclusions. We will work closely with NHTSA to determine the cause of the crash and will take appropriate action if warranted by the outcome of the investigation.”

While Toyota has taken its share of grief in the past few years due to recall/quality issues, Ford is starting to have several issues as well. Over the past 6 years, Ford has had:

    • 1.5 million trucks recalled for spontaneously exploding airbags
    • Faulty cruise control modules that have been linked to dozens of vehicle fires
    • 2+ million trucks likely to be recalled for rusting fuel tank straps

The reality is that recalls affect all auto manufactures, it is how they respond to them that matters. How would you grade Ford’s recall history versus Toyota?

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  1. Josh says:

    QUICK CALL THE POLICE, THE MAYOR, THE NHTSA, CALL OBAMA!…Oh wait its a FORD vehical…nevermind its all good they can handle it. The big 3 have been SO honest in the past and done such a great job handeling things.

  2. Cater says:

    Where is media hype on this?

  3. Mickey says:

    They can’t comply with the towing standards. What makes you think they can fix this?

    • LJC says:

      Ford is delaying compliance because they know that there best selling pickup, F150, tow rating’s will go down by a good chunk. The 5.0 has a tough time towing its Ford based tow rating. The ecoBoost may have strong towing at the start, but when things heat up instead the cylinder, the ecoBoost engine computer starts to do things to reduce heat, meaning the power drops off and therefore its pulling power wanes. Turbos in hot weather (hot weather is a requirement of the J2807) do not do well with heat–if Porchsce can’t fix it do you think Ford has: For example, I’m sure you’ve seen the head to head against the chevy and dodge. At the end of the run up Davis Dam, the dodge was close behind, however, at the start it certainly looks like the ecoboost should have crushed it. Imagine a 5.7 Tundra with the towing package. Ford at the start, but the Tundra would have crushed it.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:




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