2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser Dead – More Consolidations Coming?

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Toyota has quietly announced that the FJ Cruiser will be dropped in June 2014 according to many sources. The cult-like masses of fans have to be surely disappointed in this news, however, is the first in a series of changes related to the 2016 CAFE regulations? Will more consolidations be coming?

2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser Dead - More Consolidations Coming?

The FJ is reportedly dead after the 2014 model year. Smart or dumb?

Ever since its introduction the FJ Cruiser has had a niche market presence. Many off-road fans loved the vehicle’s ruggedness and power train. But, sales have plummeted year after year as the new buyers weren’t interested. Frankly, it isn’t that hard to see why. The FJ has had very little changes between model years, poor fuel economy and a lack of “new” excitement around the product.

This information comes from Toyota’s fleet website which had this short post: “FJ Cruiser will be discontinued at the end of 14MY (model year).” *Editor’s note: could not find this statement on the site. May have been taken down.

Typically a lack of new changes and slowing sales spells the end for product lines and the FJ is no exception. Also, potentially playing a large factor, is the impending 2016 CAFE requirements that essentially doomed this product. No matter how Toyota must have looked at it, they would have had to gut the FJ to make the fuel economy standards. This brings up an interesting point though, what is the next? The 4Runner seems a likely target.

With the consolidation of products, it seems there is a silver lining. Toyota could be setting itself up to provide more support to its existing product lines. We already know that Toyota is considering moving production of the Tacoma to Mexico and focus more attention on the Tundra. This makes sense from a business standpoint (more profit) and from a CAFE standpoint since the Tundra is better apt to meet the higher standards.

The truth is that Toyota is making some interesting news around its models including discontinuing the Tacoma TRD T|X Baja and X-Runner for 2014. Less options in the slow compact truck market, killing off low-volume SUVs and small updates to the Tundra are sure to fan critics assumption that Toyota is low on cash. While this statement seems absurd, it is probably more likely a smart business decision.

What do you think? Is killing the FJ a smart move?

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  1. DJ says:

    Killing of the FJ is probably a smart move. It’s really more of a novelty vehicle and they basically haven’t touched the drivetrain or body styling since it came out.

    Toyota has never been one to update and change powertrains in their vehicles. However, that seems to be the trend these days. And it’s leaving Toyota looking like it’s lacking behind the pack, and skimping on engineering. The 2014 Tundra is a perfect example, Nissan announce a Cummins diesel and Toyota is still touting an engine designed in 06′.

    • LJC says:

      I agree with you about the FJ becoming extinct.

      However, I don’t agree with you about Tundra engine. When that engine came out, it was ahead of it’s time. The only other 32 valve gasoline engine found in a pickup was the Titan. Second, the Tundra engine has VVT and few other ‘ahead of its time’ features. Today, I would agree it is current. Heck the GM truck engine line is still 2 valves per cylinder.

      A Cummins in a Titan is awesome! Talk about taking the gloves off! Heck no gloves and brass knuckles! Damn! However, a lot of work and part upgrades will need to be done for it to handle that kind of relentless brute force, which will result in much higher price for the Titan.

  2. Go Big says:

    I thought I heard the FJ was being eliminated about 4 years ago, yet they continued production. They are quite popular in Alaska, and I see many on the roads.

    I put them in the same class as the Honda Element which is also very much a niche vehicle. There have been many throughout the years, and after a few years, those who want one, have one. It’s just hard to get large groups of new people interested.

    It has surprised me that Toyota continued as long as they did with so many SUV styles. I’m guessing they are going to push the Hilander as the rugged alternative, and possible kill off the 4runner as well.

    Time will tell.

    • UrbanLimitz says:

      You cant compare an FJ to an Element. Not in the same class or league. The capability of the FJ Cruiser in comparison to many vehicles is spectacular and if you have never owned or have driven one you would never know. The lack of style change is that Toyota was trying to keep with the original style like the old FJ40. I’ve owned 2, one 2 wheel drive and now the 4 wheel drive and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this vehicle can go any where you want to go with no limits balls to the wall fun. I think short of some old Land Cruisers and original Hummers theres not much out there that can compete in off-road performance with the FJ cruiser.

      • Jerry Meixner says:

        I have a 2007. I pulled a big ford pickup attached to a travel trailer out of the mud with tires that had little tread

  3. Mickey says:

    The market isn’t there for the FJ. Cut the loss and move on. I wouldn’t jump for joy about a diesel in a Titan. How long the same Titan been going at it?

  4. Tundra61 says:

    Toyota would have sold more of these had they made a convertible. It was never a real alternative to a jeep without that. I would have bought one a long time ago had they done so.

  5. Anthony says:

    Toyota is jumping ship instead of doing what it to be a real winner in the category. With the FJ being out of the game the Jeep Wrangler will have no competition. Toyota should make a vehicle that gives the buyer what they really need. The Wrangler is a big seller for the image it projects. Most buyers are not using the Wrangler off road. This is the reason the FJ lost to competition. Give the buyer a four door rugged vehicle to compete with the Wrangler.

    • Justin says:

      While I’m unsure how it sells outside CO, but they are all over the road and even trails competing with the Wrangler. Nissan makes the 4-door rugged vehicle you talk about to compete with the Wrangler, it’s called the Xterra.

      • Tim Esterdahl says:

        It is interesting to read all of these comments. I just had a press car 4Runner for a week. Doesn’t anyone think the 4Runner will compete at all? The trail edition is just as capable as many Jeeps I have been in.

    • John says:

      I agree with Tim, the 4 runner is a 4 door rugged vehicle.

  6. John says:

    The FJ was too much of a compromise. If it had been a bare bones off roader with a removable hardtop or a rag top it would have done better.

  7. jcalexander fj60 owner says:

    fj 40 owner toy needs new jeep also cj-2 owner fj60 present owner

  8. sailor50311 says:


    Guess i will be another proud FJ owner going to the competition.

    My ol’ my when will they learn? Well maybe we will be lucky enough to get next years model?

  9. jerry parker says:

    Too Bad I was going to by a new 2015 to replace my old FJ but I guess I’ll get a chevy or ford small pick up instead.

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