Electric Pickup Truck Conversion Links

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Are you thinking about doing your own electric truck conversion? Are you interested in learning more about electric truck conversions in general? How about some links?

Tim Nolan’s Electric Truck Conversion Project – A very cool website created by Tim Nolan, a full-time electrical engineer and a part-time electric vehicle conversion hobbyist.

Be sure to visit Tim's website where we found this image.

Be sure to visit Tim's website where we found this image.

Mark Hazen’s Electric S-10. The story behind converting a 1996 Chevy S10 to run on electricity only.

Steve Solarazza’s Electric S-10. Steve says it costs $3.55 to drive 50 miles. Not bad for a pickup.

Your First Electric Car. A nice, short primer for anyone seriously considering building their own electric vehicle. Lots of good tips for first timers and some good links too.

Randy Richmond’s Electric GMC Sonoma conversion. A really cool article from Home Power magazine about a Sonoma conversion.

Of course, you should probably learn how electric cars work before you build one, right? 🙂

Check out Electric Automotive for some good universal conversion kits so you can start pricing everything out…

Finally, before you begin, it’s time to find and build a support network. Check out the forums at DIYElectricCar.com

If you haven’t talked yourself out of it yet, good luck!

FYI – for anyone considering converting a Tundra to electricity, count us in as a sponsor.

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  1. TXTee says:

    Those are tiny trucks. Poor Tundra. Would I be able to stomp it still? Where do my doggies fit after loading all those cells?

  2. My opinion? No. In the cab on your lap.

  3. Thanks for sharing this all valuable links, it will definitely help me to convert my uncle’s 1996 Chevy S10.

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