Create Your Own Tire Lettering Kit

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How good does your truck look? Is it showroom ready? What about the tire lettering? Didn’t know you could dress up the tire lettering? Iron Cross Innovations has created a product that it says will make the tire lettering shine.

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Apparently, Iron Cross Innovations has a poor opinion of tire lettering paint pens. Seeing a need to replace what they see as an inferior product, they have developed a rubber lettering kit that you can apply to each tire. This kit will  bring the lettering back to its original coloring. It guarantees that unlike other lettering pens and paints, it will hold up through all four seasons. And that you can clean and scrub them just like any other tire. Each kit runs $24.95 per tire.

A tire lettering kit includes:

  • Individual white rubber letter inserts needed to letter the make and model of a specific tire
  • Instant adhesive that bonds our white letters to the tire

Ok, so maybe bringing the lettering back to showroom quality is for the guys who really like to show off their ride. What other possible applications can you do? How about custom lettering? You’re in luck, they offer custom lettering for tire applications.

According to their website, these kits include:

  • 1″ Custom Tire Lettering Kit of 1-10 letters/numbers: $9.95 (1 kit per tire)
  • 1″ Custom Tire Lettering Kit of 11-25 letters/numbers: $12.95 (1 kit per tire)
  • 1.5″ or Bigger Custom Tire Lettering Kit 1-10 letters/numbers: $19.95 (1 kit per tire)
  • 1.5″ or Bigger Custom Tire Lettering Kit of 11-25 letters/numbers: $24.95 (1 kit per tire)

Innovative points out that you could use this lettering on a variety of tires from golf carts to Semi-trucks.

So, while your truck may look bad ass, you could spell it out for people with custom tire lettering.

What do you think? If you got a free kit, what would you do? Go with the factory replacement or spell out your own message.


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  1. Mickey says:

    That lookws good for the big rig truckers.

  2. will says:

    So for as long as your tire is eating pavement your tire letters will be there to represent whatever message you’re looking to tell the world. In other words, now is the perfect time to take pride in your ride, and show it with an Iron Cross Innovations tire lettering kit.

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