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With great regret and embarrassment, we’ve just determined that our last software update resulted in the “Contact Us” form functioning improperly. Any messages you’ve sent us via Contact Us form since September 8th were not received. If you’ve sent us a message and you haven’t gotten a response, please send it again.

Sorry we lost your messages — Jason the admin/I.T. guy/main writer/designated email responder will use more care when updating the site’s software.

Our apologies.

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  1. rtaylor says:

    I have an 07 Tundra double cab. It’s probably the most comfortable pickup I’ve ever driven, except for stretches of interstate that cause the back to bounce up and down. I put 5,000 miles on this truck last month and I would advise anyone who has to drive on concrete interstates to wait and see if Toyota fixes this on the 08 model. Or you can put a 150 lb piece of railroad steel (my solution) in the bed to stop the bouncing.
    The front end is very low for a 4×4 truck and I will probably install the 3 inch kit, even though it voids the warranty. I am tired of scraping the bumper everytime I go off road (which is frequent as a forester).
    My last complaint is that you have to install a switch for the fog lights if you want to actually use them. They only work when the low beam headlights are in use.
    On the positive side, the truck is very fun to drive. It handles well and the 4.7 is more than adequate to leave some rubber behind (when you turn off traction control). The safety features of this truck were a major consideration for me and Toyota leads the market in this category. Finally, due to dealer incentives, this truck was priced better than the competition and had more options than any other full size 07 pickups. I am disappointed with the bed bounce; ironically I had a 99 F-150 that had the same problem in the same stretches of road. Would I still buy the truck with what I now know? Absolutely! Our company replaces pickups every 100k miles, which is about every 2 years for me. If there is a weak link somewhere, we find it pretty fast. I’ll post a better update later.

  2. admin says:

    rtaylor – Thanks for your post. Glad to hear someone say that they’d buy the truck even if they knew the bed bounced.

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