Chevy Towing Fail

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Driving a truck up on a flatbed trailer to tow isn’t that hard is it? Apparently it is. Especially if they towing truck isn’t in PARK. Get your popcorn ready for this redneck comedy!

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Really, you need to put the Dodge in Park prior to driving the Chevy up on it. No, get out of here!

Now we could make all sorts of domestic redneck truck owner jokes, but we think the video does that already. Next time you need some proof about the overwhelming lack of common sense in this country, go ahead and send around this video.

Special thanks to BangShift for putting this video up.

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  1. LJC says:

    At first, I thought this might have been staged, but after viewing the video, there’s no way it could have been! The overall setting, characters, vehicles and location are perfect!

    What’s even more interesting is the guy recording it: somehow he knew some good comedy/stupidity was about to happen. Classic!

  2. LJC says:

    Also, it should come as no surprise that something like this has happened.
    If one reads the comments by most Dodge fans then the outcome of this towing attempt is “Darwinism” at its best.
    So, do we have a nominee for a Darwin Award?

  3. Mickey says:

    From what I saw on the video, I would get some of that BBQ across the street and sit down with the camera man and have a great lunch. Movie included.

  4. ALbert says:

    I think the tow truck WAS in park. The problem was the rear was lifted by the trailer when all that weight got on the rear of the trailer.
    Had something similar to me happen when the load stuck in the back of a dump trailer and unloaded the truck rear wheels enough they slid. Luckily I had no damage though.

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