BedTred Bedliner Review

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Spray-in versus drop-in bedliners is an argument that has passionate supporters on either side. What almost every truck owner can agree on, however, is that over time any type of bedliner can start to look ragged and used-up – especially in hotter climates where it is exposed to constant UV light, or when a truck is used for heavy-duty hauling.


BedTred is a relatively new name in the bedliner business that offers a hybrid between the old carpeted throw-in liners that were prevalent in the 80s and 90s and the contoured, sprayed-in look of modern liners. BedTred is composed of a carpet-like composite and foam material that adds a layer of soft protection between your truck bed and your cargo. It is waterproof, and comes in five separate pieces that zip together using a non-corrosive zinc alloy.


Installing the BedTred liner is made to look fairly simple in the product’s promotional video. The BedTred material’s underside is specifically designed not to scratch or wear away at the paint of your truck bed, and instead of mounting permanently it uses adhesive strips to cling to your pickup’s sheet metal. All that is required is to clean the area where the adhesive strip will mount to with rubbing alcohol prior to laying it down.

While the video’s host is shown kneeling in the middle of the truck bed and quickly folding in the already-zipped together BedTred sections, in reality it would probably take some fairly careful positioning to make sure everything lines up properly on the first try.

Care, Durability and Utility

BedTred contains special additives that are designed to resist the rays of the sun and prevent cracking or fading over the lifetime of the product. The liner’s material is also designed to be not only comfortable to crawl on to retrieve cargo, but also offer a much tackier surface than harder plastic liners so that items do not slide front side to side or forwards and backwards while driving. BedTred can be hosed clean, and is completely removable should you ever have to sell your truck – a big plus over spray-in bedliners.

BedTred – The Verdict

BedTred is both an intriguing and a puzzling option for cargo bay protection. The idea of a soft foam bedliner that doesn’t scratch, leaves the factory tie-downs accessible and which is more durable than plastic units is a good one. However, the use of adhesive strips to hold it down and zippers to tie it all together begs the question of just how water-tight the entire setup is. Like to play online bingo? Use to make your gambling more comfortable. If water gets underneath a BedTred liner, could it ever get out, or would it become trapped – potentially along with salt and grime – and start to corrode your truck’s steel? Also, how durable are these zippers once they’ve been slammed into by heavy cargo twenty times over the course of a year?

BedTred could be a great find for those needing a soft and protective bedliner. Without long-term testing, however, it’s tough to say how it will hold up under heavy use. As with most truck accessories, early adopters pay a price so that everyone can benefit from their experience down the road.

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