Activating Toyota Tundra Rear View Backup Camera While Driving Forward

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A recent thread over at has posed the question: is it possible to use the rear view backup camera while driving forward? Turns out, you can actually do it and there is video proof!

Activating Toyota Tundra Rear View Backup Camera While Driving Forward

Call a wild Tundra trick or a dumb feature, but you can use your backup camera while driving forward. Here’s how.

You might be wondering why you would want to use the backup camera in such a way. There are actually a couple of reasons that make a LOT of sense.

Why Use the Backup Camera?

  • When you are towing a large load, it would be nice to check the camera to see your load.
  • When someone is tailgating you, you can see exactly how close they are without guessing with your mirrors
  • Another reason could be to check out the ladies or guys behind you inconspicuously.

Whatever your reason, it is interesting to think about using your rear view camera while cruising down the interstate. The truism is that once you shift the truck into reverse, you will also destroy your transmission. It is logical to think this way since you are moving a large, heavy object forward and then quickly reversing its position. This logic scares enough people that they wouldn’t even think to attempt to do it.

While most people are too nervous to see if it can work, one guy was not. Here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Well there goes that theory. The new “theory” is that the truck’s computer has a protection setting that actually overrides the reverse at that speed and instead treats it as it is in neutral. However, since the shift knob is in reverse, the backup camera is tripped on by the same computer.

NOTE: It’s at this point that we must say does not endorse this particular trick, nor do we suggest you try it at home. We’re not responsible for any problems or damage you may have if you try this yourself.

Now, since the truck in the video is a 2013 Tundra, there is also some skepticism that older trucks would allow this to happen. We haven’t heard of another truck doing this, so if you come across one, let us know. (And we haven’t heard of other truck brands doing this as well).

We should also note that there are other mods to get this to work such as adding a flip switch and wiring.

What do you think? Is this a stupid or cool Tundra truck trick?

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  1. Larry says:

    We lived without this junk for 100 year and we can still live without this junk and save some money.

    Last summer I backed an F150 up. The truck had a motorcycle carrier in the receiver. A boat trailer was conneced to the motorcycle carrier. The brain dead truck constantly sounded the warning buzzer because of the stuff on the back of the truck.

    For this we pay more?

    People must unite and collapse the truck market and continue to contact congress until this crap stops. Don’t buy if this junk is on your car or truck and tell the dealer and manufacturer why. At worst case remover the buzzer and replace it with a resistor (just in case it might activate the check engine light).

    • Brian J says:

      I can’t speak for the F150, but the Tundra has a cancel button for the back-up sensor. I would imagine the Ford does, too. This is imperative to keep from going crazy when backing your trailer in down a long driveway.

      • Larry says:

        My version of the cancel button is a one time use of wire cutters.

        It’s going to be interesting from here on. By now they have just about touched everything. I can only imagine what they will come up with 20 years from now because they aren’t going to stop.

        A message like “do you really want to engage reverse?”, followed by “are you sure?”.

        They keep adding all this junk but,,, they can’t put a 2 digit code on the panel, instead of “check engine”. How about “crank sensor”, is that too much to ask? What do we get, TPMS, which requires a radio transmitter on all 8 of the wheels I have to tell me I have a low tire, thanks for nothing. That has been disabled with electrical tape covering yet another warning light. I just don’t feel like ripping into the dash to kill the light. (This is a 2013 Subaru).

        My T100 is now 19 years old and it needs to go back to the dealer for an air bag check so, the seat belt light is on. That has been disabled by a card with the millage for the next oil change.

        I am at the point where my truck is old and it’s time to replace it but, there really isn’t anything on the market worth buying. I may start looking for one of those real land cruisers. No check engine light or TPMS on that truck.

    • LJC says:

      Here’s a video showing some good progress:

  2. Great article! I think it’s a pretty neat trick. Kudos to the owner of the 2013 Tundra for having the “ball” to try this.

  3. LJC says:

    There is a way to have a backup camera work will not putting the truck in reverse. The only problem I can see with this is if the camera is on for a long time, it might get a little toasty.

  4. JJ says:

    Better yet, wire in a switch to turn the camera on like I did. Details at

  5. Stick says:

    I have a Lockpick on my 2008 Tundra and it allows the rearview camera to be switched on at any time

    • dave says:

      I have an 08 Tundra with nav package. rear camera quits working from time to time. What is this “lockpic” ? I have confirmed the wiring from the rear frame to the camera is good (4 leads).

  6. Mickey says:

    You have mirrors to look at your load. If you have to put the truck in reverse to see what’s behind you then you need to stop get out and check. As for the buzzer (Sonar) it does exactly what it’s designed to do. Added price for a reverse camera? Very much worth the price. With the camera it only takes one time to back up to my boat. Not multiple times trying to place it exactly. Not everyone has an extra person around to stop you to drop the trailer on the ball. They aren’t expensive when you get them off ebay. As mention by others you can wire it to come on by switch.

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