Auto News From Around The Web Feb 27 2008

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Here’s irony for you – a New Zealand man, tired of being ticketed for not wearing a safety belt (he’d been clipped for this offense about 30 times), decided to create a fake seatbelt that he could wear to convince the police that he was actually wearing his safety belt. You guessed it – he later died in a car accident. Had he been wearing an actual safety belt (rather than a clever fake), he’d probably be alive. Thanks to Jalopnik for finding this one.

Fake seatbelts don't provide any real protection.

Maybe all those mandatory safety belt laws aren’t so bad after all.

Duracovers are now available for the Tundra. If anyone wants to review this thing, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to get you one.

Nano technology is your friend, and we can prove it. Check out this wiperless windshield. Wonder what that costs? Also, can you imagine how expensive it will be to replace? We’re thinking this isn’t going on a truck anytime soon…

Ford’s super cool Sync system (which costs $28 to make, but costs $395 to buy), is going to be available on a new yet-to-be-disclosed brand of cars. Could Toyota begin offering this feature next year? If so, will they be charging an arm and a leg for it (like Ford has done)? Keep in mind the $30 cost estimate doesn’t include licensing Microsoft’s software engine.

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