April 2016 Truck Sales – Tacoma on Fire, Tundra Holds Steady

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Another month of sales results for 2016 and a similar story. Once again, Toyota Tacoma sales grow while the Tundra treads water and was even  out sold by the Chevy Colorado.

April 2016 Truck Sales - Tacoma on Fire, Tundra Holds Steady

The Toyota Tacoma continues to sell well, while the Tundra holds steady.

Typically, April starts a good run of truck sales with the winter weather now leaving most of the country and the spring thaw gets buyers interested in buying new vehicles. Toss in the fact, the economy seems to be stable and auto sales are skyrocketing with an estimate of more than 17 million units sold by year end.

This month  saw most trucks seeing growth. Here is how they finished.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2015Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2015
1 - Ford F-Series256,895+7.0%April 2016
April 2015
2 - Chevy Silverado178,955+3.6%April 2016
April 2015
3 - Ram Truck154,446+10.8%April 2016
April 2015
4 - GMC Sierra71,662+13.3%April 2016
April 2015
5 - Toyota Tacoma62,682+13.3%April 2016
April 2015
6 - Toyota Tundra35,794-9.2%April 2016
April 2015
7 - Chevrolet Colorado32,982+26.2%April 2016
April 2015
8 - Nissan Frontier28,904+15.9%April 2016
April 2015
9 - GMC Canyon10,603+10.6%April 2016
April 2015
10 - Nissan Titan4,281+16.5%April 2016
April 2015
11 - Honda Ridgeline2-99.6%April 2016
April 2015

As you can see, Ford added to their lead, Chevy continued to grow along with Ram. The Tacoma had a great month which means the Tundra sales slipped due to how they setup the factory. The Colorado and Canyon are putting together good numbers although, combined, they still fall short of the Tacoma. Heck, the well outdated Frontier had a good month.

With the continued rising sales, it will be interesting to see if any manufacture announces new production facility plans. From our view, all production facilities are running at or over capacity, yet executives are leery about building any new facilities. Seems like everyone is projecting sales must drop at some point. One has to wonder when the Ridgeline and Titan come fully online and into dealer lots if this will finally saturate the market. Until then, it is fun to watch the continued sales climb.

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  1. Randy says:

    Ford has many of the 2015 first year build nightmares behind them for the most part. Their major goal of high sales numbers will continue to climb. The discounts are higher than ever in order to get those numbers. Many 2015 F150 owners have already traded for the 2016 model.

    GM has made some good improvements in quality during this last year. They seem to have the AFE and steering issues behind them for the most part. The only drawback for GM is the diesel small twins, they are simply not selling; funny GM put a 12 year old diesel power plant in that new truck.

    RAM overall seems about the same on quality over the last two years; sort of a sweet spot between Ford and GM.

    Nissan could really change up the mix; the next 12 months should be very revealing.

  2. T says:

    Nice to see Tacoma sales increasing at a good clip, hopefully it encourages changes to the Tundra as year to year theirs a dip while most of the competition is up double digits.

    Any news Tim?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      No real news on updates. My bet is still Chicago 2017, but, admittedly, I said that last year. So…


      • DEN says:


        Looking to buy my first Tundra when the 2017s arrive. I have followed your articles regarding possible changes and have my fingers crossed that they improve gas mileage. Visited my Toyota dealer this week and was told based on the preliminary inventory production run reports they are receiving that they can start placing orders in mid July 2016 with the first units arriving August 25, 2016. What they told me is that the production reports indicate no change, no change, etc. With sales continuing to drop due to poor gas mileage, do you think Toyota will once again pass on addressing the issue? Also, when do you believe we will see pictures of the 2017 Tundra?

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Hello Dennis,

          There will be no changes to the 2017 model. If they do any changes to future models, they will unveil them next year in Chicago 2017. Keep in mind, this would be a 2018 model and available in the fall of next year.

          On fuel economy, it is anybody’s guess if that one issue is causing a drop in sales. Remember when the new truck first came out, we saw Tundra sales soar and Tacoma sales plummet. Now, we are seeing the reverse now that the new Tacoma is out. Seems more like just the way Toyota spends their manufacturing and marketing resources focusing on the latest product.

          Good luck with your purchase and let me know how I can help.


  3. scott says:

    Glad to see the Tundra sales down 9% YOY. Actually its the only vehicle with negative sales ( Ridgeline shouldn’t be there).

    Hopefully it dips much lower. Nothing but a kick in the teeth will get toyota to update this line.

    • DJ says:

      I do hope this leads to some Tundra changes, and FAST! With the updated Titan it’s the most dated truck/drivetrain on the market.

      Tim said he’d be meeting with Swears soon, I hope he hits him with some hard questions!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      The sales numbers are down due to production levels. Toyota is simply building more Tacoma trucks than Tundra trucks and that is restricting volume.


  4. Scott says:

    We’ll know when changes are coming when Swears is replaced. He has no cred in my book.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      FYI – It is two “e’s” and he is pretty respected throughout the truck community and has decades of experience. But, you know, you have all the answers…


      • Scott says:

        Ever since he made the 2013 promo video where he mentioned that the reason the rear recliners were done away with is because we didn’t want them I kind of lost all respect for him.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          We joke around about that now. He tells me, “we took customer surveys, looked at the data and then I got a great idea to do flip up seats. And then, everyone hated it.” I think this is something they may revisit in the future. Everybody is allowed to make a mistake now and then in my book. Those seats are Sweers’ mistake.


    • Captain Critical 101 says:

      Sweers’ is not the problem, it’s Akio. Akio is blinded by his passion for Lexus; read this article for yourself:

      • T says:

        I read the article Captain, and ya someone with passion (from within Toyota Corporate maybe Sweers)? or an automotive journalist *Tim) should go to Tokyo, have a frank sit down with Mr. Toyoda. Convincing Akio to let the engineers have at the Tundra is long over do. The only thing driving the Tundra’s changes in 2018 will be the EPA and government regulations.

        The Tundra of today is the Nissan Titan of 2003-2015, behind in fuel economy, horsepower, features and technology. This one foot in (new interior/exterior) and one foot out(same power train /engine) business is a turn off when it comes to the brand. Either your in or your out of this truck market segment.

        Sorry Tim, I think its a bunch of malarkey about the Tundra sales numbers. The SA plant was and is above max capacity. Its more like sales are down, so we can make Tacoma’s instead to fill in the void. Part of me is curious if Toyoda is waiting to see the outcome of the presidential elections and that will determine whether he’ll unleash the engineers on the Tundra or Prius. I might be giving him to much credit, but we should know by years end.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I often wonder if there is really a problem with the Tundra OR if it is Toyota is quite content selling all the trucks they can produce.

          Also, look at the sales numbers YTD. We are talking about 9 percent or less than 3k units. That is it 3k. A few good months here and there against weaker numbers and it is on track to equal or better the previous year’s numbers. How is that a bad thing??


          • Randy says:

            Hi Tim,

            No there is not a problem with the Tundra; other than lacking a little bit of finesse when compared to the competition.

            Yes, Toyota is content on selling all the trucks they can produce, perhaps a little too content? Keep in mind the world is a very volatile place and the truck market can turn on a dime; and that includes the USA and world economies turning on a dime as well.

            Yes, Toyota continues to build more trucks each year AND they still turn over faster than any other truck maker out there. So that is not a bad thing.

            Toyota has to be able to produce vehicles that actually “make a profit” and be able to stand on their own in the market place.

            It is a 100% absolute guarantee that neither Toyota nor Honda has unlimited access to the “printing” capabilities of the Federal Reserve.


        • Captain Critical 101 says:

          Sweers has had a chat with Toyoda, in regards to the Tacoma:


          • Tim Esterdahl says:

            I remember that conversation. Sweers told them he wanted to build a “Bad-Ass Truck” and he laughed while all the Japanese executives struggled with their translators to figure out what he meant.

            While Toyota talks a lot about their truck heritage (and they have one, no denying that), the heritage is really about small trucks and not full-size models. This and the fact the Tacoma is the latest and greatest are both reasons why the Tacoma has always seemed to be the favored son while the Tundra is the step child.


          • T says:

            I would agree with Captains’ statement, and add try towing those trailers with Tacomas.

  5. Green Sleeves says:

    I am in Central California and looking for RV or motorhome. please contact me
    We will interested in older ones in good shape, the year is unimportant
    thank you!

  6. Captain Critical 101 says:

    Akio and his racing buds need to come over here to the US and tow their race cars to tracks with the Tundra to “get it” and to see how the truck can be used. Sweers won’t need a translator for that or the Tundra can do the translation for him.

  7. xjx says:

    I want a Tundra with direct fuel injection, high strength steel frame, led lights. Just do it toyota.

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