April 2015 Truck Sales – Toyota Trucks Both Perform Well

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Another month and another sales increase for both the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma. The April 2015 sales numbers show much stayed the same from March with most everyone up in sales except for Ford and Honda.

April 2015 Truck Sales - Toyota Trucks Both Perform Well

Another month and another sales increase for Toyota’s trucks.

Here are the April 2015 numbers:

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2014Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2014
1 - Ford F-Series240,139+1.4%April 2015
April 2014
2 - Chevy Silverado172,672+14.7%April 2015
April 2014
3 - Ram Truck139,432+4.4%April 2015
April 2014
4 - GMC Sierra63,255+6.4%April 2015
April 2014
5 - Toyota Tacoma55,322+12.7%April 2015
April 2014
6 - Toyota Tundra39,438+4.8%April 2015
April 2014
7 - Chevy Colorado26,136NAApril 2015
April 2014
8 - Nissan Frontier24,929+5.8%April 2015
April 2014
9 - GMC Canyon9,584NAApril 2015
April 2014
10 - Nissan Titan3,676-14%April 2015
April 2014
11 - Honda Ridgeline470-90.9%April 2015
April 2014


Once again both trucks are doing well in sales and the Tundra’s modest growth is more likely related to production than anything else. We expect these increases in sales to continue through the summer with the only real change coming in the fall when the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma hits the market. Also, the expected launch of a third-shift at the Baja plant should help push Tundra production higher and should deliver a subsequent sales growth.


Again Ford’s numbers are tempered by their other F-150 plant coming online. Ford says their product availability on dealer lots is still low and it won’t likely be until the summer until they are fully stocked. Again, we, along with Ford and the rest of the automotive world, are holding our breath to see what happens when they become fully stocked.

GM Trucks

Once again, GM Trucks bested all trucks including the Ford F-Series and Ram Truck brands. However, GM doesn’t classify their numbers that way and the Silverado came in 2nd while the Sierra came in 4th.

An interesting thought on the Sierra’s numbers. Once the third-shift is added and the Tacoma increases production, it will be interesting to watch if it catches and passed the Sierra. It is typically around 2-3k short each month.

Ram Truck

We are just going to say it. Ram Truck sales have cooled. Sure they are still up on last year, but they aren’t putting up the robust numbers they once were. We wonder how the EcoDiesel is selling and what clever trick Ram has up their sleeves to build on their impressive 2014 growth. There are many events in the summer/fall that we will be attending and will bring you information on what we get back.


We were pretty surprised by Nissan’s numbers this month. Looking at it a bit closer, sure the Titan is down YTD, but monthly sales were up quite a bit. We wonder if Nissan is offering better incentives to move their outgoing model to make room for the new Titan.

Also, the Frontier continues to have positive sales growth. This is pretty remarkable to us since it has been behind the Tacoma and now looks really old compared to the Colorado/Canyon.


Are they still selling trucks? Oh yeah, they sold 43 Ridgelines. Big whoop.

What do you think? Any surprises?

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