After Market Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems

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No doubt you’ve been out driving your Tundra and had your head turned by the rumbling exhaust of another full size pickup driving by. There’s just something about the deep, throaty sound of a V8 engine amplified by a set of wide pipes and performance mufflers. Fortunately, there are dozens of options for getting that same aggressive sound on your Tundra – not to mention some nice horsepower gains. Let’s take a look at some of the options out there.

Gibson truck exhausts.

Gibson Exhaust offers aluminized and stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems with single pipes – either rear or side exit – as well as dual pipes with rear or side exits. Pricing starts at about $450 including shipping.

Gibson Performance Exhaust is a bit of an oddball company in the sense that the founders began their exhaust work while looking for a way to improve the performance of their motorhome. Not many people would think to parlay a venture involving Winnebagos into a full-fledged sport exhaust empire, but the Gibson family did and today they are one of the larger exhaust companies operating in the United States. For the Tundra, a cat-back system is available that Gibson claims will increase horsepower between 10 and 15%, while providing a torque boost of 15-20 lb-ft. The term ‘cat-back’ refers to an exhaust system which bolts onto the stock system behind the catalytic converters, maintaining the factory emissions controls, but replacing the stock mufflers and resonators. The extra power from the stainless steel Gibson exhaust comes from the less restrictive mufflers and mandrel-bent piping, which maintains the same pipe diameter without any crimping in the curves.

Flowmaster truck exhaust.

Flowmaster offers an aluminized steel American Thunder dual exhaust system that can either be configured to exit at the rear or on the side. Pricing starts at about $650 including shipping.

Flowmaster is a name long associated with performance vehicles. The company got its start in 1983 quieting down the engines of Sprint Car racers in order to meet local noise ordinances, and this racing experience has been carried over into their street applications. Flowmaster makes a complete cat-back system for the Tundra that is supposed to improve fuel economy and increase acceleration through greater exhaust gas flow. Interestingly, the company does not make any specific claims regarding power increases.

Borla exhaust system.

Borla offers a complete stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. It’s top quality, but it’s also top dollar – pricing starts at $1,000.

Borla is a well known name in the world of exhaust, and they have a long line of products that finds itself used on some of the most potent exotics and sports cars in the world. The company’s original focus was the design and installation of custom exhaust systems on rare European vehicles. Today, they have a wider range of offerings that even covers the Tundra. In fact, Borla has two cat-back systems designed for the Tundra, one with dual side-exit exhaust and one with dual rear-exit. Like Flowmaster, they don’t make any specific power claims, but the price is substantially higher than either of the other two companies we have so far discussed.

Magnaflow truck exhaust

Magnaflow cat-back exhausts are available on the Tundra in either a dual rear exit or a single side exit configuration. Starting at less than $500 (including shipping), Magnaflow exhausts are very affordable and, along with Gibson exhausts, they’re an excellent option.

Magnaflow is well known for their stock muffler replacements and performance muffler options, but Magnaflow also makes a complete cat-back exhaust for the Tundra. In fact, they have 3 – one with a single side exit, similar to stock, one with a dual side exit but on the same side, which is unique amongst the companies we have examined, and one which is a dual exit at the rear. While Magnaflow claims that horsepower and torque are increased by their system, they decline to list an exact figure. One of the most interesting aspects of the Magnaflow website is the page where you can actually hear a sound clip of what the exhaust will sound like on your truck. While the Tundra sound clips only include the 4.7L, they promise more sound clips in the future.

Learn more about why you should consider buying an after market exhaust, the differences between single and dual exhausts, and listen to some Tundra exhaust system sound clips.

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  1. Khalid says:

    which one of these exhausts is the loudest??

  2. Khalid – Depends on the specific model number. If you want LOUD, look at a “racing only” version of the Flowmasters. If you don’t want loud, the Gibson systems are always nice.

  3. Khalid says:

    what about a straight pipe, i heard that it has a really loud sound but will it have any damage to the vehicle ?

  4. Khalid – Straight pipes can’t hurt your truck, but they are extremely loud and they don’t generate much back pressure (if any) that the engine designers were counting on when they calibrated the ECU. In other words, your vehicle will probably perform worse with a straight pipe than it would with a performance muffler.

  5. Mickey says:

    Not to mention the noise level and your friendly neighborhood police officer wanting to know what the problem is….

  6. Matt says:

    I installed a single outlet JBA 3 inch, mandrel bent exhaust system on my tundra 5.7. It didn’t sound all that great from the outside. It had a very bothersome interior drone at highway speed at about 1800 rpm. Eventually I got tired of it and reinstalled the factory exhaust. My fuel mileage instantly went UP almost 2 mpg. This truck apparently is designed to have some back pressure to run efficiently. On my last tundra, (2006 model) I had the 4.7L engine and I cut out the factory muffler and installed a single inlet/outlet flowmaster 70 series with delta flow. I also removed the small resonator near the front where the pipes split to go to the manifolds, and installed a strait peice of stainless pipe. I left the factory tailpipe. That setup made a very crisp growl, but it never became annoying. I also never noticed any drone from in the cab. I wish I could get that same sound out of my 5.7, but I dont want to cut the factory system.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey Matt
      I am curious about what you did to your 06, I have an 04 i would like to tune up the exhaust a bit. I would like to put a full out dual exhaust front to back, possibly a set of headers. any good advice?

    • Anonymous says:

      After you cut the resonater off how did that effect the gas milage on the 4.7

  7. Mickey says:

    I use Borla Pro XS complete duels. It has no drone with a low rumble to it. You know it when you hit it.

  8. Zman says:

    I have an 08 Tundra 5.7 and i keep reading people are puttin 70 series Flowmasters on these trucks. Has anyone put the 50 series on. I have heard that the 50 has a good sound at the tail pipes but not the bad drone like the 40 or 44 series. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Brian says:

    While everyone makes an aftermarket system out there for the Gen2 Tundra, why would you give up Toyota quality for aftermarket parts? The TRD system and the OE systems are both made by Tenneco Automotive in Smithville, TN. The mufflers are all laser welded and use the same stainless steel materials and construction. Aluminized mild steel will not last nearly as long as the muffler is located so far from the engine. (Cooler exhaust temps and a larger muffler body = acidic condensation build up.) The TRD system has been tested for fatigue on hangers and joints, thermal radiation on the tailpipes (since the dual alters the routing to the driver’s side), stationary testing on the dyno in an anechoic chamber and pass-by testing on a track. Anyone can make a truck “loud.” Making it sound good at all RPM ranges and last long is the hard part. (Just my 2 cents)

    • dave says:


  10. Brian – All good points. Still, it comes down to cost. I would submit that TRD’s top-quality aside, the difference in lifetimes between the two exhausts is not enough to justify the difference in price. In other words, TRD systems cost twice as much as some after-market exhausts, yet I highly doubt that TRD’s exhaust will last twice as long. As for your points about TRD’s testing, they are well taken. Personally, I would opt to save money and go after-market, but I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for going with TRD. Thanks for commenting, by the way – looking forward to more! šŸ™‚

  11. Mickey says:

    Who had been making TRD exhaust? Borla…… Why pay more, when I can get Borla cheaper than through the Toyota parts dept. Like I said before I have Borla Pro XS complete duels.

  12. Chris says:

    I’ve narrowed down my exhaust search to Magnaflow and Banks. I’m leaning more towards Magnaflow because they offer a true dual exhaust (Banks splits theirs after the muffler). I noticed something different between the two dual Magnaflow systems. The dual out / same side exit setup does not have an X pipe, but the dual out / rear exit does. What gives? I thought it was important to have an x pipe in a dual exhaust system to keep the backpressure balanced on both sides of the motor. Am I missing something?

  13. John Acovino says:

    I have a 08 Tundra 5.7 with a Spin Tech cat back system featuring an X-pipe.
    No other manufacturer seems to offer this,
    R.P.M. related droneing sounds are not an issue.
    Driveability is good, fuel mileage is unchanged.
    I do NOT have dyno figures to verify horsepower numbers,
    However “Seat of the pants” feed back seems positive.

  14. Chris – Somehow I missed your question from February – my bad. To answer your question, it’s probably due to one exhaust pipe being longer than the other on the dual rear exit setup (routing around the spare). Have you contacted Magnaflow to confirm?

  15. Steve Uuruh says:

    In just a few short months of ownership, my TRD exhaust tips went from a polished stainless look to a sort of brown been to hot look. Is this normal and irreversible?

  16. Steve – Have you tried some metal polish? That should clear it up.

  17. Steve Uuruh says:

    As a matter of fact i did try some chrome polish which seemed to help a bit but didnt bring back that orignal shine,was afraid with the extreme temps in the tips I might have been adding insult to injury. I know they are just tips and not that big of deal but I am kinda anal bout my Tundra’s look. Any product suggestion?

  18. Steve – No suggestion on product, but this problem is pretty typical. I found a good thread on some different polishes here:

  19. JD says:

    Advice!? Just recently purchased an 06′ 4.7L tundra limited and was looking for aftermarket exhaust.. A local muffler shop around my area informed me they can install a flowmaster 50 series for around $200. Can’t afford a Borla or TRD system, so I was thinking about going this route. Question is: sound quality? Price?.. Also slightly concerned about performance. I don’t tow anything right now, but don’t want to give up torque for sound. Thanks in advance and any advice would be appreciated.

    • SB says:

      2011 tundra 5.7/installed Flowmaster 50 series/great sound with no drone like the 40 series/You can literally make music with the Flowmaster 50 series

  20. JD – That price is awesome. Quality of the mufflers is just fine (Flowmaster is a good brand), but the sound is hard to say. It depends on how they route and bend the pipes. I would suggest you get a referral or two from this shop before handing them your money. Check out this post for some tips on finding a good shop:

  21. JD – Performance (I forgot) – likely negligible gain. TRD’s system adds just a few horsepower, and a hand made system might even subtract some power…but not enough to make a difference (at least not in the right hands). Most good muffler guys will copy the routing of popular aftermarket systems and/or OEM systems to keep things as performance positive as possible.

  22. Mickey says:

    I had a local muffler shop put on complete duels Borla Pro XS. Borla makes TRD. I got it installed for $400. It also has Stainles Steel rolled tips. Sounds very low rumble until you punch it.

  23. Steve Muders says:

    Great information, I’m shopping around for a updated dual exhaust system for my 08 Tundra.

  24. Eric says:

    I am looking for an aftermarket exhaust for my 02 Tundra with 4.7l v8. I pull a camper and would like more power. I could care less about the sound. I have seen some posts on RV websites that suggest a cold air intake coupled with a performance exhaust will improve my fuel mileage and increase horsepower while towing. Anyone have experience with this type of upgrade and suggestions on how I might proceed?

  25. Eric – There are a lot of articles here that discuss both. This article breaks down why cold air intakes work.

  26. Eric says:

    Jason, thanks for providing me with the link, there is some good info in there. And as for Mr. Anonymous, give me one good reason to get rid of a truck that does everything I ask it to do, runs flawlessly, has never in it’s life needed any service above scheduled maintenance, and is one of the most comfortable rides I have ever been in. I’ll drive this one into the ground and it’s going to be a long time before that ever happens.

  27. Mickey says:

    Erik I use an AFE Stage II CAI with a lifetime air filter. No oil needed and you just wash with mild detergent and air dry. I couple that with the exhaust system you see above. Since our trucks come with stock headers there’s no need to go more. I incresed my mpg’s by 1.5 on the CAI and another .5 on the exhaust. I only tow my 18.5 ft bowrider boat. I get an avg of 21-23mpg depending on weather and how I feel also. Keeping low RPM’s using street tires and keep up with checking the air in those tires to keep the mpg’s up. Pulling my boat I get from 16-18mpg depending on how fast I want to get there.
    Anonymous apparently you were brought up as a little sh*thead and was never taught proper manners. You have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all.

  28. Dumb, inappropriate comments take about 2 seconds to delete. Problem solved.

  29. Mickey says:

    Appropiate Jason and thanks…..

  30. Randy G says:

    I’m looking at the Borla dual exhaust from TRDsparks and wondered if you had any info on it. I’m worried about losing low end torque. I was also thinking about the Volant exhaust that is supposed to come out in March. It is a di/so. BTW, I have a 2010 Tundra with the 5.7. Thanks for the info.

  31. Mickey says:

    Randy I haven’t dyno’ed my truck to find out about the low end torque. I have an 07 Crewmax 5.7. I have Borla Pro XS complete duels. With that I have an AFE Stage II Lifetime air filter that needs no oil. Wash in mild detergent and air dry. It has the low rumble and you definitely hear it if you kick it. I haven’t found a drone either. Had it on for over 2 years now.

  32. Bobby says:

    I’ve got an 07 doublecab 5.7, I had the magnaflow single side exit exhaust put on acouple of years ago. I’ve been looking to put on an “x” pipe for it, but I wasn’t quit sure if I would need to get a whole new exhaust system, or would it even work?

  33. Jason says:

    Bobby – Cross pipes usually help balance dual exits, so in this case I don’t think it will do much. Have you talked to your local muffler shop? They’re the experts and can answer this question definitively.

  34. Bobby says:

    Jason- Thanks for advice, I think I’ll have to agree with you on that. But I will definately go to a muffler shop to get a definite answer. I do have one more question though. Exhaust headers…I was looking at some JBA headers to replace the stock ones, I know ya’ll had a article about aftermarket headers, but would buying some be that much better than the original? I know the new 5.7 engine is fine by itself. Couldn’t hurt nothing right?

  35. Jason says:

    Bobby – You bet! Certainly couldn’t hurt to add headers, but I don’t know that the money isn’t better spent on a power programmer or put towards a supercharger. Here’s a link to an article about UniChip’s tuner:

    Also, there are some folks who’ve added headers and weren’t happy. One guy put shorty headers on his truck and lost power. Another put on ceramic headers, but they cracked after 40k miles. Two more reasons to skip em’ I think.

  36. Nick says:

    I am looking to get an aftermarket exhaust purely for performance gains. I do not care about looks or sound. I drive a 2004 tundra SR5 4wd with a V8. Please advise on brand and single vs dual exhaust. Thanks

  37. Nick says:

    I am also wondering if there are good power programmers that you would recommend. thanks

  38. Jason says:

    Nick – All the brands are going to be roughly equivalent. They all make different claims, but none of them significantly outperform the other in any of the testing I’ve seen. As for programmers, I don’t think there are many options. Uni-Chip and Jet Performance are the only two (and we haven’t tested either of them).

  39. Adam says:

    Which ones will be the best way to go for a 4.6L V8 engine for a decent loud sound? Not disturbing loud but they hear me coming loud.

  40. Mickey says:

    Adam I have a 5.7L and I use Borla Pro XS in a complete duels set up. Mellow tone and when you punch it you will definitely hear it.

  41. Conner says:

    4.6L 2010 Doublecab –

    i’m waiting on TRD exhaust and CAI!! KN CAI coupled with a BORLA or MAGNAFLOW exhaust would be ideal. Any news on when they come out? Not much out for the 4.6L yet. makes me anxious to think about it.

  42. Jason says:

    Conner – As of now, TRD does not offer an exhaust system for the Tundra. I’m not sure if it’s in the works or not, but my guess is that the take rate was low. Why would I buy a TRD cat-back kit for $1200 when I can get an after-market kit for half the price? The quality of the TRD kit is great, but it’s certainly not twice as good. Besides, the best quality option is arguable the Borla cat-back system, and those are also less expensive.
    Long and short of it – I don’t think TRD is bringing out any exhaust kits anytime soon. They’re too pricey.

  43. Rob says:

    I have a 2010 Tundra TRD with the 5.7. I just installed a magnaflow muffler on the stock duel to single exhaust. Sounds good picking up speed and idleing. I have a BAD drone on the highway from 60 to 75 mph and it really resinates in the cab. Does anyone know how I can fix this? If not Im going back to stock exhaust. Its loud and anoying and you cant even talk at highway speeds. Thanks for any information

  44. Jason says:

    Rob – That’s disappointing – I’ve ever that same complaint from someone else, only they didn’t say it was quite as bad. As for a fix, you can check to see if everything is still hooked together nice and tight, and then you can run over to your local muffler shop to see what they can do to quiet it up.

  45. Darius says:

    Rob – I have spent a lot of time researching exhausts and opted for a Corsa Sport exhaust system (part #14577). The system sounds great with the afe CAI and there is no drone. The only problem is the price…its around $800. However, the quality, slight mpg increase, the look, simple instal, sound, and best of all no done is worth the price. If the price is not an issue then take the muffler back and get the Corsa system.

  46. Brad says:

    I like the sound of glass pack mufflers on my older trucks. Has anyone ever put them on a Tundra. I’m thinking about 2 glasspacks and 2 1/2 dual pipes to the bumper.

  47. Pete says:

    I love the stock setup and wonder if I can just add a driver side exit to the stock 2010 crew setup without any impact on backpressure and/or power loss, Has anyone tried this? or know how it can be done? if so what would be needed?

  48. Jason says:

    Pete – You’ll probably want to get a new muffler to do that correctly. The alternative is to add a pipe to the existing pipe, but I don’t think that will help performance or get you the right sound. In fact, I think it would hurt performance. Your stock muffler is dual in, but only single out.

  49. Danny says:

    Well i added the flowmaster 40 dual in dual out today. It sounds great at idle but it is MUCH louder than i wanted on accelleration. By far, this is the loudest exhaust i’ve ever owned or driven. It sounds wicked on accell but it’s excessive. Also, there is a terrible drone between 1500-2000 rpms. I can easily say at or around 80 decibles inside the cab. Going to take it back tomorrow and see if there are any options. I read in a comment above that the TRD exhaust drones too at the same rpm range but im sure its no nearly as loud. So, basically, i’m disappointed.

  50. Jason says:

    Danny – That’s no good. Sorry to hear it.

  51. Khalid_Oman says:

    I am planning to install an exhaust system in my 08 5.7L Crewmax Tundra but I have noticed most of the after market systems are 2.5″. I am looking for a 3″ offroad exhaust system. Did anyone use this setup before.

    I have also noticed that most of the headers are shorty’s or equal but couldnt find any long tube headers for the Tundra, which I believe should be better for low end power gain.

  52. Jason says:

    Khalid – Both Doug Thorley and JBA offer long-tube headers.

    As for a 3″ exhaust, the reason you’re not finding it is probably because that’s way too big – check this out:

    You’ll see that a 2.5″ setup is more than enough for a stock Tundra, and if you add a supercharger you’re still OK.

  53. Khalid_Oman says:

    Thanks Jason for clearing this out for me, I would go with the 2.5″ exhaust with the JBA long tube headers.

    Which exhaust system do you recommend with these headers? I am not really fuss about the loudness of the exhaust, all I am looking for is best power gainer.

    My plan is to install a unichip, a volant cold air intake and headers with exhaust system.

    • Brian says:

      you should check out the powerstick mufflers from classic chambered exhausts. google the powerstick thread on tundra talk. These sound pretty sweet to me. There are also a lot of youtube videos with them on tundra 5.7’s

  54. Jason says:

    Khalid – For sure. If you’re not concerned about noise, Flowmaster or Magnaflow are fine. If you want power and good sound quality, I think Borla is the best route.

  55. Danny says:

    update. removed flowmaster 40 and replaced with flow 50HD. it’s just as loud and the drone is still there. Added 2 12 inch resonators and the drone is now minimal but it now sounds terrible. Gonna have the resonators taken off and just have to deal with the drone until i can find a solution i can afford. i did test drive a Titan 5.6 4×2 that belonged to the husband of one of the girls at the muffler shop. he had the flow50 and the drone was as bad in his truck as it was in mine but my truck was still louder, even with the little 4.6L. On the good note, the lil 4.6l dc 4×4 is much faster than the titan 5.6 4×2.

  56. Jason says:

    Danny – Good news that the Tundra 4.6 outruns 5.6 Nissan, bad news that the muffler still isn’t what you want.

    Did I mention switching to a side exit as a possible solution?

  57. Danny says:

    what does a side exit do? i’ve got them coming straight out the back. it looks really good. when i get a chance i’ll email you pics. the drone is what’s killing me. the updated, updated and updated again system is now just a dual in dual out flowmaster 50, behind the original cats. it sounds good but a lil’ on the loud side. the drone at 70mph is quite loud and annoying. One thing i did notice was the 6spd tranny shifts so quickly, that you don’t get to stay in the rpm ranges that produce that mellow sound very long. well, as compared to the 3spd+ overdrive that my old gmc had.
    regarding the 5.6 nissan, i was expecting more.

  58. Jason says:

    Danny – Side exits are supposed to reduce drone – the rear exit setup can be louder because the bed can reverberate more easily.

    Thanks for the pics too – looks great.

  59. Chad says:

    I have just purchased a 2010 Tundra dbl cab TRD SR5 with the 5.7l, I purchased the AFE CAI based off your reviews. What would be a great exhaust system to match this with? I do not really care about the sound, more concerned with “drone” and interior noise! I do not want any of that and would rather benefit from increases in MPG etc. Thanks!

  60. Bob says:

    Has anyone tried a dual in dual out muffler with an internal x-pipe design? or just dual in/ dual out? and maybe try turn downs at the mufflers exit this could counteract the highway drone. just curious. as for the? exhaust is hit or miss as to the sound each person wants find someone with a sound you like and go with the same system is my best advice! otherwise open your pocket book hunting for the perfect tone may send you on a search cost some time and hopefully not too much dough!

  61. Kyle says:

    I was wondering how the Gibson dual exhaust system is? I haven’t heard much about it and i have been reading on here what would be an ideal exhaust for my ’06 4.7 Tundra Thanks

  62. Danny says:

    Jason, update on mpg. I made my 1st working roadtrip today in the tundra, a 4×4 d/c 4.6L. the only mods are a drop in k&n filter and a recently added dual in dual out series 50 flowmaster.
    My previous high mpg i think was 19.58 with mild crosswinds, temp in the upper 90’s and a/c on and about 280 miles round trip. Round trips are averaging about 18 mpg. 90% highway miles with the average speed of 70mph. at this point the only mod is the drop in k&n.
    Todays trip, now with the flowmaster 50 looked promising. i decided to gas up about 1/2 way there. temps in the 70’s, mild crosswind and NO a/c. most traveling at 70 mph. it got 21.89 actual mpg.
    The 2nd part of the observation included some fast moving congested interstate traffic with me driving for a few miles kinda, spirited. 90% highway miles, temps now in the low 90’s and a/c ON. actual mpg’s during the 2nd part dropped to 17.35 mpg. the entire trip mpg’s is 19.62. so my benefit was only .04 mpg. i guess if i had run the a/c the entire trip i would have had a negative impact?
    i know that this observation was very un-scientific but the initial results look bad.
    oh, the drone is miserable and almost put me to sleep.

  63. Jason says:

    Chad – I don’t have a specific kit in mind, only the more I read about Borla the more I think they’re the way to go…if only they weren’t so expensive. Danny has had some bad luck with Flowmaster, but I know of a lot of people that are very happy with them, so I’m guessing that everyone has a different ear. I would suggest listening to our exhaust videos.

    Bob – I think that cross pipes balance sound more than anything, but they may have a muffling effect. As for turn downs at the exit, it might work to quiet sounds, but it might also counter-act some of the free-flowing benefits of an after market muffler (maybe, not sure). Your advice about finding the right system is great, btw – you’ve just got to search.

    Kyle – Gibson has been making exhaust systems for GM trucks for a long time, and they’re very well known in that world. For Toyota, they’re a newer manufacturer, but there’s every reason to believe they’re a good option.

    Danny – Hard to say what has happened because the conditions are so different, but it doesn’t sound like your truck is doing much better fuel wise despite the mods. It could be that the engine is still adapting.

    The worst part is the drone – any luck with getting a set of 70’s on an exchange?

  64. Dana says:

    Allright guys I need some advice. I have an 07 SR5 Double Cab with the 4.7 and am finally going to try to make some modifications on an otherwise stock truck. I want to get a set of pipes to replace the stock ones, as well as a cold air intake. I looked on Autoanything and most of the cold air intakes only work on the 5.7 also the only exhaust I could find was the Gibbons that would fit.
    I was thinking of going with AirRaids cold air intake and the gibbons dual exhaust. Any opinions or better ideas?

    I am not worried about the noise as I usually have the stereo blastin and driving Spirited. This is my daily driver and I wanted to clean it up and make it breathe. Thanks for any help.

  65. Jason says:

    Dana – Does K&N make a kit that fits the 4.7? I’m not sure if that’s a better option (I like AirRaid kits just fine, but we’ve never tested one), but it’s just another consideration.

    Gibson has been making exhaust systems for years and is well-known in the GM truck community. Don’t think you would regret going with them.

  66. Mike says:

    I have a “custom” exhaust on my 10 Tundra 5.7. I bought 2 Powersticks ( and had them welded on to my factory pipes. After the Powersticks, I had custom pipes run out the back and it sounds AMAZING. Quiet at idle, nice growl during acceleration and a nice burble during cruising. Plenty loud when you step on it, but no drone at all and quiet when you want it to be.

    The mufflers were about $70 each plus $250 for the custom pipes and welding. Great custom dual exhuast for less than $400.

    • Brian says:

      do you have an h pipe or x pipe in front of them? is there any crackle or popping noise under acceleration? do you have any youtube or other vids? I am looking hard at this option.

  67. Jason says:

    Mike – Awesome – I’m a big fan of custom exhaust systems built at the local muffler shop. My only reservation with custom systems is that these shops may not use mandrel-bent tubing…if they don’t, their system won’t flow much better than stock.

    Having said that, many shops do use mandrel bent tubes, and even if they don’t there might be a slight power improvement anyways. Thanks for commenting, and great work on that price!

  68. Chad says:

    Got the AFE intake and installed….Now Im getting a “squeeking/squeeling like a belt sound etc? I dont think its a coincidence since the vehicle has 1000 miles and it wasnt doing it b4 the install. Could it be anything with more air going in vs out etc? Any advice? Thank you, have a great day.

  69. Jason says:

    Chad – It’s an air leak probably…check all the connections and see if you can find something.

  70. Chad says:

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, still making the sound….It doesnt sound like its coming from the air filter area, more from the pulleys belts etc…..would the air intake have anything to do with that? Im taking it to the dealer to have them check it out……Thanks

  71. Jason says:

    Chad – If it sounds like a squealing belt and it’s coming from the pulley area… It’s always tough to diagnose sounds.

  72. Chad says:

    Ok, figured it out after taking on and off about 5 times….AFE intake tube defect!! The gas vapor escape tube WAS NOT open to flow. Dont know if it was a mold issue or a machine drills out the holes and possibly broke a bit etc etc etc? After I tapped it out and reinstalled everything was A-ok……..Just an FYI for anyone that buy the AFE intake, CHECK THE vapor lock escape tubes!! Great intake other than that!!……

  73. Jason says:

    Chad – Nice work! That’s some top-quality diag. Glad you found it.

  74. John says:

    Borla !!!!

    A+ Audio
    A+ Sound

    No Audio drone all the way to 115 mph

    I own a 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab X-SP package. Added Borla at dealership. $861.oo plus 1 hr of labor. I have used Magnaflow, Flowmaster and cherry bomb extreme and Borla wins hands down. Hopes this helps someone.

  75. Larry says:

    Just bought a 2010 Crewmax. Drove an 08 with the RDO exhaust system that sounded great. Hoping to achieve a similar result by installing the Flowmaster series 44 mufflers with pre-bent pipes out the side. Local shop for 350. Seems like they are good folks and were recommended by a local fleet foreman that takes care of police cars and is a real car guy.

    I don’t want much at idle, just that gentle rumble during acceleration and even sound at cruise.

    Think I’ll be happy or should go another route?

    Enjoyed the pleasant exhanges I read so far and it seems like a great site. Keep it up!

  76. Larry says:

    I believe it is the TRD option I drove. Toyota performance upgrade. Sorry.

  77. Jason says:

    Larry – That sounds like it’s going to be louder than you want…might ask about Series 70’s and see what the local shop says. Thanks for the compliment too!

  78. Danny says:

    those flowmaster 44’s are very loud! i had 40’s on my 2010 4.6L dc and it was terrible. I kept them for about 2 weeks. sounded beautiful but my God, they were too loud. i couldnt roll off a stoplight without sounding like a race car taking off, ok, i’m being a little extreme there but too loud. The 50’s are too loud too but after about a month or so, they’ve either gotten quieter or i’ve gotten use to them. My old z-71 had series 70 and sounded great without being over bearing. when the budget allows, i’m getting rid of the 50 series. also, incredible drone from the 40 and 50 series. i’ve always liked flowmaster but this time i’m going to make a switch to something less aggressive and loud. i’m looking for a mellow rumble. good luck with your decision.

  79. Larry says:

    Danny and Jason,

    I really appreciate the help. I pulled into the shop today and backed off the 44s after reading your posts and talking to another guy about tip placement. When I mentioned moving the tips to the position that would be the quietest, he said, “Quiet, you are getting the 44s, right?” I told him I was already leary of the 44’s, but his reaction was my final clue and we stopped right there. I compared the sound I wanted to the TRD or American Thunder series demonstrated in the Flowmaster clip. He looked up the setup and they use the 50 series. I am going with the 50SUV version for now, but had to wait a couple days for the muffler. Good news is they understood, had a no problem attitude and will put the 50SUV on later this week. May end up with the 70’s after a bit, but I think I’ll be far happier with this setup than the 44s. Hard for a 40 year old man who still feels 25 (most days)to say, “That may be too loud for me” but I did. It’s my first new truck in 10 years and I want to do it right. Once again, while I didn’t completely go with your recommendation, I tried to pick a much softer version with less interior and exterior noise. I’ll let you know how it goes, even it’s bad. Thanks Again!

  80. Jason says:

    Danny – It was your experience that led me to mention the 70’s.

    Larry – I think it’s a sign of maturity to say “that might be louder than I want,” but I know what you mean…a lot of those muffler shop guys look at you funny when you mention the word “quiet.” Let us know how it goes!

  81. Tyler says:

    Has anyone tried the AFE cat-back 2 into 1 or the similar JBA cat-back system? I am trying to find a set-up with a great sound and performance without having to worry about not being able to hear the radio at highway speeds. I like the fact that its all stainless (and its about half of what a TRD or Borla kit would run). I cant find any reviews of either set-ups online.

    08 Tundra CrewMax SR5 5.7L 4WD


    I am looking to add the TRD, CAT back exhaust.(Just became available!) I am looking for improved MPG’s & better sound. I want only the best for my 2010 platinum. Does anyone know of if the TRD exhaust will add MPG’? At the TRD site I don’t see any spec’s on it because the haven’t updated their site in two years.

  83. Jason says:

    Tyler – We haven’t tested the aFe or JBA cat-backs, but we like both companies. Maybe see if you can find some exhaust sound clips on YouTube?

    Hurrican Harvey – Love the name. The sound is improved, the gas mileage as well…but not that much. Plan on 1mpg or less.

  84. Larry says:

    Hey guys,

    Here is my update. Installed the Flowmaster 50SUV, the lower end and acceleration sounds good, but the drone at cruise and slight uphill driving is awful! They are planning to put in resonators this week, but that costs extra. Flowmaster support has been little or no help. I was actually told that I should have used the 50 Big Block, but if I didn’t want drone I should keep the stock muffler. Another rep e-mailed and said that if I had bought the factory eningeered system that would not have happened. More than a little dissapointed with the response. Too bad, the basic sound is very good and I would think the drone thing would be a big issue and easy fix for them.

    Listen up here folks! These guys try to help and shoot you straight. If you don’t know what drone is, you will if you’re not careful.

    Seperate note, I’ve seen some interesting recommendations on some other sites. One being T-pipes approximatley 24 inches long or pipes approximately the same length that curves back for a 180 degree reflection. Kind of a blowing across the coke bottle concept. Just enough of a port and chamber to change the frequency causing the problem. It was on a mustang owners’s site.

    Wish I was happier, but you guys were a big help.

    thanks again

  85. Danny says:

    the resonators wont help at all. i had two 12 inch resonators installed and it didnt stop the drone at all and the low end sound, sounded like i had a potato stuffed up the tail pipe. I guess i should have mentioned it in direct response to your initial inquiry but if you look back to the august 18th post, Jason and I discussed the serious drone from the flowmaster 40 and 50. If i am correct, mine is the 50HD. the sound has eased up a little bit but the drone just sucks. I sincerely hope you find a solution and please post your results. i plan on dumping the flowmaster when i can get it in the budget.

  86. Jason says:

    Larry – I think it’s interesting to reverse the flow, but it sounds like it might also hinder performance.

    Is your exhaust side exits or rear exit?

  87. Larry says:

    Hey Jason,

    side exits. pointed toward the bumper ends.

    thinking about going back to original! Flowmaster may be able to spend a 100 here and a 100 there to experiment, but working folks can’t. Too bad, really sounds good except for the drone.

    See ya

  88. Jason says:

    Larry – I asked about side vs. rear because I’ve been told that side exits have less drone…sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you as well as you hoped. I think I’m going to re-do this article soon to capture the concerns that many people have had with drone on the Magnaflow and Flowmaster models.

  89. bill case says:

    to jason and the rest. Ibought the gibson dual exhaust(two in two out dual side exhaust) for my 08 5.7 tundra and the drone was so bad that after 3mo. i replaced it with the factory dual exhaust and it’s great with a nice mello sound. me and the wife can actually have a conversation as we go down the freeway now. i have the gibson if someone would like to buy it..

  90. Jason says:

    bill – Sorry to hear that the Gibson system had too much drone. While there are some people who like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Gibson, etc., it seems as if the TRD system is universally loved.

    Perhaps that means everyone who wants the best possible exhaust should go TRD.

  91. bill says:

    To Jason,That’s what i would recommend. It could save you money by going with the right equipment the first time.It is a bit pricey (1000.00) but the gibson cost me 550.00 and it didn’t work out. At least with the TRD you know it’s been tested and it’s a very easy bolt on.So, yes, bite the bullet and go with the proven the first time. It will save you money and headaches.

  92. Greg says:

    I have one quick question, I have a 2010 tundra with the 5.7 in it, I’ve replaced the stock filter with a k&n filter (in the stock box it doesn’t have the whole intake system) from this point what would make a better upgrade:

    1) installing a complete (AFE) intake system
    2) installing a cat-back exhaust system

    any insight would be great

  93. Jason (Admin) says:

    Greg – The best source of HP is probably a new intake, but I would bet it’s very close.

    Typically, air intakes add 5-10 hp. Exhaust systems add 3-5 hp. I’ve never tested one, but I believe air filters add 2-3 hp (not very much).

    Therefore, I’m thinking the best place for HP is the air intake.

    Now, if you’re asking for personal preference, I think I’d do the exhaust. The air filter gets you a nice sound at WOT, something an exhaust would compliment nicely. šŸ™‚

    • Rod says:

      I have been reading a lot of your replies this evening and wondered if you would give me your 2 cents on my 2004 tundra double cab 4.7. with k&n. and magnaflow muffler. 255,000 miles. Runs great except for check engine light intermittent in the last year.
      I am losing mpg. Down to 13 mpg. I see others on this thread that are getting 19!

      Recently, I had the code tested and it showed the cats no operating efficiently. I would like to remove the cats. (I do not to have emissions in my state) However, I am worried about losing power and making the situation worse.

      I want a high performance cat, if possible, but I cannot narrow it down.
      I would appreciate any info.

      Also, how can you tell if an O2 sensor is bad? Can you clean it?

      Thanks in advance.

  94. Tyler says:

    Is the TRD exhaust available for a 2010 Tundra 5.7L? I’m hearing from my local Toyota dealership that it’s not, but I thought I read on the net it was…


  95. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tyler – Definitely yes. You can read up on the new kit here – – and we have listed part numbers.

    Tell your local dealership’s parts person to check his or her facts before speaking. Better yet, tell the parts manager. That’s the kind of thing they need to know about.

  96. Greg says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the info, in the last few weeks I’ve done the following things:
    1)Had a magnaflow muffler installed on the factory exhaust system.(one in/out style they also added a Y-pipe to make this work,$150 installed including the muffler) now I noticed a difference after this was done. it added some to the low/mid range but seemed like it made
    the upper rpms flatter & not as hard hitting (it seems just as fast but you don’t feel the “pull” as much in the ” seat of your pants” as you did before)Is it possible that since there’s more low/mid range power that the ” pull” at the upper rpms seems ” less perceivable” ? ( 4,500rpm to RED LINE)
    2)Installed the AFE stage two air intake system (few days ago)
    When I installed this kit ( your review is right good kit crappy instructions)I noticed even more “perceivable” improvement (pull) through both the bottom/mid range power, just seems like a little added in the upper rpms 4500 to red line, definitely not as much as the low/mid range.

    Is it possible I took too much back pressure off of the system when I replaced the stock muffler & that’s why I feel like I lost the top end pull? or is that pull the same as it was & I’m thinking its less because the low to mid range pull has improved so much? Do you think its actually possible I can be running slightly lean at the top end now? (I’m in southeastern Pa for elevation reference) I’ve also read in the instructions it could take up to two weeks for the computer to re-adjust itself, do you think it would give me the top end pull back when it does? Also please let me know if you have recommendations on how I can bring some of the top end pull back
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  97. Jason (Admin) says:

    Greg – It’s possible that you lost some top-end, but the venerable “butt dyno” is highly inaccurate! šŸ™‚

    Based on the testing we’ve done, the biggest gains on both intakes and exhausts seem to be right around 4200 RPM. The power falls off a little after that and then the truck shifts.

    If I had to guess, I’d say that the increased throttle response and pull at the lower RPMs is throwing off your perception…but only a dyno test would show you for sure.

  98. Greg says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for getting back to me, I was wondering if you or anyone you deal with has tried any of the throttle body spacers on the market, would this increase the top end some? (I’m looking at the jet performance version)I tried to a quick search here but I didn’t come up with anything (my searching abilities could be at fault)they seem like from a theoretical stand point that they would work since it is increasing velocity of the mixture you would then be able to “cram” more into the same amount of space(let me know if you think this make sense).Is it possible that installing this could “void” some part of my engine of fuel injector warranty? (I never trust asking the dealer anything, they too told me the trd exhaust was no longer offered)As always I appreciate any thoughts & feed back.
    Thanks again!!

  99. Jason (Admin) says:

    Greg – We wrote up an article on throttle body spacers here:

    In short, they don’t have any impact on a modern engine. On older throttle body injection or carburetted engines, they have some real value.

  100. Greg says:

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks again for the info, its always good not to waste $$
    I do have one more question, like I mentioned above I put a magnaflow muffler on my stock exhaust system & I left the resonator in line which is located after the muffler & with in the last 2 or 3 feet of pipe ,(it actually worked out pretty good nice rumble not too loud (no drone) in the cab)would there be any benefits to removing the resonator to allow more flow, or is it not that restrictive? also will the sound level increase at all? is it possible that it will create the drone?(I just don’t want to end up with the drone since its not there now)as always your insight is much appreciated
    Thanks Again

  101. Greg says:

    I also wanted to add will removing the resonator raise the
    “tone” of the exhaust, it seems to have a nice deep tone to it now

  102. Danny says:

    Greg, the resonator is held on with a clamp and a hanger. you can always just take it off to test and easily put it back on after testing, unless your muffler guys welded the union together.

  103. Greg says:

    Hey Danny,
    I thought about doing that but the resonator is only about 10 inches from the rear of muffler & with the other 3ft of exhaust pipe behind the resonator I wasn’t sure if the sound/tone would actually be accurate or not, do you think extra 3ft pipe on the exit side of the resonator would change the sound or tone that much?

  104. Jason (Admin) says:

    Greg – I’m not sure what will happen, but my guess is that the truck will get louder. I think Danny’s suggestion is a good one, because that extra 3′ of tubing won’t change much. You can pull the resonator off, test it without reconnecting the last length of tubing, and if it sounds good reconnect the end tubing…

    Having said all of this, your local muffler shop probably has a guy who can answer this definitively. I’d hate to see you put in a lot of work based soley on my best guess! šŸ™‚

  105. YankeeDC10 says:

    I have a 2010 5.7 DC.Just installed a bolt on from MBRP.I really love the sound and the drone is none to littel.I used a true duel in duel out side exit.My only real complant is that it feels like i lost low end?Has anyone ever used this company before?

  106. Priceboi82 says:

    I have a 2010 Tundra with the 5.7 engine. I really love the sound of the Magnaflow exhaust but I can’t find a system that comes duel out rear both sides like the flowmaster. Should I just go to a local exhaust shop and have them bend the pipes for me or does anyone know of a Magnaflow system that offer it?

  107. Jason (Admin) says:

    Priceboi82 – Not aware of a side-exit Magnaflow, but I’m sure that you could have your local muffler shop install the cat-back and then some mandrel-bent tubing to make it a side exit.

  108. Priceboi82 says:

    Jason — what diameter would you recommend to use on the exhaust. i have heard conflicting stories about whether to go bigger than the stock 3″ on the Tundra, smaller, and the same size.

  109. Jason (Admin) says:

    Priceboi82 – Great question! Here’s the best answer you’ll find to that question on the entire Internet!! šŸ™‚

    There’s a nice table at the bottom of that post that lists muffler size by engine horsepower, but the explanation above gives you some good info too.

  110. Priceboi82 says:

    Thanks for the link!!

  111. Jason (Admin) says:

    Priceboi82 – No problem.

  112. Al says:

    I need help. I have a 2008 Tunda 5.7 with two 8 inch glasspacks. I hate the sound it gives out, its nothing special just a same old loud popping sound. I love loud exhaust but with a nice deep throaty tone.. I was thinking super 40s or 44s. What do you think? Will i get a better unique roar with the flowmaster? Dont get me wrong, i want it loud but a unique loundess.

  113. Jason (Admin) says:

    Al – 40’s are louder than 44’s, but they’re vastly superior to glass packs. I would also suggest you look at Magnaflow.

  114. Danny says:

    Al, you will definitely be loud with the 40’s and 44’s as well as the 50’s. i had the 40’s and now the 50’s on my 4.6 Tundra and i think its too loud. dont forget the the dreaded drone from flowmaster. i have yet to hear any tundra that had a deep mellow rumble, including the 5.7L. Jason has some video/sound clips of Tundras with aftermarket exhaust. Maybe those could help you decide. I would love to find a soft mellow rumble like i had with my 95 z71, which was a 5.7TBI with flowmaster 70 series.

  115. Al says:

    Thanks yall, i just installed 2 super 40s flowmasters and they sound great! I want to upload a video so you can hear it. It has the tone i was looking for.

  116. Danny says:

    Al, i assume you had to stack the two flowmaster sideways? be on the look out for premature internal rust through. if you did,im not sure if the flowmaster can vent moisture when mounted like that. Congrats! Flows sound great, but the older i get, they seem too loud. Please post a sound / video clip so we can hear that beast growl!

  117. Al says:

    Yeah there mounted sideways, thanks i’ll keep on eye out for that rust just incase. Where can i post a clip?

  118. Jason (Admin) says:

    Al – Check out the “Tundra Videos” link in the menu above – you can upload your video there and then drop a link to it here.


  119. Billy says:

    Just bought a 2011 Tundra Crew Max TRD Rock Warrior with the 5.7 and was thinking of adding a dual exhuast anybody have good luck with the TRD dual exhaust? Also, anybody try one of those new ford ecoboosts? If so how do they compare with the 5.7? Thanks.

  120. ed says:

    what exhaust will give the best performance?

  121. GW says:

    I have just purchased a 2006 Tundra XSP 4.7V8(2WD)Crew Cab -it only has 20,000 miles on it. I have heard over and over again how poor the gas mileage is. I am asking if anyone could recommend a high quality exhaust replacement system that could improve the mileage. It does not matter to me if it is a duel system or not. Thanks.

  122. Jason (Admin) says:

    GW – You will see a very slight increase in fuel economy with an exhaust system, so if you’re only concerned about gas mileage and not worried about anything else I’d recommend a new K&N air filter. See this post for specs:

  123. John says:

    Jason/ Mickey

    I have a 2011 crewmax 5.7 just added Borla duals was wondering if i add a cai how much more horsepower and mpg i could expect? I have read most of the comments hear just don’t see much on 2011.

  124. Jason (Admin) says:

    John – No difference for 2011 – same 1-2 mpg.

  125. Derek says:

    I can’t seem to find any information on cold air intakes for the 4.6L engine. I have a 2010 4.6 double cab and just ordered the Gibson exhaust and would like to pair it with a CAI.
    Anyone have any tips or information as to why there isn’t much out there for the 4.6??

  126. Jason (Admin) says:

    Derek – The only company that *might* offer an intake for the 4.6L is K&N. The sales volume is too low for most companies to justify developing an intake.

  127. Danny says:

    the K&N drop in air filter from the 5.7 is the same as the one for th 4.6. i also have the DC 4.6. you might want to check dimensions on the cold air box, because it might also fit from the 5.7. not sure but it might be the same.

  128. Derek says:

    Hey Jason, Thanks for all your help. I appreciate your suggestions.
    I actually did a lot of research on this and Volant just barely came out with a CAI for the 4.6L. They seem to be the only ones that make one.
    I ordered one and a Gibson exhaust so I will report back after I give them a try. Should be a week or two.
    Thanks again!

  129. Aaron says:

    For you folks in the market for an aftermarket cat-back system, do yourselves a favor and spend the extra coin on a Borla. I fell in love with the borla cat-back I had on my sti, and the system for my Tundra is just as incredible. There is no drone, and it’s not stupid loud. Its the only exhaust I’ve found that is reasonably quiet when driven casually, but when you put your foot down…. oh such sweet music! Seeing as how Borla uses high grade stainless and this will be the last exhaust system I’ll ever need to buy, I dont mind spending a little extra. Plus it’s still cheaper then a TRD exhaust. I ordered mine off TRDsparks for for around $850 shipped. They were much cheaper then anyone else I could find.

  130. Jason (Admin) says:

    Danny – Good call.

    Aaron – I’m a Borla fan too.

  131. Pete says:

    I have an 07 Non TRD DC 4.7 Engine, I have the opportunity to get a TRD Exaust off of an 5.7 ( duels ) just wondering if will fit..spoke with Sparrks and they said just change the front pipe… waiting to hear back from Borla…

    anyone have any ideas ??

  132. Jason (Admin) says:

    Pete – Sparks knows their business. If they say it will fit with a new front pipe (which is what I would guess as well, based on the part numbers and description), then you have your answer. šŸ™‚

  133. David says:

    Does anyone know the difference between Magnaflow’s Standard/HM parts and their OEM parts, specifically with catalytic converters?

  134. Jason (Admin) says:

    David – No idea, but if I had to guess I’d say the OEM parts are higher quality because the OEM warranty requirements are extensive (8 years or 80k).

  135. Philip says:

    So if I am understanding the previous posts correctly, on my 2011 5.7, the K&N air filter should be worth getting but the CAI won’t really add any performance? Still running the stock exhaust here.

  136. OMAR_AD says:

    Hi Guys
    I own a 2008 tundra 5.7, and im looking to add a few things to it. first from your reccommendations the AFE CAI, im trying to go through your reviews for the magnaflow and flowmaster and i cant really make up my mind? Also im looking to get a unichip, and TRD rear sway bars.

    Any better way i could spend my money? (Around $1500)


  137. Jason (Admin) says:

    Philip – The CAI definitely adds performance, but not a lot (about 10hp, regardless of manufacturer it seems). The air filter *might* add 2-3 hp. However, the better breathing definitely helps fuel economy either way. I believe this is due to improved throttle response, which means owners use less gas…but it’s just a theory. Frankly there’s no good reason that a K&N filter should add 1-2 mpg…but it does. At least based on our testing.

    Omar – I like Unichip, aFe air intake, and then maybe a DynoMax cat-back exhaust system (we tested one on our new project truck and it is powerful). Sway bars? Not sure they help that much.

  138. Norty says:

    I have a 2011 Toyota dbl cab (5.7). Installed a borla dual side exit exhaust. Interested in aftermarket headers. Does anyone have suggestions?? Help…

  139. Zek says:

    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 limited and wanted to know a really good exhuast system, and I wanted to know what does a air in take do for a tundra?? Thanks

  140. Ken says:

    I have a 2007 crew max xsp and the local mechanic wants to put on a Magna flow dual exhaust exiting same side with a “srt mod tune” I am a contractor and have been looking at forums and definately not a mechanic. I have concerns about the drone noises and am concerned about horsepower and torque. He was going to order this asap I just ned to agree. Can anyone provide any insight?

  141. tony says:

    my dealer just told me they don’t make TRD exhaust for ’08 5.7L tundra. is that correct? but they for for the 4.7L. Is the Borla they way to go?

  142. toddaweber says:

    I love my2010 Tundra.4.0V6want more hp!What can I do bout exhaust?

  143. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tony – That is correct. For some reason that’s not clear, TRD stopped making the exhaust for 08’s. I like the Borla, but all of the systems have their pluses and minuses. Check out some systems on – it might help you find one you like.

    Todd – Exhaust, intake, and UniChip tuner my friend – those are the best options to add power.

  144. Brad Croakman says:

    Well I finally did it. Got my version of custom exhaust on my Tundra. 2 Glasspacks and 2 1/4 pipes out to the bed corners. Nice low tone at idle, sounds really sporty when you get on the gas and no drone noise when going down the interstate. Me- Very Happy. go ahead and buy your aftermarket systems for over $900. I spent $82.50 and happier than a duck on a pond.

  145. Jason (Admin) says:

    Brad – Awesome! There’s certainly something to be said for adding a muffler to your stock system and calling it a day.

  146. TOBY says:


  147. Kevin says:

    I just got a 2011 Tundra Double Cab with the 5.7 L engine. I am interested in getting a dual exhaust, I am concerned about drone because I do alot of highway traveling. I am interested in dual exhaust to get a deeper sound, and also looking for better gas mileage. I was looking at the Gibson but have read many comments about bad drone with them on here. So does anyone have recommendations for a system that will give better MPG and no drone? Thanks!

  148. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kevin – TRD’s exhaust is almost drone free (about as close as I’ve ever driven), but it’s not that loud. Borla would probably be the next closest in terms of being drone-free, but some people have said here that their Borlas make too much noise on the highway.

    SO, TRD is 1st, Borla is 2nd. Gibson/Magnaflow/Flowmaster are nice, but usually have quite a bit of drone.

  149. Kevin says:

    OK Thanks for the input. Are any of them better for gas mileage than the others?

    Also haven’t seen much on here about Corsa, or MBRP and wondered if anyone had experience with these?

    Thanks Again!

  150. Toby says:

    I have the volant on the double cab 2wd 2010. No flex fuel…. I love it! I have got as much as 21.5 with the volant alone. I recently added the TRD exhaust thinking better gas mileage. I was wrong. Seams the Tundra is most fuel efficient with the intake alone. The volant sounds great! Improves fuel economy & power. Best $350 I have every spent. As far as exhaust you are better off getting a tip for the best fuel economy. I am not totally knocking the TRD. It improves top end power, looks & sounds good without being abnocious. Hope that helps.

  151. Kevin H says:

    Above post was written by me for Toby. Sorry guys!

  152. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kevin – I’ve never seen a big improvement in MPG that could be attributed to an exhaust system, because most systems don’t add much in the way of power.

    Toby – Thanks for the comments.

  153. Sean says:

    I’ve read all the above reviews and still have mixed feelings. I have a 2012 Platinum with the 5.7 and want to make sure I do it right the first time. If money were not an issue, what exhaust & intake would you go with. I am looking for a noticable difference in sound with power & fuel economy second. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks

  154. Shane says:

    Sean-I have a 2012 Rock Warrior im going to buy a Corsa sport exhaust for mine…sounds awesome there’s some clips on YouTube check it out..I’ve always been a Magnaflow guy but after hearing the Corsa I think I’ve changed my mind…

  155. Kevin H says:

    Sean- I feel ya, want to get it right the first time! I can tell you that I am 100% satisfied with the TRD. I installed it myself in about 2 hours. Perfect fit. Has the best look. As far as power i feel a noticeable increase at high higher RPM’s. Awesome feeling when you floor it at 45 and you are at 90 in less than 4 seconds, 115 in 7 (from 45). Won’t go any faster because on governer but I know there is plenty of power left. As far as sound. If you want loud with vibration you do not want TRD. Being that my son in travel hockey I travel a lot. I love the low semi quite sound of the TRD. To me it is the perfect pitch. Cruising speed through neighbor hoods at night I have a low drown that sounds good. I know the Borla is louder with a great drown but it is not for me. I have the 2010 5.7 2WD platinum. I This helps.

  156. Sean says:

    Thanks for the input. I’m sure that I would probably be happy with either one of the exhausts. I have heard the soundclips online but am a “I gotta hear it in person” kinda guy. I haven’t had any luck around here finding anyone with one that I can listen to. I just don’t want to spend $800-900 on an exhaust and find out it’s not quite what I wanted. I’ll keep looking for one in person to hear. If I can’t find one, I will more than likely just cross my fingers and pick either the Corsa or TRD and hope for the best.
    Thanks again,

  157. tony_nova says:

    Just got a 2010 tundra dc 4.6 4Ɨ4, mpg sucks bad, I put an k&n cold air intake. I drive 60 miles per day 95% highway and only getting 16-17 mpg. Iā€™m thinking maybe the dealer didnt put the right oil weight in? any ideas? I like your site here, I been researching exhaust systems and think Im gonna go with the borla

  158. Jason (Admin) says:

    tony_nova – Zero weight full synthetic will deliver the best possible efficiency, but it’s only 1-2% better than 5 weight…so I don’t think that’s hurting your mileage. Are you driving at speeds greater than 65? That’s a lot of aerodynamic drag on such a big vehicle. One commentor here regularly gets 20mpg on the highway, but he always drives 55.

  159. Bobby says:

    Tony_Nova: Like another reader on here, I’ve always been a magnaflow guy, but after doing some research and watching a few videos of the corsa exhaust system for the Tundra. I think I may be switching out my exhaust system out soon enough. If you want to, I suggest you check it out on you tube, there’s a few good clips for the Tundra. Hope this helps.

  160. Kevin says:

    I wanted to report on the AFE filter I got. It is not the cold air intake just the drop in filter, similar to K&N but NO oiling! I have a 2011 D/C 2WD 5.7L, and first tank of gas in very congested morning town traffic (45 mins to go 11 miles)with the stock air filter I was averaging 13.3 MPG. I put in the AFE filter and the next tank of gas with the same drive immediately increased to 14.7 MPG, also noticed a pick up in bottom end take off power.
    So far I am very pleased, and like the idea of no oil, and risking damaging the air flow sensor like I did in my old 4Runner.
    Still trying to decide on a dual exhaust.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried putting in a different gear in the rear end. My truck has the 6 speed transmission, but I have noticed cruising about 70 mph on the highway it is turning about 2000 RPM. On my Silverado I had before it would sit at about 1700 RPM at this speed and got at least 1.5 MPG better on the highway?

  161. Tony_Nova says:

    Jason, I drive 65 most of the time, I tried one tank at 65 and was getting 17.4 and one at 70 and was getting 16.3. I just bought the truck and I get free oil changes so I thought maybe they throw in cheap regular oil. It was just a thought. Gonna try putting some mobile 1 0w20 and see what happens.

  162. danny says:

    As long as I stay below 68mph, I can get 20-21mpg if 95% highway miles. I have a 2010 dc 4.6 4×4. My city mileage is between 13-16 mpg. Only mods are flowmaster 50s, k&n drop in filter and a hard folding bed cover. These are actual mpg not computer generated figures.

  163. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kevin – Thanks for the update on the AFE filter. Feel free to drop a review here: http://www.tundraheadquarters......r-filters/

    As for new gears, I’ve heard of it but don’t remember who told me…I think they’re out there.

    Tony_Nova – Makes sense – I could see why you might associate the two.

    Danny – That’s good stuff!

  164. Tony_Nova says:

    so I changed my oil a couple of days ago, I could tell a difference as soon as I got on the highway. Before it was down shifting a lot with the cruise on, now it didnt do it once. So before the oil change I was getting 16.7, i filled up last night 417.4 miles 19.6 gallons of gas 21.3 mpg! I couldn’t believe the difference with just putting the right oil. I guess I will have to baby sit toyota while they change my oil for free next time. Borla exhaust is next, keep you guys updated

  165. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tony – Awesome! Glad to hear it’s fixed.

  166. Kevin says:

    Tony_Nova, what type of oil did you switch too?

  167. Tony_nova says:

    I put in mobile 1 0w20. All eight quarts. Best thing I found to do is by it at advance auto when they have the oil change deal. 5 quarts of mobile 1 and a filter for $32.00. I just bought 2 kits.

  168. Jeffro says:

    Just installed the flowmaster kit, there is NO DRONE. It sounds tremendous, nice mellow idle, and good roar on the throttle. Ive got the 4.6 (fyi, the 4.6 and 5.7 have IDENTICAL exhaust systems) and the truck has a lot more power. It will hold 6th gear on even the biggest hills on the highway. I did not use the clamps supplied with the kit, I ordered “step” clamps from jegs. They seal much better than the band clamps, and the install was a breeze.

  169. tony_nova says:

    Hey Jeffro, I also installed the flowmaster american thunder kit on Thursday, it was a breeze to install. I used the clamps, they are kinda crappy. I think Im going to put some spot welds on them. I just got back from NC and was getting 22.6 mpg averaging 65 mph. I was going to go with the borla but decided to go with Flowmaster because it was half the price. Very happy with it, sounds good and my daughter slept like a rock, no drone at all, no louder than the stock exhaust.

  170. Kevin says:

    Tony and Jeffro, which flowmasters did you guys get? Also do you both have the 4.6 L? I have the 5.7 and wonder if it would have worse drone? Thanks for the info.

  171. Jeffro says:

    Hey Kevin, the kit I used is PN 817486. Its all stainless steel, which is good as i live in New england. The kit comes with a two in two out series 50 big block muffler. The kit comes with two sets of tail pipes, one out the side, and one out the rear. I choose out the side, mostly for the look, but also because it will give you less of a trumpet effect. As for the drone with the 5.7, I dont know. The only difference between the two engines is the stroke, they share the same bore, valves, cams and pistons. i’d imagine they would sound much the same, since your engine is prone to slower revs than the 4.6, but you have the 4.30:1 rear end, versus the 4.10:1 in the 4.6….buy the kit from a reputable dealer, like Jegs. As long as you dont damage it you can return it. Try it for an afternoon.

  172. tony_nova says:

    Hey kevin I have the 4.6, I think Jeffro has the same. I got the american thunder kit, I think its the big block series muffler. a friend of mine has the same exhaust with the 5.7 and his is louder

  173. Sean says:

    Well after much research and thought, I finally had an exhaust installed today. I initially was leaning towards a higher end system (Corsa, Borla or TRD). After speaking with the installer I ended up going with the Flowmaster Super 40 w/duals out the back and Magnaflow rolled tips. I was very hesitant since I had the regular 40 on my last truck (’09 F150) and experienced the drone problem at highway speeds. I am happy to say that I am very happy with the results. I had a chance to cruise in town and on the highway and absolutely love the exhaust. Nice deep tone and no drone. I’m glad I went this route and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else. The sound level is between the 40 & 50 series muffler and is not too loud but not stock quiet either.

  174. Shane says:

    Guys I just had the 50 series b.b. flowmaster exhaust put on my truck Friday and it quiet at idle and cruises 70 with no drone and when you get on it it has this hallow sound has a nice grown to it..I was a little hesitant I didn’t want it to be to loud with a baby..I recommend this exhaust to anyone, dual out the side…hope this helps..

  175. Dion says:

    My wife just purchased an aFe exhaust system for my 2007 Tundra 5.7, any feedback on this system?

  176. Matt says:

    I may have missed it but no harm in asking. I have a 2010 5.7 and want to get the deepest sound I can. Whats the best system for that. I’m not to worried about side or back exit. I just want to have that super deep sound.

  177. Sean says:

    I just bought a 2012 TRD SR5 double cab with the 5.7. I have noticed Borla does not make a after market exhaust system for it. Right now I am looking at either Gibson or the TRD. which will give me better sound and HP gain?

  178. Max says:

    I have a 07 crewmax with 101,500 miles on it. It came with a crappy magnaflow muffler that was welded to the stock exhaust. Whoever installed it cut the flange off of the stock down pipes and welded non-stanless pipes to it. The drone of the muffler at 65-70 is horrable. I want to get either a Corsa or Spintech system. Either way I’m gonna have to have the old exhaust cut off and rewelded. I would like to get new down pipes but I havent found any under 1,600 bucks. I thought about checking junk yards for a wreacked tundra I can take them off of, but in Wyoming there are’nt many junk yards around here. Anybody have any ideas or solutions? Thanks

    • Rick says:


      There are lots of people on or who swap out their stock exhausts (and other parts) for a new system and would probably need to sell/unload them. Post a message on those two websites and see how you do!

  179. Rabbit says:

    Definitely need to do a review of the DB cat-back exhaust by Corsa. More people need to know about that one. I just got one for my new 2012 Tundra Crewmax Rock Warrior; part # 24916 for 09-12 with the 5.7L. Sounds mean, no drone at highway speeds. Its almost like stock at idle then roars when I get on it. Sounds even better (deeper) after I installed a K&N air filter. Can’t wait to hear it after I install a Volant CAI. No loss of low-end power and it roars at top end. I was very impressed with the quality and the customer service at Corsa when I called for part numbers before ordering it. Overall great experience! Also, love the info you have here. I ordered a 3″/1″ Low Range Offroad lift kit because of your reviews. Keep up the good work!

  180. Jim says:

    I just bought a 12 tundra 5.7 and put a flowmaster 50 series exhaust to help improve performance. It is a two in two out exhaust with chrome tips. Somehow I do not feel that I am getting the most for the money. I am wondering if in fact I am loosing anything here. I know that it is flowing more air. I also have the TRD cold air intake system. Any advice/experience is welcomed.

    • Jim – Typically, exhaust systems don’t make much difference either way when it comes to performance. If you were expecting a noticeable bump in power, you’ll likely be disappointed.

      However, when combined with an air intake, you’ll definitely notice something. Toss in a Unichip tuner and you’ll really see a difference.

  181. Dennis says:

    I have an 07 Tundra 5.7 with 34 inch Tires recently installed. (295-70-18) I aslo was able to fit one as my spare underneath (by grinding away a few pieces of metal). I was looking at purchasing a Borla dual cat back exhaust. Does anyone know if I will run into problems fitting the pipes around the larger spare tire?

  182. Rick says:

    Jason, I recently had a custom dual exhaust installed on my ’12 CrewMax. The shop installed dual Magnaflow, stainless mufflers and 2.5″ cat back pipe and 2.5″ tailpipes. I specified ultra quiet mufflers as I want to hear my superchager’s whine, not a raspy, annoying exhaust. I was assured of same. Only when I took the truck on the highway did I notice the drone at 1800 – 2100 rpm which is constant at 65-70 (See “Max’s” blog above) and I can’t help but feel my bottom end was LOST. I have to get into the throttle to get my truck up and going. I didn’t feel that with my stock exhaust. The system looks great but I am not happy at all. My transmission seems to be shifting more now to find power, even downshifting when It hadn’t before. After all this planning, i’m disgusted.

    As I looked at the stock exhaust on the floor (I saved it), to Toyota’s credit, it looks VERY robust. Anyone thinking a single exhaust is inferior, I’d say it was planned and TUNED. The tailpipe appears to be more than 2.5″ and the muffler looks stainless. A quality setup.

    I only paid @$500 for the system installed, a good price. But I am thinking I want to go back to my single, quiet, stock system or maybe have these mufflers taken off. They were nicely welded too, the job was so clean. Damn.

    Any thoughts? I did read about some who lost torque when they ‘upgraded’ to a new exhaust. I’m not alone out here. Is there a quiet, high-flow muffler that will restore my bottom end? Thanks.


    • Rick – The long and short of it is that some exhaust systems effectively reduce low-end torque to create top-end power. This is because the vehicle was designed with a certain amount of back-pressure in mind at the lower RPMs – if you change that pressure value, you reduce exhaust system scavenging and you see a little loss. Now keep in mind this is a small loss – maybe 10lb-ft of torque, maybe even less – but you feel it a bit more at the bottom end. The extra 10-20lb-ft of torque you’re gaining at the top end as a result of this change is great, but it’s harder to feel.

      Drone is a problem with any after-market system I think, especially if you want something quiet. Only it is more livable with some systems than others (Borla is generally good, only it’s subjective). If you really want a drone-free system, the TRD exhaust is probably the best.

      Finally, I completely concur with the fact that the Tundra’s stock exhaust system is solid. We’ve done quite a bit of exhaust system testing and you have to get really loud before you see a substantial increase in power.

  183. Rick says:

    PS: The Tundra exhaust tubing look likes it was bent in a custom shop, i’m not exaggerating, total quality, clean radiuses. The tailpipe seems like 3″. Darn good parts. I never looked under there, just assumed it was inferior. And it weighs NOTHING, very light, I can pick up entire system with one hand. Warning to guys who want to dump money, slow down. Bolt on the supercharger first and see if it runs ok! I can’t see this exhaust hindering anything as Toyota’s claims of power are from a stock, single! I am posting pics tomorrow when I download them to be fair to everyone.


  184. Max says:

    Anybody know much about the exhaust from Diamond Eye? like sound and drone at hwy speeds? Their website donst give much info?

  185. derek says:

    hey guys im looking for a good system for my 08 4.7 tundra i want the sound but dont want to lose power in my truck i have heard the flow masters 40 r 50 is good any suggestion

  186. Sam says:

    I love the WOT sound from the aFe CAI I just installed but would like the low end sound provided by aftermarket exhaust. Anyway to get that without a full catback system or hurting performance. I may just get duals but would like to save some $.

  187. Joe says:

    I’m wondering what is the absolute best option for performance gain for the money. I was sold on a Gibson catback system until I read a comment about horrible drone. Im finding this is a very frustrating search and decision. Does anyone know much about the Dynomax units for the tundra, they claim to have a valve in the muffler that stops all drone , but they do not post any potential performance gain numbers. Ugh this is difficult , thanks!

  188. Ed says:

    I have a 2000 4.7 Tundra TRD 4×4 with Borla cat backs and a K&N CAI. After I installed the cat backs the low end torque was gone. Sounds great, but sucks for pulling anything and MPG got worse even without pulling. Can not tell if it added power, but if it did it’s higher in the RPM range. Taking the cats off, may get a single cat back system for the back pressure. Magna Flow much like OEM. Borla may be great for a street 2×4.

  189. RODNEY says:


  190. Michael says:

    I have a 2004 tundra 4.7. Im looking to buy a exhaust system. Im looking for a loud system. The only thing im worried about is buying one thats going to hurt my performance. I also dont want to spend a ton of money on one either. cherry bomb? glass pipes? flowmaster? I know next to nothing about exhaust systems. Also just bout the 63 series air intake system. Thanks for the information on that thread.

  191. John says:

    Flow Master super44 and do a custom job.. around $300… Cheap and good and best of all good performance

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