2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Longhorn Arrives

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A 2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Longhorn has arrived for testing. While the other EcoDiesel was here for just a short-time and our review was hampered by snow, our week-long review looks snowy weather-free. What questions do you have on this Cowboy Cadillac pickup?

2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Longhorn

2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Longhorn

Monroney sticker with features list.

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  1. breathing borla says:

    I see it has ram boxes, love mine!!!!

    You can still fit plywood or sheet rock between the walls

  2. Randy says:

    How many miles on the test truck when you got it? Is this a factory prepped demonstration truck or dealer off the shelf?

    Here are the questions to ask the infotainment:

    “Give me directions to Denver International Airport”

    “Give me directions to Elk Meadow Park”

    “Show me the weather map”

    “Play USB”

    “Show gas stations near here”

    Receive and send text(s). How hands free and automated is it?

    When going to destinations does it provide real time traffic alerts (miles ahead) with alternatives?

    General Questions:

    Interior fit and finish. Do all the pieces fit, squeaks, rattles, color match or color die issues.

    Exterior fit and finish.

    Seat comfort, both sides, adjustment available to the seats. Is the driver centered behind the steering wheel and pedals?

    What type of startup and warm up routine does it have? How does it compare to other diesels?

    Towing (don’t know if you get to really test this or not?). Load, distance, grade; transmission performance, holding gear vs. constant shifting, etc. MPG while towing?

    Compare the sound system to a current generation Acura, Silverado, Tundra, and F150; likes and dislikes.

    Type of steering on this truck? Is it a different steering type for the gas engines? How does it perform?

    In-floor storage; how are they sealed at the bottom of the truck? Can dirt mud snow ice salt accumulate there?

    Ram Roof Seams; how do the compare to F150 and Tundra (two complete opposite approaches)? You may have to stand in the bed of the truck to determine this.

    Door weather stripping: One, Two, or Three sets completely encircling the door? Does the weather stripping actually make good solid contact? Or is it there for show?

    Over and Out.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      So… Just a few questions then? Haha…

      Let me collect these answers.


  3. hemi lol says:

    Whats the “real” fuel economy.

    Also how does it really feel for towing purposes?

    do you get sick from the fumes in the cab? (sorry couldn’t help it LMAO)

    • breathing borla says:

      Most of what I have read on the Eco diesel is that it gets what is in the sticker or better under normal driving real world. Obviously if your standing in it everywhere it won’t.

      • Wayne Powell says:

        What type of emission system does this have on it ? Urea, SCR, DPF or a combination ? What type of cold start system Glow plugs or heated intake. ? Thanks

  4. breathing borla says:

    The top line alpine simple is awesome sounding for an oem setup.

    Put on spotify in extreme quality setting and let it rip, surround on, speed adjust to 3, mids lowered to -4, bass up to 6, treb up to 5,

    Is this the air ride or springs?

    What rear? 3.55 or 3.92

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