2014 Toyota Tundra Items to Modify – What’s Your List?

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A few days ago, Pickuptrucks.com ran a story about how they would “fix” the issues Toyota “seems” to ignore. While that viewpoint is definitely debatable, it did get us thinking. What would you modify first if you bought a 2014 Tundra?

2014 Toyota Tundra Items to Modify - What's Your List?

This grille makes me want to grab a can of Plasti Dip. What about you?

Full-size pickup trucks are easy targets for “customization” and in fact, the average owner is said to spend $5k+ over the life of ownership making changes to the truck. And with any new truck, there are definitely people who either love it, hate it or can’t stop criticizing its shortcomings. While this site and others have long-winded debates on the new model, our question is a bit different. What would you do to it to make it better? Is it a lot or a little?

Here is my list of items.

  1. New Grille on certain trims. The grille is big and bold (if you like that kind of thing). Yet, it is a bit over the top and polarizing. I like some of the aftermarket grilles and I think one of the them would keep the same idea of a large truck without being so brash.
  2. New wheels. As many people have pointed out the wheels aren’t that great looking. Thankfully, there are plenty of aftermaket options that this truck could definitely use.
  3. Bed improvements. One of my biggest criticisms of the new truck is that it seems they overlooked the bed. Looking at the competition, they all have either new features to help the owner get into the bed or bed boxes for storage. Toyota seems to have stayed the course with their bed rail system. Why not do something?

I am going to avoid the whole power train issue since it has been well debated by both sides.

That is my short list. What features would you like to modify?

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  1. LJC says:

    An eLocker, but we’ll have to wait for Eaton to come out with one for the Tundra since Toyota won’t.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Lol! I was actually going to add that to the list just for you. Then, I thought I don’t want to steal your idea.


  2. Randy P says:

    It Houston the best Toyota dealer in the “World” was Fred Haas Toyota. I bought 9 new Toyotas from them; the service was “always” excellent. They actually fixed stuff that broke (very rare on a Toyota).

    Now that we live in Dallas, I am looking for a Great Dealer here. I have found two that I will “not” buy from, sort of a major disappointment. So Still Looking.

    Yep there are a few things I wish the 2014 Tundra had that the Ford has. These are all “no cost items” that are easy to do by Toyota. IF I am able to find a Dealer in Dallas, then I will make my list.

  3. DJ says:

    1. Bigger gas tank
    2. Exhaust – factory duals, at least make it sound like a V-8
    3. Flat rear seat in crewmax, no point in having seats fold up if floor isn’t flat
    4. Agree on the grill, the 14′ grill is hideous
    5. Projector headlights with factory black headlight mod
    6. Locker – they’ve put them in the 4runner and tacoma for years
    7. How about an off-road special edition? Something like the Tacoma baja only on a Tundra
    8. Fix the rear frame, box it or whatever you have to do
    9. Put a trailer brake it in, everyone else does and you’re behind the market if you dont offer one from the factory with the tow package
    10. You can do better than 13mpg Toyota

  4. Brian J says:

    Agree with DJ on the above. Well said. I would add in the option to get the 3.90 differential for improved mileage at the cost of some towing capability. Even some 3.73 or 3.55 gears would be better. With the 6-speed towing and performance shouldn’t disappear, just be reduced with the benefit of improved mileage using the current powertrain options.

  5. KMS says:

    Agree with DJ and Brian. Especially having a choice in differentials would be nice. A 3.73 or lower would help in the MPG’s.

  6. Mickey says:

    I agree with a few points and that’s it. Of course a bug shield first. It’s a toss between the 1794 or Platinum. It would be all black since Toyota doesn’t use Nautical Blue anymore. I do agree later on an elocker would be a great mod. I would do it when I change the rear end oil. I don’t need a bigger gas tank. If I’m traveling using the current 26 gallon tank has the right distance to stop and stretch your legs and get something to eat. I do like the current diff in the tow pkg. I still get 20mpg’s so that wouldn’t be a worry. Dual exhaust maybe a must but will utilize TRD exhaust coming out behind both tires. Nothing wrong with the seats plenty of room to store things. Grill is okay by me. No on the projector headlights. Not as bright at night then OEM. Had them on my 07. Would go for HID lights instead. BHLM is always a must. I’m not going offroad so I won’t be interested. Nothing is wrong with the rear frame DJ. It flexes for a reason. Agree DJ with the trailer brake on the tow pkg. Even though I probably won’t need it but most people do tow that need it. It best have a reverse camera on all models. That is a must have. Last but not least is Stainless Steel nerf bars from Trail FX. I have that brand on my 07 CM. First mod I ordered but 2nd mod I put on. Over 6 years old and no rust. That’s quality.

    • KMS says:

      I have to disagree with keeping the current diff only. I don’t believe a “one size fit all” approach works here. Having a selection of diffs makes sense, especially for those who do not tow/haul or only do so occasionally. Also, different diff gearing will impact MPG’s and folks today are concerned, thanks to the current gas prices.

      Concerning the frame, Toyota really needs to address this because of consumer perception. When looked at rationally, the frame design is sound. Unfortunately consumers are anything but rational. Anyone who has been on the PUTC site knows this, LOL.

      Overall the 2014 is a great improvement IMO, but Toyota needs to be serious about stepping up to the plate if they really want a serious chunk of the market share when it comes to full size trucks. JMHO

  7. toyrulz says:

    Don’t forget to put the driver grab handle back. Use mine everytime I get in and recently at work hopped in Chevy without one – uhg! So wonder the guys broke the steering wheel… It gets used as a grab handle and is to low to pull yourself up into truck.

    Is it me or are the 14s looking more level? TRD should offer a lift/level kit (anyway) and a cheap (disposable) front air dam. How about longer (adjustable) links on quick-detachable rear stabilizer to accomadate the lift from the kit.

    CrewMax needs cup holders in rear of console for when seating 3 accross.

    My 2011 has a single chime when driver door is openned (is that normal?) I don’t know why or for what but that should be deleted (or at least explained) cause its starting to really bug me.

    Thicker/tougher paint.

  8. toyrulz says:

    How about letting owner pick from list of of all grills and bumpers in our choice of chrome, black-chrome, color-match, or matte-black resin.

    …As in rather than differentiate trim levels by standard style/color, let owners make it their own to differentiate it from their neighbors. Maybe as you move up from SR through all to Platinum/1794 you get a longer list of choices and trims levels are left differentiated by badges and amount of standard TRD parts.

  9. Bill Morris says:

    The first thing I would do is put the dad gum Grab handle back in on the drivers side. I can’t believe you took it out of the 2014’s. I almost didn’t buy the truck because of that factor alone, but finally figured, hey it can’t be that bad without it right? HOLY CRAP was I ever wrong. It makes it extremely difficult getting in and out, especially for my wife. We both now have to use the steering wheel to get in and out, and everybody knows that can’t be good for the steering wheel. And with the new seats that wrap around your body, if you just slide your butt over the edge of the seat that now has a lip on it to create that wrap around seating, you’re going to ware the heck out of your beautiful brand new seat in no time at all.

    The other and only thing I would do is put chrome lettering in the Tundra stamp. It looks plain and boring, and quite frankly, it cheapens the look of the truck. The chrome TUNDRA

    • Bill Morris says:

      really adds a touch of class to the truck, even if it’s a base model. I’m hoping some after market company comes up with some bold chrome lettering that you can insert right in to the Toyota stamp in the tailgate.

      • Tim Esterdahl says:

        Interesting thought on the chrome. Chrome is so polarizing, seems like you either love it or hate it.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Actually, the steering wheel has been reinforced and Toyota wants you to grab it. I know, I know it sounds backwards, but I was told directly by several engineers to grab the steering wheel. It is a hard thing to do since we have been “trained” not to for so many years.

      On a side note, I think many truck makers are playing “follow the leader” on this one and copying Ford. Yet, I saw a spy pic of the 2015 Ford F-150 with a driver’s side grab handle. Maybe the trend will reverse back.


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