2014 Toyota A.R.E. Ultimate Fishing Tundra – Featured Vehicle

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There are fishing trucks and then there are FISHING TRUCKS. Put this custom 2014 Toyota Tundra in the later category. With an assortment of angler-friendly modifications, it is ready to reel in a big one in style. Check it out.

2014 Toyota A.R.E. Ultimate Fishing Tundra - Featured Vehicle

This “ultimate fishing” Tundra is ready to reel in the big one.

The folks over at A.R.E., a leading truck cap and tonneau cover manufacture, have built this “ultimate fishing truck.” This cutting edge truck is coming to a 2014 Bassmaster tournament series events being held around the country.

Beneath the wrapping are some engine improvements and pretty awesome custom bed cargo area.[/caption]Underneath the extensive wrapping is a Bully Dog tuned engine with a Magnaflow exhaust and K&N air intake.

2014 Toyota A.R.E. Ultimate Fishing Tundra - Featured Vehicle

The exterior is nice, but the bed interior is really where this truck shines.

Where it really shines is in the bed. Bryan Baker from A.R.E. told Wired2Fish.com adding features every angler would love was their goal.

“The truck features a top of the line Z-Series truck cap, along with our Pickup Vault lockable bed storage system, and CargoGlide roll-out cargo tray,” said Bryan Baker, director of marketing, A.R.E. “These three products together, along with other great accessories such as Rigid Industries light bars, A.R.E.’s new Rod Pod, and Dick Cepek tires, all helped to build a truck that any avid fisherman would love to have.”

The complete list of features include:

  •  A.R.E. Pickup Vault Lockable Storage Drawers
  • A.R.E. Z Series Truck Cap
  • A.R.E. Rod Pod
  • Air Lift Company Air Spring Kit and Wireless Control System
  • BedRug Polypropylene Carpeted Bedliner
  • BOLT(r) Receiver Lock and Padlocks
  • Bully Dog Gauge Tuner
  • Bushwacker Fender Flares
  • CargoGlide(r) Roll Out Tray System
  • Dick Cepek Tires
  • Hellwig Sway Bars
  • K&N Air Intake
  • Magnaflow Exhaust System
  • Monster Hooks Recovery Hooks
  • N-Fab Steps and Bumpers
  • Rigid Industries Light  Bars
  • Skyjacker(r) Suspension System
  • Surco Roof Basket
  • TIS Monster Energy Edition Wheels
  • Yakima Tower Series Roof Rack
2014 Toyota A.R.E. Ultimate Fishing Tundra - Featured Vehicle

The roof rack is ready to hold all of your favorite fishing gear.

Learn more about A.R.E.’s unique products by visiting their website. Trust us, we looked. They are pretty cool.

What do you think? Is there something missing that an angler would want?

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  1. LJC says:

    Yeah, the boat 😀

  2. Brian J says:

    Yeah…there is something missing…where’s the boat to match the truck?

    • LJC says:

      The Tundra is known for being a serious tow vehicle, so I was hoping to see what they’re towing for a boat. There is great attention to detail to outfitting the truck–I don’t think they missed a thing!

      I guess we just need to add the boat 😀

  3. Larry says:

    Yes, I always go fly fishing at a flat lake and park on a nice grassy area. It’s good it has 4WD for that spot.

    This isn’t the place I launch my drift boat that’s for sure but as noted, this person has no boat.

    You could fish that spot with a chevy impala station wagon. Back right up to the edge of the lake. Never take the cooler out or even a chair. Just drop the tailgate and start fishing.

    Never seen a rig like that 40 miles out a washboarded dirt road but, i bet it would look great covered in dust.

    How come 4WD trucks get don’t pimped by showing them going out to a spot which really needs a tough truck? Or,,,,,, driving them on a mountain road with snow up the the front bumper. All we see is nice pretty trucks on freeways or parked on the grass, why is that??????????????????????

    If I was running Toyota I would show these trucks getting to great remote places going over the worst possible terrain on earth. That might sell me.

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