2014 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package DEAD – New Version Coming

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At the recent media preview event in Jackson Hole, WY, Toyota Reps confirmed what was already suspected. What wasn’t expected, was news that a new one is coming.

2014 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package DEAD - New Truck Coming

While the current Rock Warrior is discontinued, news of a new one in development is really, really cool!

The Rock Warrior package has always been a fan favorite for some Toyota owners, yet was largely overlooked by the full-size truck market. With the Raptor and Ram Runner out there, the Rock Warrior just wasn’t able to break through.

The Toyota representative said that while the Rock Warrior is discontinued, a new one is coming. While, I would love to tell you all about it, mum is the word currently. I did ask if it will finally be a true Raptor competitor. This was met with a “no comment” look that suggested yes, it will be.

Officially, no word from Toyota about it, a look from a rep and a promise that it is coming is all I have. If I had to bet, I would bet on Toyota. They have the resources, the product and the ability to blow up the off-road full-size market. Be excited Rock Warrior fans, be excited.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    […] information. I released the first of many articles this week a day early. Check it out. 2014 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package DEAD – New Version Coming | Tundra Headquarters Blog -Tim __________________ -Tim Esterdahl Automotive Journalist Spork Publishing […]

  2. Anonymous says:

    […] As many of you know, I spent the last week in Jackson Hole, WY, at a press preview event for the 2014 Tundra. All week, I will have articles about my experiences. Here is an early, "breaking" news story, I thought you guys would be interested in. https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2013/08/25/2014-rock-warrior-dead/ -Tim […]

  3. Mickey says:

    Looking forward to more. I will be visiting a dealership soon since some are coming in. Will test drive one.

  4. DJ says:

    Wow, first off the 14’s have really grown on me.

    I am bummed that the rock warrior is dead, I’ve owned two and love my 12′ it’s a great looking rig with the nicest wheels Toyota has ever put on a truck.

    That said, I’m stoked to hear there is a new off road edition that MAY be a Raptor fighter!

    Really looking forward to your write ups this week about your Wyoming trip Tim! Especially more exciting news about the Tundra’s future

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      There is a post everyday this week with more details and reviews. I’m going to launch the final, all the information that I have, on Friday. Stay tuned!


      • zack tate says:

        I have an 08 tundra and my whole family has Toyotas. I was waiting on the arrival of the 14 rock warrior to trade my 08 in????please keep me posted. It should be worth the waite.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          There will NOT be a 2014 Rock Warrior. It is being replaced by the 2015 TRD PRO.


  5. LJC says:

    Is this the writing on the wall for an eLocker? If so, let’s hope it is backward compatible.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Could be. Frankly, after driving the new 4Runner Trail edition with Crawl, you can take that eLocker elsewhere. The Crawl feature was so good and so, so much better, it made the eLocker seem irrelevant. In fact, I simply turned it off and didn’t even care about it. My two cents, screw eLocker, start chanting for Crawl! 🙂


  6. LJC says:

    Try the crawl in snow.

  7. SCD says:

    Any idea if the “new” rock warrior will be available in the ’14 model year or will Toyota take a year or two off before reintroducing it? If so I’m going to run out and grab a ’13.

  8. […] If this truck came to market, it would fill a gap left when Toyota didn’t unveil a new Rock Warrior. Unfortunately, the Rock Warrior was really just a “trim level” upgrade and was missing […]

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