2011 Tundra Named IntelliChoice Best Overall Value

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Intellichoice has named the Toyota Tundra the best overall full-size truck value for 2011. The “Best Overall Value” award is primarily a financial award – IntelliChoice choses winners based on their overall cost, including maintenance, repairs, and resale.

the annual Best Overall Value Awards help to identify best-in-class vehicles that deliver outstanding value and lower than expected costs over time; offering consumers a quick reference to determine which vehicles give them the most bang for their buck

Frankly, it’s no surprise that the Tundra is the winner of this award.┬áThe Tundra has won awards from KBB.com and Edmunds.com for resale value in years past, and the Tundra has also been consistently ranked at or near the top of JD Power and Consumer Reports reliability rankings since the truck debuted in 2000.┬áSince resale value and repairs are two of the largest components of overall value, the Tundra’s strong performance in these areas make it a logical winner.

Safety ratings are another area where the Tundra has done well – the 2011 IIHS ratings for the Tundra are “Good” across the board, which undoubtedly helps reduce insurance costs. Toyota’s 0% financing rates for 60 months help a lot too.

In 2010, IntelliChoice named the Chevy Silverado Hybrid as the “best overall value,” which was something we took exception too considering the Silverado Hybrid’s diminished capabilities. Our argument was that, since the 2010 Silverado Hybrid had less towing capacity than a Tacoma, it really shouldn’t be considered a “full size” truck (read GM Steals Tundra IntelliChoice Award).

There’s no reason to think that Intellichoice took our criticism of last year’s selection to heart, which means that the 2011 Tundra beat the 2011 Silverado Hybrid in terms of pure cost. Considering the Silverado Hybrid’s lower fuel costs (fuel costs are calculated by IntelliChoice when determining a winner), the Tundra must be pretty cost-effective to overcome the hybrid fuel cost advantage.

In any case, IntelliChoice confirms something that we’ve been saying all along: The Tundra is an excellent financial value (at least as far as new vehicles are concerned).

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  1. TXTee says:

    Sounds good to me. No complaints on my side. Regular oil changes and tire rotations have kept the truck happy and consistently running.

  2. mk says:

    For the price increase of the hybrid chevy silverado over our similar equipped tundras non-hybrid and take into the equation ONLY about 3-4 more mpg (21 mpg chevy vs. 17 mpg tundra if that) on the silverado vs. tundra, the cost to recoup the initial increase in cost of the hybrid chevy takes many, many years so it is not worth it. Besides, the wimpy 5.3L V8 with 3.42 rear axle ratio sucks to drive compared to our monster 5.7L tundra. I’d rather drive my corolla for power vs. the silverado hybrid since it does not kick in and out of gear all the time going uphills like the silverados do all the time due to no power.

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    TXTee – Good to hear.

    mk – Agree on all points. I think the Hybrid Silverado won last year because resale was so high, but now that there are a few of them running around – and now that people recognize they don’t really work that well – there’s not as much interest.

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  5. Mickey says:

    Also remember Chevy’s first hybrid wasn’t a mpg saver. Just a truck for a contractor that had electric plugs in the bed of the truck. This was back in 06 at Daytona 500 and Pepsi 400 races.

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – Good memory!

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