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Tundra Resale Value Reigns Supreme…Again

It’s always great to say that the Tundra’s resale value is the best in the industry, but it’s starting to get a little old, isn’t it? We’ve talked at length about the Tundra’s superior resale value, citing studies from independent authorities like IntelliChoice and that show the Tundra is number one in terms of resale.

Allow me to add to the list for 2011. According to their newest study, the Tundra has the highest retained value of any light-duty pickup truck. Surprised? Me neither.

What is interesting, however, is that this year’s study is an even more accurate measure of resale than any year prior…and that the way Edmunds is calculating ‘retained value’ should have favored Ford and GM a lot more than it did.

2011 Truck Depreciation Data and Resale Value Facts

Analysis Shows Tundra Biggest Winner, Titan Biggest Loser

Last week an automotive data company called VinCentric announced their 2011 Best Value awards. While Toyota was the big winner – Toyota models that won 9 segments – the Tundra was surprisingly shut out. Considering how well the Tundra has done in other value award competitions, this was a surprise.

VinCentric named the F150 the best full size pickup value, but when you read VinCentric’s explanation of the F150’s victory something seems wrong:

The victory was earned with low insurance costs, segment leading fuel economy, and the lowest depreciation rate in the segment

Lowest depreciation in the segment? That’s not right…is it? Here’s how we went about trying to prove VinCentric’s data:

2011 Tundra Named IntelliChoice Best Overall Value

Intellichoice has named the Toyota Tundra the best overall full-size truck value for 2011. The “Best Overall Value” award is primarily a financial award – IntelliChoice choses winners based on their overall cost, including maintenance, repairs, and resale.

the annual Best Overall Value Awards help to identify best-in-class vehicles that deliver outstanding value and lower than expected costs over time; offering consumers a quick reference to determine which vehicles give them the most bang for their buck

Frankly, it’s no surprise that the Tundra is the winner of this award. The Tundra has won awards from