2007 and 2008 Tundra Owners – Heater Upgrade Available

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Toyota recently sent dealers a TSB regarding “reduced cold start heater warm-up in cold conditions.” In English, that means “Tundras that don’t warm up quick enough.” The fix for this problem is really simple – it’s just a software upgrade.

Since the colder months are on their way, now would be a good time to talk to your local dealer if you have a 2007 or 2008 Tundra or a 2008 Sequoia. The TSB number is 0231-10 – here’s some more info on how your dealer will perform this software update:

Step 1: Check the vehicle to see if the vehicle is “cold” on start-up.

Note For Toyota: How do we know if it’s “cold”? Comparison is the obvious answer, but it’s a little surprising Toyota doesn’t share a temperature range the defines what “cold” really means.

Step 2: Check under the hood to see if the software update has already been downloaded – a sticker should have been added under the hood.

Heater programming update label

Dealers are required to affix a label to the underside of your Tundra's hood if they update the ECM's heater/cold-start programming.

Step 3: If there’s no notification sticker under the hood (see graphic), then go ahead and re-flash the ECM (that’s Engine Control Module for all those new to this sort of thing).

Step 4: Once the re-flash is completed and the computer has the new heater calibration settings, affix the sticker described above.

Note For Tundra Owners: Because this heater calibration effects cold-start procedures, it’s federally regulated…and a sticker has to be affixed to meet federal rules. Your tax dollars at work!

Step 5: Road test…if only all technicians did this adequately.

Simple, right? If you own an 07′ or 08′ Tundra or 08′ Sequoia and live in a cold climate, don’t hesitate to ask for this TSB. It’s free under the federal 8 year, 80k mile emissions warranty.

Also, don’t let that sticker mention of a “new ECU” fool you – that’s a one-size-fits-all sticker – no new ECU is required for this TSB.

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  1. TXTee says:

    So how can I tell if my truck is taking too long to warm up? It’s not a major concern but wouldn’t mind the ECU flash if it’s beneficial.

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  3. William says:

    So what’s the issue? If you jump in your car, truck, minivan, minicar, etc and just take off guess what the heater isn’t going to put out hot air instantaneously. There’s a simple easy fix for that, get your happy ass up earlier go out start your vehicle and let it warm up for a few minutes before you leave. I’ve never had a problem with the heater in any vehicle including my Tundra where the heater doesn’t start putting out heat as soon as the engine warms up. Yes the engine has to be warmed up before the heater will work. The heater works by pulling the heat from the radiator coolant as it circulates through the engine. Until the engine is warm that coolant isn’t going to be warm.

  4. Jason says:

    TXTee – Damn good question that I don’t know the answer to. As I said in the article, Toyota should have provided a temperature range for “cold” and a time limit for “hot.” Since they didn’t, the tech gets to make the call.

    William – The re-flash is designed to reduce the time it takes for the heater to warm-up by programing the heater control valve to open a little earlier.

    Many people don’t let their vehicles warm up at idle for extended periods because they either don’t want to waste gas or don’t want to add more pollution to the atmosphere. Personally, I’m a warm it up kind of guy, but I think it’s a good thing that Toyota is offering an improvement. Still, I hear what you’re saying.

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