Wind Noise Problems At Ford?

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Ford wind noise problems

Is Ford's $100 million investment intended to address a common Ford quality complaint?

Following last week’s news about Ford’s likely drop in the 2011 JD Power Initial Quality study (which is due out this Thursday), there’s more news about some of the quality problems Ford CEO Alan Mulally was concerned about. In the same press conference that Mulally warned about declining quality, he talked about some new robotic systems for makeing sure that doors were installed properly on all new vehicles. Was this bit of news shared to show that Ford is addressing a common concern with their products – specifically, wind noise?

According to a couple of threads on Ford truck owner forums (here and here), there may be some problems with wind noise on brand new Super Duty trucks. has reported wind noise on newer Ford Escapes, reported wind noise in there review of a new F150, and other new Ford owners have reported wind noise problems here and here.

Indeed, wind noise complaints on the new 2011 Ford Super Duty seem so common that one popular Ford truck owner forum has a section dedicated to a video that shows how to get rid of wind noise on a brand new Super Duty.

While none of these links should be construed as anything more than anecdotes – a bunch of links is proof of nothing, really – Ford’s decision to invest $100 million in special robotic systems with precise laser measuring systems is proof that Ford has found an opportunity to improve quality using their own internal guidelines. When you add up the $100 million investment and the anecdotes, it certainly seems plausible that new Fords (especially trucks and the Escape) have a problem with wind noise.

What do you think – is there a wind noise problem here, or is this just Ford trying to improve quality?

Ford owners are encouraged to respond!

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  1. Dez says:

    This must be most puzzling to Ford guy.

    I can just see him driving down the road hearing a whistling noise, then he pulls over and says, “what’s that noise?? Hmm.. Its gone now…”

  2. Mickey says:

    lol Dez….. Wind noise can be aggravating. Back in the 70’s when I worked at a dealership the trick was not to replcae the weatherstrip or align the door. I was instructed to put a silicone grease on the weatherstrip which would help in sealing the vehicle. Also it would mark where the whistling is coming from. With that done the dealership hoped it would last after the warranty so they can charge you. Adjusting a door requires a special tool with a socket on each side of a “S” shape tool. You really need two people to do this by one holding the door the other loosen then tighten the bolts. Shade tree way is using a 2×4 to wedge the door the way you want it and them tighten the bolts.

  3. cater says:

    I thought every ford owner was use to this. For the record the tundra does it slightly with winds over 130MPH.

  4. Brian J says:

    Just curious, cater: Isn’t there a governor on the engine that limits top speed to around 115 mph? Or maybe you’ve experienced weather related winds at 130?

  5. Mickey says:

    You could have a 20knot head wind while doing 110mph. That’s your 130mph wind.

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  7. Loosewheel says:

    I have a 2012 Ford Explorer. I have had intermittent wind noise from the vehicle since delivery. The Ford Dealer keeps telling me there are no TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) on the 2012 Explorer. I can tell you I’m very disappointed in the quality ofthis product, hate the wind noise and want my Sante Fe back. The wind noise and vibrations from the windshield are driving me nuts. Ford this is 2012, I’d be embarrassed to release something like this. Noise like this from a brand new SUV are unacceptable. Shame on YOU………………

    • john says:

      check ford technical bulletin 12-9-3 for described wind noise if veh is built before 11-21-11

  8. Jason (Admin) says:

    Loosewheel – Bummer. The dealer should be able to fix this by re-installing the windshield gasket, shouldn’t they?

    As long as they can replicate the issue (and you can request to ride along with the tech when he/she does their diagnosis), wind noise is covered under your warranty for 12 months or 12k miles.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT the wind noise has been present since day 1 on the vehicle. Its extremely frustrating that a $40,000 MSRP vehicle has this issue!!! We now have 8000 miles on it. I hope the Dealer gets this problem resolved…I/We are Ford people, we only buy Fords but this is ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable on a Brand NEW VEHICLE…especially since its 2013!!! COme on FORD!!!!!

  10. bpabuzz says:

    Just purchased a 2010 CPO Ford Escape HEV– love it but the wind noise at 40+ mph is frustrating— unacceptable. I’m going to try the surgical tubing fix…. I’ll let you know how it goes

  11. Will says:

    Had the buzzing wind noise on my 2012 Explorer at 60 – 70 mph speeds. Took to dealer and they put some retro fit kit on the front windshield, stopping the noise. Unfortunately a month later the windshield cracked in the ice storm, and had to be replaced. Now the noise is back, worse than ever, and starts at lower speeds. The dealer said they can not help me, since the glass has been replaced. The glass company said Ford has not advised the glass companies of how to replace these windshields with the retrofit in place. the kit is $130 and I will have to pay to have it installed. I think Ford should be responsible. this wind noise is a major problem with Ford Explorers and Rangers. Beware.

  12. rees says:

    Bought a 2014 Escape in October 2013, wind noise at 40+ mph since day one. The dealership taped everything off, reattached the windshield, and never found where the noise was coming from. I’ve read on another forum that the main culprit is the wiper arm on the driver’s side. I plan on investigating tonight. It stings when you’ve stuck w/ a car company and feel loyalty towards them, and then they sell you a brand new product that’s deficient in some way.

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