What’s New At TundraHeadquarters.com – Your Input Is Needed

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This is a quick housekeeping announcement for the people who regularly visit the site (all four of you) along with a short survey that will help me make the site better.

What’s new:

  • New website design. The goal was to make everything easier to find and the site easier to use. The comment section doesn’t have the goofy spacing problems anymore, I think the menu is better organized, the site doesn’t seem as ad-heavy to me. I’m also hoping the new “featured section” on the homepage is something people enjoy.
  • Speed improvements. I’ve done a few things to try and improve the speed of this website, but it’s a genuine concern of mine that the site is too slow. I would really appreciate everyone’s feedback on the speed of the new site design compared to the old one. Frankly, the problem is the ads…they really slow things down, but they’re how the bills get paid.
  • We’ve got a new writer. If you haven’t noticed already, Benjamin Hunting is writing some articles for TundraHeadquarters.com. I’m still involved heavily of course – from editing to responding to comments, etc., – but hiring Benjamin has given me the time to work on improvements as well as new ventures.
  • TundraNetwork.com has been updated. The official TundraHeadquarters.com social network – www.tundranetwork.com – has been updated and upgraded a little bit. This is another area that I’m not 100% happy with – if we can get more people to sign-up for TundraNetwork, it’s easier to invest in a better system.

If anyone reading this can take a moment to answer the four questions below, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!


Comments or feedback?

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  1. Deznutjob says:

    Everything looks and works great Jason, nice work man!

    Have you tried playing with different color combo’s?

  2. Mark says:

    Looks good. Looks cleaner.

  3. greg says:

    So who’s Benjamin Hunting. Is he also a car salesman who started out in the detail shop? Or maybe another Mickey? Yea know someone who makes comments like “Dodge owns the Titan name”. I didnt know you guys where writers, don’t quite You day job, selling cars that is. Investigated reporting, you may want to think about it. It is better than making things up!

  4. tmac says:

    is it good wills brother ?

  5. Casu Consulto says:

    Great job, the Tundra Network was leaps ahead of the other sites in user friendliness, and it’s about the only site I like using. If it wasn’t for it, I doubt I’d bother with the others.

  6. Deznutjob says:

    Ummm… TundraGEEKS.com kicks some user friendly forum ass too! 🙂 🙂

    We have a Tundraheadquarters RSS feed and everyone loves it!

    Thanks again Jason!

  7. Mickey says:

    Greg what’s your issue? I told you I don’t follow a losing manufacturer. You’re just another reason why I don’t buy Dodge/Chrysler. Get over yourself and quit acting like a spoiled kid.

  8. Mickey says:

    Also Greg if you’re going to insult someone make sure you use spell check to help you out. It doesn’t leave you looking foolish. Now how about you following your own words of advice as you put in another thread. Why have a truck that tows 10,000lbs when you don’t use it. Why comment on a Tundra website which this thread strictly is about how the website looks. Nothing about Dodge in this thread.
    Jason the website is sweet.

  9. Deznutjob says:

    Come on you guys take this fighting crap over to TT!!

  10. Mickey says:

    SorryI Dez, but Greg has no use for a Tundra. I do agree with the taking it over to TT. He’s been there and he knows I’ve been there. Especially if don’t use it for towing, or if you modded your Tundra he doesn’t agree with what anyone does.

  11. Jason says:

    Deznutjob – No. I’m so bad at picking colors personally, but I think I’ll get someone with a better eye than mine to take a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Mark – Thanks bro.

    Greg – What do you have against me, exactly? I think that I’ve always tried to respond to your comments fairly, however misguided, insulting, or ridiculous some of them have been. If you think I’m not qualified and that everything I say is made up, why do you spend so much time here?

  12. Jason says:

    Mickey – Thanks! I like it a lot better than the last version.

  13. TXTee says:

    Hmmmm I like the cleaner look of the new site but never really got why there was a TundraHQ vs. a TundraNetwork. To be honest, I still don’t know whether I am a member of one or both but visit the blog and the area that houses my personal page. I will say I miss the red color scheme because most people that went to vBulletin are using a blue scheme. It made this site more unique to be one of the few with red. Also, would love to see an avatar on this side but it appears you may not be investing further resources since a switch to TundraNetwork seems to be coming. I could be wrong.

    Overall, I like the improvements I have seen! Keep it coming.

  14. Deznutjob says:

    Well the VB owners that don’t know how to change the style are using the default drab “blue”, its actually easy to change. VB imo jumped into 4.0 a little quick as its kinda user unfriendly.

    I have 3 different versions and right now prefer the 3.8. The members seem to be much happier with this version also.

    Jason have you talked to the boys over at ScreenFX.net? The guys over there are great with graphics and styles.

  15. Bobby says:

    Look’s Great, my compliments to the chef……haha, but seriously looks awesome!!!

  16. Jason says:

    TXTee – Thanks. I’m going to decide soon, but chances are good I’ll come up with a new site and then migrate TundraNetwork to that new system. TundraNetwork is currently powered by a platform that isn’t really that spectacular…at least I don’t think it is. Sounds like it’s not too special to anyone really. I think your comments on the red color scheme are cool too – I’ll see what I can do.

    Dez – Thanks – I’ll check that out.

    Bobby – Thank you.

  17. Winghunter says:

    The load is much faster for me and the layout is crisper…Somehow easier on the eyes.

    Nice work Jason!

  18. Jason says:

    Winghunter – Thanks dude. Glad to see most people think it’s quicker. Just made another tweak that might improve speed a touch.

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