Two Door Tundra SUV Concept

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Last week, we asked a very talented artist to draw up a Toyota version of the old full-size Ford Bronco/Tahoe two door. The thinking is that, since Toyota may be dropping the FJ and/or killing the Sequoia, there might be a spot for a new 2 door Tundra.

Tundra two door SUV

What do you think of this Tundra SUV concept? Click for a high-res version.

What do you think? (survey below):

Reasons To Like This Concept

While this is just something we came up with here at TundraHQ, we can think of a few reasons to like this concept.

  • Towing capacity of a full-size pickup
  • Short wheelbase makes it good off-road and easy to maneuver in the city
  • Lots of shared parts with the Tundra
  • Our gear is always safe in the back
  • Finally give all those full-size Bronco and Tahoe 2 door enthusiasts something to steam about

Of course there's all the things we like about buying a Toyota in the first place too (quality, reliability, resale, etc.).

Reasons It Probably Won't Happen

This concept could work - Toyota could do what Ford used to do and make this a very slightly modified version of the Tundra. If Toyota pulled that off, the production costs would be low. However, that still won't fix the inherent stability problems of a top-heavy, short wheel base 4wd SUV. Safety advocates wouldn't approve.

There's also the fact that 2 doors are fun, but 4 doors are practical.

Still, so what? We can dream, can't we?

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  1. Marcus says:

    Will never happen. The modifications to the frame alone would cost Toyota too much money to make this cost effective. The frame would have to be modified and strengthened extensively due to all the flex it has. In any off-road situation the frame flex would crack the b-pillars and probably the rear side glass.

  2. mk says:

    why would there be any mods to the frame? They would use the exact same frame as a standard regular cab short bed tundra with no mods needed to the frame, etc. Why would the rear side glass break? No idea why you would think such a thing? Other mfgs. have used a 2 door version of a full size blazer and just used the frame from a short bed standard bed pickup truck for the most part, agree?

  3. Jason says:

    Marcus – I think the body would just float on the frame, sort of like it does on all large SUVs. That’s why it’s called “body-on-frame” construction, my friend. 🙂

    However, I agree with you that it will never happen.

  4. Justin says:

    Quality, reliability, resale? Those items have been on the decline for years with Toyota. Better hope they improve and not continue the pattenr of late.

    Sorry, not feeling this trucks design.

  5. Kevin says:

    I would love to see this on the mkt soon. These are the best looking large SUVs. If I could find a custom shop to turn a std. cab into this for under 30k I would hop on it!

  6. mo says:

    I hope it works!
    I’ve been waiting for a good reliable 2-door SUV for a long time. Both Chevrolet and Ford are not making the 2-door SUVs like the Blazer or Bronco of the 70’s and 80’s anymore. I rented a Tundra when it first came out and I was very pleased with its performance.

  7. manolay says:

    Having two doors does’t not make sense, given it will be hard to crawl over two doors to get in and out. Too much hassles for family.

  8. Benny says:

    Love IT!! I been waiting for something like this!!!

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