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When I founded TundraHeadquarters.com in March 2007, I never dreamed it would become this successful. Over the last year, TundraHeadquarters has had:

  • 973,000+ unique visitors
  • we’ve served just about 2.2 million pageviews
  • we’ve generated about 250 posts in that time (give or take)
  • we’ve had 1500+ comments in that time as well

While I’m excited about this performance, I know we can do more. That’s why I’m happy to officially announce two new members of our team – but more on that in a minute.

First, Congrats To Tim

Tim Esterdahl

Tim Esterdahl, News Editor

Tim Esterdahl has been serving as the news editor here at TundraHeadquarters.com (and our sister site TacomaHQ.com) for over one year now, and I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Tim on one year of writing here on TundraHQ. Since Tim has taken over the day-to-day writing for the site, we’ve posted much more consistently and we’ve seen our audience grow accordingly.

Going forward, Tim is going to focus his efforts a little more tightly on news that’s really exclusive to the Tundra and/or Toyota – we’re going to focus less on the general auto industry and write more about news that’s most interesting to Tundra owners and enthusiasts.

Good Luck To Benjamin

Benjamin Hunting has been writing stories for TundraHeadquarters.com for years, but as Benjamin’s automotive career has started to take off (Benjamin is a featured automotive reviewer for Autobytel.com) he’s had less time for our site. When Benjamin told me that he no longer had time to write for us, I was obviously disappointed. Still, I’m very happy for his success at Autobytel.com and wish him nothing but the best.

You’ll see a few more stories from Benjamin show up on our site in the next month or so, but these were just “in the que.”

An Official Welcome for Rob

Rob Eckhart

Rob Eckhart, Community Manager (click for a larger view)

If you’ve been following the official TundraHeadquarters.com Facebook page, you know that Rob isn’t really “new” – he’s been sharing awesome stories and links on our Facebook page since late May (I’ve just been lax and failed to introduce Rob sooner – my apologies).

Rob has also been testing and reviewing products for us, and as time goes by Rob is going to help us on a lot of different fronts.

Rob is the TundraHeadquarters.com Community Manager, which means that he’s the voice of our site on Facebook. It’s also likely you’ll see Rob at events from time to time. If you want to reach out to him, be sure to like TundraHeadquarters on Faceook.

Finally, Rob is a Tundra owner and expert who’s Rolling Big Power Tundra has been featured on our website.

Please Welcome Jamie

Jamie Alberico

Jamie Alberico, Technical Editor

Jamie is the newest edition to our team, and I think she’s going to be a big hit here on TundraHQ. A long time auto-enthusiast, Jamie’s skills in fabrication and her experience with restoring a 73′ VW Super Beetle and a 66′ American Rambler (the current restoration project that Jamie and her husband are working on) make her one of the most experienced gear heads to ever write for TundraHeadquarters.com.

For fun, Jamie has an eclectic range of hobbies including special effects makeup, painting, yoga, and jogging with her German Shepard, Boomer.

Never one to shy from a dirty job, Jamie will be contributing installation articles as well accessory reviews to the site – she will be the hands-on technical editor that I have always wanted to be (but simply haven’t had time for).

What the Future Holds for TundraHeadquarters.com

The biggest problem I’ve had with improving and growing TundraHeadquarters.com has been a lack of time. Now that Jamie and Rob are on board – and that Tim is continuing to do great work here – I can focus on adding new features to the site, fixing some minor technical problems we’ve had, etc.

My goals for the future:

  1. Grow the size of our audience. Right now, only about 25% of our visitors are “loyal” according to Google Analytics. I want that percentage to improve.
  2. Improve the look and feel of the site.
  3. Add new features.

If you have any requests for features, suggestions for how we can improve, or if you have an interest in being part of our team, please email me directly: admin@tundraheadquarters.com.

Finally, a big hearty thank you to anyone reading from yours truly. I am blessed to have been lucky enough to create a website that nearly 100k people find useful or interesting each month.

If you have any comments for Tim, Benjamin, Rob, or Jamie, please leave them below.


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  1. LJC says:

    This a top quality site and it sounds like it’s on it’s way to get even better with the well rounded staff that’s on now on tap!

    I check this site multiple times a day for informative and useful articles.

    Welcome aboard Jamie and Rob!

    And all the best to Ben 🙂

  2. Mickey says:

    Like LJC this was my first website I visited for Tundra’s. I used to belong to a camaro website but gave it up along with that 06 Silverado LT3 crap truck I had. This site has been the most imformative on all sides not just Tundra’s. Which makes Jason and staff unbias. Congrats on having a banner year and best wishes for a better one next. I can’t remember when I joined but I know it was in 07 since I bought my Tundra in 07/07.

  3. Mickey says:

    Jason I don’t know if you received the reply to your email. It didn’t show up like it would have normally when I send an email. Let me know if you received it.


  4. Mickey says:

    This time it looked like it worked.

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