Tundra Headers From Doug Thorley, Gibson, and JBA

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Earlier this week we asked the question Should You Add Headers to your Tundra? The answer? It depends. While headers will definitely improve the performance of a bone-stock Tundra, they’re more beneficial on trucks that already have copious performance upgrades. After-market headers are performance multipliers – they’ll add at least 10 horsepower on a stock truck, but some people have gained 20 or even 30 horsepower on Tundras that have significant performance upgrades like a UniChip engine tuner or a supercharger.

Let’s take a look at three popular header choices for the Toyota Tundra and see how they stack up against each other.

Gibson offers headers for most versions of the 2000 and up Tundra

Gibson offers headers for most versions of the 2000 and up Tundra

Gibson headers are available for V8-equipped Tundras dating back to the year 2000 (2007-2009 offerings are restricted to the 5.7 liter). Gibson is a name that has been around a long time in the world of exhaust systems, and a trusted manufacturer of exhaust components. With the ability to order Gibson headers in 409-L stainless steel, nickel-chrome plate, or even ceramic coated, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a set that match the look you are trying to achieve under the hood. Gibson’s headers are bolt-on and provide the necessary connections for all sensors and air-injection equipment used on the stock Tundra manifolds. Gibson claims that its headers can add between 10-20 horsepower and 10-30 lb-ft of torque, although to see that high end you will most likely have to be running a tuned engine.

Doug Thorley offers headers for every Tundra with a V8

Doug Thorley offers headers for every Tundra with a V8

Doug Thorley headers can be fitted to every Tundra V8 produced since the year 2000. In the exhaust business for 50 years, the main thrust of the company’s advertising centers around what it calls a ‘Tri-Y’ design, which according to their specs increases power in the low range up until around 4,500 rpm. Long tube headers which are focused more on high low end power are also available, as are so-called “shorty” headers that make for easier installation. Doug Thorley headers are sold only with a nickel-chrome finish or a ceramic heat coating.

JBA Cat4ward Headers are available for many Tundras, including the 2nd gen V6

JBA Cat4ward Headers are available for many Tundras, including the 2nd gen V6

JBA Cat4ward headers are unique in that they are available not just for the eight-cylinder Tundras, but also for the 4.0 liter V6 produced between 2007 and 2009. These equal-opportunity units have been dyno tested to produce between 10 and 25 extra horsepower, with even more available on tap should a performance exhaust be included as part of the overall system.

Here are some pics of JBA headers installed on an 07′ 4.7 double cab. According to the owner Bruce, the headers definitely feel faster. The so-called “but dyno” isn’t necessarily precise, but it’s usually accurate in determining if a part made things better or worse.

In addition to having these JBA headers (just added), Bruce also has a K&N air intake and MBRP exhaust system. Special thanks to Bruce for sending us these pics.

If you’ve decided to add headers to your Tundra, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these header choices.

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  1. TXTee says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the whole header issue and is it just to say you have one or does it really do something. It’s almost like the CAI, but at least CAIs give you some sound..and I felt the boost. Any more tips or comments on “feel” of the headers?

  2. Mickey says:

    I like the idea of headers on pre 80 cars. Don’t particular care for headers for the truck. I really don’t need the extra horsepower. I got quite enough. The sound is as loud as I want to go.

  3. TundraHeaven says:

    Purchased some JBA ceramic coated headers and had them professionally installed about 3 years ago. With about 40,000 miles on them the driver side header cracked. I’m very disappointed in the workmanship of JBA, this is a highway truck with very little off road miles and the header caracked all the way around the pipe. I will not be replacing it with another JBA set to say the least.

  4. Jason says:

    TundraHeaven – That’s a problem with any ceramic header for sure, but it’s good to get a first person account. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thunder road says:

    my JBA silver ceramic came in today. going to get them install on the 17. going to get pictures made when they are installed and send them to this site. they going on a 07 tundra 4.7. it all ready got K&N cold air intake 63. and mbrp single exhaust.

  6. Thunder road ( Bruce ) says:

    after toyota found the trouble i was having. it ran great good pickup not much noise about the same. when it got install they didn’t remove the K&N filter it got loose and rub the wires under the filter. kill the computer twice. toyota paid for the frist one the second time it was my turn.

  7. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bruce – That sucks man! At least the problem is fixed now.

  8. Roger says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to give you all a small update on JBA Headers for use on 2010 5.7 Tundra’s

    Recently i purchased a header from JBA… the Titanium Coated one… Here is the feedback.

    1. The surface of the header was uneven and the finish was of poor quality. As a consequence there header would not fix itself properly on the engine block. This meant extra pressure on the gasket.

    2. The the smaller exhaust outlet did not exactly match with the engine block.

    3. The fouth bolt hole was defective to the extent that the the hasket at thet point was exposed to the exhaust. This compromised the gasket three times.

    4. On the drivers side you need to drop the motor mount to gain access and bolt it on…

    In order to avoid having a leaking header i had to replace back to the stock Toyota header.

    In all honesty the original stock manifold had an excelent finish. When you compare the JBA header design with the original stock manifold only the third outlet is slightly lenghty otherwise its a damn good stock manifold. Overall the quality of the JBA header is poor in terms of finishing.

    So guys think twice before going to buy a JBA header.. i cannot comment about the others..

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    Roger – Thanks for the feedback. Pretty bad experience with the JBA all told.

    To be honest, I hear just as many bad stories about headers as I hear good ones. Not sure they’re worth the money from anyone.

  10. Sebastian says:

    I have an 08 double cab 4×4 and I am new in the truck world. I was wondering if i want to get aftermarket headers and aftermarket cat backs how do i know which cat backs are compatible with the headers i choose? i also would like an air intake upgrade and was wondering if with all these upgrades would i have to get my truck tuned to make the best out of it?

  11. Jason (Admin) says:

    Sebastian – Headers and cat-back systems are always compatible with one another, because they both connect to the same set of catalytic converters.

    Also, if you do invest in headers, exhaust, and intake, I think it’s a good idea to consider a Unichip tuner as well: https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2009/03/13/unichip-performance-chip-engine-tuner/

    Unichip is the only company that offers an engine tuning solution for the Tundra, and they specialize in providing custom tunes for performance parts.

    Finally, no need to leave the same comment on multiple posts. 🙂

  12. Jimmy says:

    Installed JBA headers last year on 2010 Tundra. Leaked so bad I did 3 visits to dealer to tighten. I got carbon monoxide poisoning and passed out on the gym floor one night from it. Took the headers off and they were warped. Noticeable improvement on bottom end. Put stock manifolds back on. Sue them or not?

  13. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jimmy – Sounds awful – have you contacted JBA?

  14. Bruce says:

    txtee the header been on a year. got great pickup good sound with the cai mbrp and the header. i had a muffler shop install them around $400. i notice not much hesitation. i all way ran the truck on 91 and synpower stock and with mod. might not need 91 but i like the way it ran with it.

  15. Bruce says:

    plus toyota did an upgrade on the computer when the check engine light came on. i spill some oil on a the sensor. might be why all the aftermarket working together.

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