What Color is Your Tundra – Survey Results

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On October 25th, we asked you “What color is your Tundra?” after reviewing some interesting vehicle paint statistics from PPG. Here are the results of that survey:

Most Popular Cab Choice

Most Popular Toyota Tundra Cab

Not surprisingly, the most popular cab configuration is the Double Cab

Most Popular Colors

Most Popular Tundra Colors

The survey results indicate that black is the most popular Tundra color

Our survey shows that the color black is the most popular choice for the Tundra, but this may be inflated. First, black is a more popular color choice with enthusiasts than with “regular” consumers simply because the color requires more up-keep. Since enthusiasts are more likely to read our site, it’s likely that our data might be influenced accordingly. Conversely, the color white is most popular with fleet consumers – a group that probably doesn’t do a lot of online research on their trucks.

It’s also possible that our survey has been manipulated (despite IP logging, etc.).

How Tundra Color Survey Results Compare to PPG Data

Tundra Color Survey Data vs PPG Data

For most colors, our survey data matches up very closely with the PPG data

The fact that our data matches the PPG data so closely likely vindicates our concerns about accuracy. Aside from under-reporting white and over-reporting black, the rest of our data matches up nicely.

Voting Is Still Open

If you didn’t get a chance to vote in our survey, it’s not to late to participate. Adding your information to our survey (which is completely anonymous) is a great way to gather some interesting data about Tundras – both the most popular cabs and the most popular colors.

Help us gather more survey data by pasting the link below on your favorite forum, blog, etc:

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  1. Mickey says:

    If I’m not right silver/grey was the color used most on all vehicles from a survey I seen not to long ago. White and Black were about the same in 2nd. I rather have a color that most don’t use which makes me a little rare. BTW update 99,600 miles. Will send you phot Jason when I hit 100k and when I replace my brakes. To show how that they can go 100k.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – Silver/grey is definitely the world’s most popular car color. If you send me a photo I’ll add it to your featured vehicle article! 🙂

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