Toyota Tundra Production Cuts, Good Time To Buy Or Lease

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Toyota, in response to large dealer inventories of the new Toyota Tundra and Toyota Sequoia, has cut back production slightly for an indefinite period.

Toyota sites increasing gas prices and a slow housing market for slowing Tundra and Sequoia sales.

The specific numbers aren’t known, but the rumor is production is being cut by a little more than 10%. That would put the annual production figure between 200k and 225k units. Depending upon summer sales, it’s possible that number could be cut further.

What this means: If you’re in the market for a Tundra, now is as good a time to buy as any. Unless Tundra sales grind to a halt (which is highly unlikely), Tundra inventories should begin to shrink back to normal nationwide. Normal sized inventories will lead to smaller incentives – and therefore higher costs for consumers.

So, if you’re thinking about buying, now might be a good time to start the process. Inventories should balance out in about 60 days, so you’ve got until the end of May to make it happen. According to one of our sister sites, one of the best times to lease a new truck is March thru May, so you can expect some killer lease deals to be advertised on these trucks right now.

Of course, you can wait until the end of the summer too. That’s also a great time to buy.

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  1. Peter C says:

    Toyota Sequoia is a SUV that I always wanted to have.
    Has an excellent handling and style. Also has a good resale value.
    Will use this apt timing to buy a new one.

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